Because Sometimes Life Gets Busy…..

Happy Friday… or really I should say I’m back… for now!

Man life got CRAZY these last few weeks!  We are still adjusting to the new normal routine!  Let me catch you up!

In the last few weeks a lot has happened!


Our kitchen has been under construction.  A project that was supposed to take a week is almost going on 2 weeks!  We had a leak in the basement.  Had to vacate the house for a night (on the Hubs birthday too) and the new dishwasher that we ordered didn’t fit.  Construction always lends itself for extra issues but it’s been a stressful couple of weeks.  Thankfully, I have my kitchen back and I LOVE IT!!!

I missed cooking, felt like I got the school year off to a rough start because I couldn’t do food prep and felt like we were living in dust for days!!

I actually made my smoothies in the morning on the floor in the family room!!!

I actually made my smoothies in the morning on the floor in the family room!!!

B started daycare last week and is doing so well!  I love the staff and they love him!  I mean what’s not to love about the smiley boy who is so stinking happy all the time.  Oh and he’s also 7 months old today.  Not sure how that happened!!!


Sara started first grade this week and we are all easing back into the new routines.  Afternoons are hectic and sometimes I don’t sit down until after 8 and it’s just for a handful of minutes before I pump and head to bed!


5am workouts have started again and I am thrilled that I got them is almost everyday this week!!

I had to do a couple at home on the treadmill but yesterday was able to get out for a sunrise run!


I know my morning runs during the week are slowly coming to an end since it’s not getting light out until close to 6am!!  Even though I run with a light around my arm I still don’t like running in the dark!  I’m freaked out by skunks and I smell them in the morning.

Summer ending is so bittersweet.  I love my job and Sara loves school.  B loves daycare and so life is good!!!  It’s just a whole lot more busy!   I need to get back into meal planning and  prepping and find time for blogging.  I’m off on Thursdays with B, so I am hoping to use his nap time to blog and food prep.  Thank you to his daycare who got him napping longer!!  I’ll work on his 7 month update soon!!!

For now I am LOVING that nap time means getting stuff done and finally being able to be productive!!  Woo hoo! Here’s to long naps and increased productivity!

Is next week really September?

Happy Friday!  Cheers to the weekend! Woo hoo!




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