WIAW: Last week in August or July? The heat is ON and Salba Smart Winner

Yesterday was the final Tuesday that Sara and I had before we have a little more structure in our lives and activities begin.  I should tell you that we are experiencing a massive heat wave here Chicago and the temps were in the upper 90’s!  I went for a run at 6am and it was already 80 with the high sticky and icky humidity!  It wasn’t fun!  Pools don’t open till 4pm around here but we hit up the beach after lunch which was heaven!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

Peas and CrayonsBreakfast was in two parts.  I was starving when I got home so I made a little bit of my Mix My Own with homemade almond milk before I showered.  After I cooled off it was an incredibly refreshing green smoothing with pineapple, blueberries, a couple chunks of frozen bananas, Green Vibrance, spinach and almond milk.  It was green and it was TASTY!

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I had an important meeting at 11 so I dropped off Sara at my brother-in-laws so they could spend a couple of hours together and had a quick snack on the way to my meeting.  Morning snack was my final Chia Bar.  My post beach snack was a farmers market apple!

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We met for lunch after my meeting at Pot Belly’s.  I really haven’t eaten at Pot Belly’s in over a year.  Sara loves it.  I tired their chickpea veggie salad and made a couple of additions and changes and it was really good!

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After lunch we headed to the beach and it was empty!  We put our chairs in the water and had a blast!  If you are going to be outside in this heat you’ve got to be wet!


We came home for showers and cleaned up for our final summer Tuesday concert! So ends another summer of wonderful Tuesday night memories. It was a bit hot so we ate at a Thai restaurant and then enjoyed some post dinner dancing before we headed back home!  I was craving a ton of veggies and brown rice and it tasted really yummy!


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Here’s one last shot of all of us at the final Tuesday night summer concert.  Until next year!

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I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading all of your great tips and advice on how to curb your appetite!

The winner of the August Salba Smart Giveway is # 25  Brad H

Tonight, I am going out with the girls back to In the Raw!  One of my favorite restaurants!  I don’t think the Hubs would appreciate how amazing it is but thankfully I have introduced it to enough of my friends that I can get there at least once a month!  I’ve already got a September dinner date there on the calendar as well!

So, are you in an end of summer heat wave?  Thankfully it’s going to cool off a bit but the upcoming Labor Day weekend looks awesome!





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  1. Declan says:

    6am too hot? I think you need to join the pre sunrise crew! we are super cool!
    Good job getting it done though!
    Glad to see Labor day will be in the 70s after Sunday calling for 90 still!
    Have a great day!
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