Weekend in Review: The Good, The Bad and The Lovely!

It was an awesome and incredibly busy weekend over here!  Summer was in full effect with lots of summer like activities!

I got an 11 1/2 mile run in on Saturday with a 7:45 pace and I was beating myself up Saturday morning because it felt so much slower!  I wanted to do 12 but I was just spent! This Sunday I am doing the Chicago Women’s 1/2 Marathon!  I think I just over did it this week with running and Tabata Bootcamp!  Must rest up for Sunday!

After a hospital visit to see my friend and her new baby girl we hit up a festival!  I love festival hopping!  So much fun!!

Image copy 3The Hubs and Sara are enjoying deep fried Oreos!  Doesn’t get much better then that! Between the treat and the arm art, Sara was in HEAVEN!!

Sunday morning for Father’s Day we were up and out early to head the 60 miles to a Strawberry Festival for picking and fun!  We had a blast!!

Image copy 2This was clearly the good and lovely part of our day!

The bad came on the way home!  It took us just over an hour to get there Sunday morning!  Coming back home was well over 3 hours!  It was BEYOND brutal!!  Thankfully Sara slept for the first hour but then last couple were just BAD!  Traffic was horrible!! The city of Chicago on a beautiful Sunday and everyone was in their cars!  Not sure what the deal was but when we finally got home after 3pm we were beyond thrilled!!!

I grilled dinner for my parents and we enjoyed a great dinner outside!

Some Sunday eats included a WHOLE lot of amazing strawberries, some very berry pie after dinner (which I ate too much of!!) and a couple of incredibly tasty beers which went down like water after our 3 hour ride home!


Despite the bad ride home on Sunday it was a great weekend and great Father’s Day!

Today is Sara’s first day of camp and we are in FULL summer mode over here!!

How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

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13 Responses to Weekend in Review: The Good, The Bad and The Lovely!

  1. Declan says:

    You know you’re a runner when 11.5 miles just isn’t enough! Which festivals did you get to?
    Too bad there aren’t closer strawberry festivals! the 3 hour track back is just ROUGH! Probably faster on a bicycle!
    I spent Father’s day with a hot run, and an afternoon at the beach!
    Declan recently posted…A little bird told me to run…away..nowMy Profile

  2. Deep fried oreos are one treat I let myself have once a summer, because frankly if I could – I would eat them far too often. Oreos are my weakness as it is 🙂 A strawberry picking festival sounds fun, not sure I’ve ever had the chance to pick strawberries. I hosted my dad and grandfather out to to dinner and enjoyed the weekend relaxing. A few sweet treats, and lots and lots of exercise!
    susan @ suddenlysusan.com recently posted…Another day.. Another few miles 🙂My Profile

  3. Those strawberries look delicious, but what a bummer that you got stuck in the car for three hours on the way home! We’re getting really excited about blueberry season. There’s an awesome u-pick place about 20 minutes from our house. The berries are AMAZING and only $5 a GALLON! Plus, the drive is on country roads, so there’s never any traffic to worry about!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…Travel Tips for New ParentsMy Profile

  4. Kim says:

    Ugh – no fun to be stuck in traffic for hours, especially with a young one on board!!!
    Hopefully an easier training week and your legs will feel ready for your next race.
    Kim recently posted…How do you Know if you Are Pushing Too Hard?My Profile

  5. Heidi DeGroot says:

    Those strawberries look amazing!! I love how yummy they are this year. I just wish I could have gone somewhere to pick my own 🙂 Good Luck on the 1/2 this Sunday!!

  6. Sounds like a nice weekend! I hosted a dinner for my family in honor of Father’s Day. It was nice to have everyone together, and I loved that the weather was perfect for grilling!
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance recently posted…Stuffed Bell Peppers with Italian SpicesMy Profile

  7. Jen says:

    Great weekend 🙂
    I’ve never used Chia seeds except in Huma Gel which I love!
    Jen recently posted…Answers in the Midst of a Crazy WeekMy Profile

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