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Great Weekend, Great Race, Great FUN!

Great weekend and I am SPENT as I write this on Sunday evening.  I haven’t really stopped all weekend.  None of us have!  I can’t complain though, it was a really fun weekend!  Let’s start with a good ‘ole fashion … Continue reading

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The Pinterest Era

Are you like me and think, what did we do before Pinterest?  Seriously, there isn’t a week day that goes by that I don’t find something new to do with my daughter, some healthified baked good or a new dinner … Continue reading

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One of my Obsessions

Ok, so I might a little late in the blogging world to comment on my obsession with pumpkin, but I need to share.  One might even consider me a pumpkin hoarder. I’m not ashamed.  I’m sharing some of my favorite … Continue reading

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