WIAW: Dates, Desserts and More

Happy Wednesday!

The Hubs and I enjoyed a couple of day and dinner dates this week thanks to my parents!  We didn’t do a whole lot… well we saw two movie!  First on Monday, we saw Interstellar which was OK and yesterday we saw the Theory of Everything!  Loved that one!!!  It’s rare that we get to see movies!  We get another date night on New Years eve and are debating between a couple of movies!

Let’s get to some eats from yesterday!  Not typical since we were on vacation and eating out but so good!!


For starters the Hubs and I got up just after 6am on yesterday, because even without Sara at home it still happens!  We were both at the gym by 7am!


Sadly, this will probably be my last gym or workout pic for a short while… more on  that soon!

When I got home after a great workout I whipped up a quick breakfast before my doctor appointment! Lots of spinach, scrambled eggs with dijon mustard!  YUMMY!


I went for a routine 32 week check up and growth check. Happy to say the baby is still measuring perfectly and all looked great.  However, since I am at a high risk practice due to my history I have also started routine non-stress tests.  I’ve been having some irregular contractions for a few weeks now… nothing major but during a 20 minute non-stress test I had 3.. coming about 4-5 minutes apart.  Nothing painful and nothing major but my doctor suggested I lay off the exercise until I see him next Friday at 34 weeks.  I’m a little bummed but it’s not too far away and hopefully all will be fine.  In any event it’s all for a good cause so I really can’t complain!  I’ll just need to watch Walking Dead with my feet up instead of moving!

The Hubs and I hit up a yummy mediterranean joint for lunch!  I had a falafel salad with lots of hummus!


We had a sunny 50 degree day yesterday so the Hubs and I spent some time walking outside.  After all, it isn’t often that you get a sunny 50 warm(ish) day at the end of December!  We also saw The Theory of Everything, which as I mentioned before was great!!

When we got home in the afternoon we settled in to watch a couple of episodes of House of Cards.  We got into it yesterday… let’s just say it’s our winter break “project.”


We had another dinner out and it did not disappoint!  We went to this “newer” restaurant in Evanston that I had been hearing about!  Everything was fantastic!


We started with a roasted and grilled cauliflower dish with zaatar and walnuts!  The perfect amount of flavor and spice!  For dinner I ate the grilled hanger steak with brussels slaw, apples and pomegranates!  Everything at this restaurant is local and farm to table!

The Hubs said the dessert was his favorite EVER!!  It was a chocolate mousse and ganache with a toasted marshmallow top!  INCRECDIBLE  and worth the heartburn that followed!

After dinner it was home where I happily threw on my sweats so we could watch more House of Cards!!

We head out soon with Sara for a little getaway!  Looking forward to more family time and lots of laughs!  Winter break has been amazing so far!!  I know it’s only going to get better!

For all who are celebrating, Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the holiday!

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  1. House of Cards is so addicting! Hopefully it sucks you in so you can rest with your feet up since you can’t work out! 🙂 Not a bad way to spend the holidays I suppose, but I know it’s hard not being active. Happy holidays! 🙂
    Liz @ I Heart Vegetables recently posted…Christmas FirstsMy Profile

  2. AmyC says:

    Dinner dates are the best! That falafel salad and hummus looks yummy! #WIAW
    AmyC recently posted…WIAW: SimpleMy Profile

  3. Your dinner out sounds AMAZING!!! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday 🙂
    Jen@jpabstfitness recently posted…Weekly Weigh In {7}My Profile

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