Vacation Highlights from Arizona!

Hi Friends!!

I’m back from my FIRST post baby VACATION!!  When you are with your kids it’s a TRIP!  When you are away with a friend and NO KIDS it’s a true VACATION and we had the most amazing time!!  It was the perfect mix of fun, adventure and relaxation!!

We hit up Arizona for four night and spent 2 nights in Sedona (Probably one of the most beautiful places in this country) and 2 in Scottsdale!

We hiked all over Sedona in some cooler temps (highs in Sedona were in the upper 50’s/low 60’s but when we went Hiking on Saturday there was snow on the ground.

Our hikes were all different and we saw so much beauty!  It truly never got old.

We hiked, jump over streams, got our feet wet too many times to count, saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets and ate and drank our way through Arizona!!  We enjoyed some of the most amazing food!!


This was my favorite quote from True Food Kitchen, where we ate on Sunday night!  I pretty much want this in my kitchen or dining room.

I enjoyed my fair share of mules (all different each night…)  who know there were SO MANY different ways to create a Moscow Mule!


I even got to watch TWO movies (one each way on the plane!)  I watched St.Vincent on trip out and McFarland, USA on the way home yesterday.  Both were SOOO good!!  I rarely have time for movies these days!  I haven’t been to a movie theater since before B was born!  There is so much I want to see.

I think the only sad part of the trip was having our chia pudding that we purchased Sunday for our breakfast Monday morning on the plane taken away from us by security because it was not “solid food.”  TOTAL FAIL on our end but who knew!!!?!?

Yes my friends this was TRULY a vacation in every sense of the word.  Of course coming home from vacation to these two and the Hubs was pretty amazing too!


I missed them lots and am happy to be back home!  Anyways, it’s back to work and the normal routines until we take a FAMILY TRIP to Mexico next month!

How was your week?  When was the last time you went on a true vacation?



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