Survived the first week!!! Runs, Lice, Birthday Celebrating and MORE…

Hello friends and happy Monday.

I started working on this post last Thursday but I just couldn’t get it together by Friday.  We had Sara’s back to school curriculum night and by the time that day was over I was done!

Great news though…

We totally rocked our first week back to work/school and life!  Seriously, I got my miles in before the day started, we ate dinners at home every night and lunches were packed daily.  It felt like such a win to make to Friday!

Sara had a great first week of 2nd grade!!

The Hubs had an awesome birthday!….


And of course B enjoyed a little bit of chocolate cake.

The couple of hours spent on Sunday food prepping made all of the difference and I did it again yesterday.  No pics taken as I was trying to get everything done as quickly as possible.  I will tell you that I made this lentil salad from Detoxinista and it made more then enough lunches for the week!! If anyone is looking for a good lunch to make for the week I highly suggest it!!

Oh and you know what else happened this week… A MASSIVE lice breakout at Sara’s school.  Sara had lice a couple of years ago at the start of the year and once you have lived through lice you never want to experience it again!  I’ve been giving her some treatments at night and spraying her daily with a homemade spray that I made with my essential oils.

I just happened to get an awesome delivery from the folks at Infinity Jars.   These airtight and glass jars are seriously amazing!!  More coming soon about Infinity including a giveaway!! I can’t wait to create a couple of more things in these wonderful glass jars which are perfect for just about anything!


I was thankful that last week was a mileage cut back week but I still had to run between 6-9 miles in the early morning hours.  My new routine is doing a couple of miles on the treadmill before heading outside.  It’s still dark when I am out running so I am beyond thankful for these awesome Knuckle Lights which have helped guide my morning runs.


The reason I do two miles first on the mill is because I have a fear of running near skunks which tend to be a problem around here when it’s dark.  Not sure how things will play out as its only staying darker longer these days.  Early morning runners, what do you do?

When I woke up Saturday morning there were big time rain storms going on and I thought that I would have to postpone my 14 miler to Sunday but after a 2 hour rain delay it happened…. and despite the post rain humidity it was awesome!


This week it my first of 2 20 milers… With less than 6 weeks to go to race day training is flying by!!  Hard to believe it’s more the 2/3 over.

Anyway friends, I know there was lots crammed into this post but I am still trying to figure out how to blog on a semi regular basis and get runs in, the lunches packed, the dinners on table… etc. etc.  If someone has some more suggestions feel free but for now I am happy that we are surviving and rolling with all of the new adjustments.

Have a wonderful day and week!

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  1. Debbie says:

    OMG Laura, Thank gd for your concoction! You know me & LICE- Just the thought! And, I read an article about a Lice epidemic & how they’re getting bigger & harder to get rid of!
    Sounds like you had a great 1st week.

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