WIAW: I shouldn’t even tell you….

Happy WIAW!  I can’t believe I am even getting this post out after the crazy day I had yesterday.  I think I subconsciously took pictures of my food because it’s habit now.  Even Sara will ask me to take pictures of her food on occasion!  Here is to a new month!!  Thanks to Jenn for hosting!  Want to see more of WIAW just hop over to her blog to check it out!

What I Ate Wednesday: FALL into Good Habits

For the sake of uploading pics to the blog I once again opted for the collage.


I shouldn’t even tell you how long it took me to shower yesterday!  Not because I was being lazy but because I had NO time!

The new Tuesday plan has me working out at the YMCA after Sara starts class.  A 9am workout is much different then 5am but I got a ton done between 5:15 and 6:45 when Sara got up.   I made a green smoothie for breakfast!  Shocker right?  Sara and I headed to the Y.  The plan was for an art class at 9 but we got there and found out the class had been canceled.  Enter sad and crying 4 year old.  Thankfully, she totally rolled with the punches and we got her into a ballet class.  Bought the correct attire for the class at the Y and her ready to go before her new 9:30 start time!

I hopped on the cross trainer for a hard 35 minutes and picked her up drenched in sweat at the end.  We ran to Target.  I had a list of 4 items to get!  In route I had one of these granola bars that I made over the weekend.

I shouldn’t even tell you that we spend over $100 because there was other stuff that I felt we “needed.” to get.  Does anyone ever stick to their Target list?

I shouldn’t even tell you that at this point I was a icky mess.  That yes, I did take five seconds after I grabbed Sara from class to rinse my face and re-apply deodorant and throw on a long sleeve shirt but I am sure I still smelled.  No picture needed!

After Target we came home for lunch.  I threw all the leftover grilled veggies this weekend in with quinoa and called it lunch.  Topped it with garden tomatoes and some ground flax.

I should tell you that I showered after scarfing down lunch… but I didn’t!

No no, we went back to the Y for swim lessons!  After swim lessons we ran home got changed and I got showered!  I had a 3pm meeting and 30 minutes to get ready for it!

Thankfully, that’s all I needed.  I left Sara at the park with my brother-in-law and ran out to my meeting.  When I got home after 4 I grabbed a peach!  I was so hungry and it was so good!

Dinner was going in the crockpot! One of the best decisions I made this afternoon was to throw dinner in!  I made this super easy two ingredient crock pot dinner!  I served it over a bed of zucchini noodles!  Yummy!  Not prepping dinner gave Sara and I time to go on a little bike ride before the Hubs got home!

For dessert I had some of these raw lemon bars that I swear get better by the day.  I’ve been keeping them in the freezer.

I shouldn’t tell you that I had two… but I did!

What a day!!  Thankfully, the rest of the week will be a bit slower and I am looking forward to Rosh Hashanah tomorrow!  A day with family and friends!  How do you get by on crazy busy days?  Is Target your friend or scary enemy?  Do you even attempt a Target shopping list?


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14 Responses to WIAW: I shouldn’t even tell you….

  1. I live 1 block away from Target & never leave there without spending $100. There’s a lot of need in that store!
    Debbie @ Healthy Running Mom recently posted…It’s already WednesdayMy Profile

  2. Fran@BCDC says:

    Have a blessed Rosh Hashanah, Laura. The crock pot recipe is calling my name!
    Fran@BCDC recently posted…WIAW~Back to NJ LifeMy Profile

  3. You were a crazy busy woman yesterday…..sounds like some of my days! What a sweet picture of Sara. My daughter thinks she needs pictures of her food too! 😉
    Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl recently posted…Leftovers (it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch & dinner)My Profile

  4. Kim says:

    Oh – Target!!! My favorite store of all times! (they really do need to put in a bar) No, I don’t stick to the list very often!!!
    Love the 2 ingredient crock pot meal – I think I will get a version of that going for our dinner tonight!!
    Kim recently posted…Self-DoubtMy Profile

  5. Kayla says:

    1. Your daughter is absolutely adorable!
    2. No – no one ever sticks to their target shopping list. You’re not alone 🙂
    2. I’m jealous of your easy slow cooker dinner! I wish I lived closer to a Trader Joe’s. They always have the best stuff!
    Kayla recently posted…WIAWMy Profile

  6. Beth P says:

    Target is dangerous like that 🙂 We have days like this sometimes, and my kiddo is 4 too…she usually lets me know if I am stinky or sweaty from the gym, lol
    Beth P recently posted…Kona Kase Review (#spon)My Profile

  7. Target is the danger zone. I can remember one time I walked out with only the things I needed. I had strep throat and needed to pick up a prescription. I felt like death and wanted to be home in bed. I must have had blinders on to bypass all the good stuff!
    Angela @ happy fit mama recently posted…What Motivates You?My Profile

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