Taking Control and Become Clean Again!

I was driving to work yesterday when I started to realize that I have been falling back into some bad habits and I’ve decided to come clean and take control.

For starters, lately I have been snacking a lot.  I like to say that I lead a clean and healthy lifestyle and go by the 80/20 balance.  That is, eating clean and healthy 80% of the time and allowing myself to cheat 20% of the time. Well, it seems that 20% has been more like 35-40% and it needs to stop because I can feel a difference.

My mileage is down and I’ll talk about my injury another time so there is really no need to be consuming the extra empty and unhealthy calories.  For the most part I start my day with a green smoothie!  Good choice!  In my smoothie is greens, Green Vibrance, some plant base protein powder, frozen bananas, almond milk, chia and whatever other fruits that I might want to throw in.

Photo: Personally, I think the greener the smoothie the yummier it tastes! Whose with me?!?

Snack #1 around 10am is always a pretty good choice.  If I am home and not at work I often graze a bit from 10-12. Then lunch time rolls around and again if I meal prep than I am good there.    So when do I fall apart?  It’s the snacking… Around 4:30 when I get home and I am prepping dinner.  I graze!  Maybe I have a handful of Mary’s Crackers or almonds but why?  I always aim for snack around 3pm so why am I eating at 4:30 when dinner is at 5:30? I’m not hungry it’s just mindless eating!

Then after dinner I need sweet and so at first it was 1-2 little squares of dark chocolate but the other night it was 4 or 5.  Saturday I had gelato at a festival and ice cream at night.  My stomach hated me on Sunday.  My issue with sweets is that I can’t just have one square or one little piece.  It’s always more!  Anyone else have that issue?


Labor Day weekend is upon us so I’ve decided to stop the habit now!  I’m cutting out the dairy again, which for me means saying goodbye to baked goods and ice cream and refined sugars.  I’m also going to be cutting out a second and unnecessary afternoon snack around 4:30 because it’s not necessary and cutting out any other mindless midday and morning snacking! To be honest if I just drank some water I’d probably be fine!

So here is the new plan!  No more unnecessary snacking, cutting out dairy for the time being and get back to 80/20 and not 65/35!

Do you ever feel yourself slipping what do you do get yourself back in check?


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15 Responses to Taking Control and Become Clean Again!

  1. Jeffrey says:

    We eat dinner early, around 4:30 but I still usually have something about 2:00. I am always grabbing a square after dinner, I love dark chocolate. Sometimes I find myself reaching for snacks shortly after dinner and I think maybe that I just didn’t eat enough at the table. We are going on a cruise this coming weekend for 8 days, I will be way off the wagon!! With a marathon in 3 weeks this will in no doubt effect my finish time!

  2. Ali Friduss says:

    You have inspired me to try harder to commit to myself again! I have attempted to cut dairy for periods of time, and I too have a dairy free green smoothie in the am daily. I have a 2pm meltdown as the afternoon approaches. I’m officially on a crackdown! thanks for the reminder!

  3. Oh yes, I definitely start slipping now and then and have to pull myself back and start fresh again… especially with the sweets!!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted…Homemade pizza: How to use a pizza peelMy Profile

  4. This is me to a T! I do good ALLL DAY and while I’m making dinner, I graze. It’s so annoying, haha. I know I’ll be eating in an hour, but I eat anyways. Frustrating. I am going to take control again, too! Thanks for the inspiration and good luck 🙂

  5. Natasha says:

    I think sometimes everybody slips, so it is just natural. I think the best way is to make positive changes without being too strict, because for me that ALWAYS backfires. The second I “decide” I need to diet/tighten up my diet, it will usually lead to failure. So, instead I just really focus on eating the freshest foods that I can and feel the best that I can without making myself crazy 🙂

    Have an awesome day 🙂
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  6. Zaneta says:

    I snack A LOT right now… trying to kick that to the curb!
    Zaneta recently posted…A Little Yoga For Your WednesdayMy Profile

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  8. Yes…the last month has been tough and I too need to get back to my clean eating habits. Thanks for the motivation!
    luv what you do recently posted…I should have Learned My LessonMy Profile

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