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MIMM: Halloween, Fall Goodness and Prepping for a true Vacation!!

Happy Monday!!  I’m linking up with Katie for another week of MMIM.  We’ve really had a spectacular fall over here.  It would figure that on the one day of the season where nice fall weather is a bonus is would down … Continue reading

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Friday 5- Salba and Organic Girl WINNERS

Happy Friday and is it SERIOUSLY November 1st!?!? I took yesterday off as it was Halloween and I’ve had a busy couple of days! I’ll tell you more on Halloween later!  Let’s get started…. 1) I had coffee yesterday INSTEAD … Continue reading

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WIAW: Down for the Count

Happy Wednesday- Although yesterday was pretty rough.  For the first time in I don’t even know how long I have been plagued with a bad cold.  What’s worse is that on top of the cold I also developed some bad … Continue reading

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Great Weekend, Great Race, Great FUN!

Great weekend and I am SPENT as I write this on Sunday evening.  I haven’t really stopped all weekend.  None of us have!  I can’t complain though, it was a really fun weekend!  Let’s start with a good ‘ole fashion … Continue reading

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