Summer=The Gift of Time

It’s been about 6 years since I have had a summer off.  One of the perks of switching jobs last fall meant going back on a school calendar.  With the Hubs begin a teacher it means that he and I are now pretty much synched up with school breaks and holidays!

Sara has been loving camp and I have been loving the fact that she wakes up after 7am.  Me on the other hand, not so much.  Unfortunately, my internal alarm clock is set to go off around 5:15 and while I COULD lay in bed I always choose to get up and start the day!

I’ve been getting my workouts in from 6am-7am and have even found myself at the 6am Dailey Method classes!

Yesterday, I took a class from 6-7 and headed to the grand opening at our Farmers Market.  This was SUCH a treat because I have always worked on Wednesday NEVER had the chance to go!


It’s a gift to come home and not feel rushed to jump in the shower and to enjoy breakfast!  Side note, I made this balsamic ketchup and it’s AMAZING!  Sugar Free and 30 Clean Approved.  I’ve always hated ketchup but this stuff is amazing on eggs, chicken, veggies and of course SWEET POTATOES!


Having TIME is simply amazing!  Occasionally, I even forget what day it is or what time it is!!  Not rushing to get form one place to another is simply wonderful!

This morning after an hour workout I FINALLY had time to start using this dehydrator from Nesco.  Thanks to an abundance of kale from our garden I’ve got kale chips being made right now!20140619-094153-34913510.jpg

And this morning, I whipped up a version of this plantain bread for breakfast.  I added almond butter, coconut butter and cinnamon to my batch!20140619-094154-34914374.jpg

I even experimented with some dates that Natural Delights sent me and made a batch of blueberry chia pudding!  (Hint, recipe and GIVEAWAY coming soon!!) It was the perfect post workout meal with the plantain bread!


In a little while I am headed to a local blogger event that promotes literacy for children.  I was invited by Beth at Mommy on Shoestring and I am looking forward to meeting a couple of other local “mom” bloggers!

Summer means being able to do a few more things that I normally would have to say no to.  It means staying up late and playing outside, sleeping in, cooking, baking, laughing and lounging!  Summer is truly a gift!!!


How have you been enjoying summer?



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7 Responses to Summer=The Gift of Time

  1. That ketchup looks amazing! Definitely going to have to try that! And I’m curious what you thought of the plantain bread/cake? I’ve tried making plantain tacos from my friend at Predominantly Paleo (you should check her out…amazing recipes). They were delicious but I’m still mastering the art of working with plantains, they were a bit tricky as shells, but I think I added too much oil which caused them to disintegrate. Enjoy your free time!!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Is a juice cleanse for you? And a great giveaway!My Profile

  2. Helen says:

    Beautiful photo of Sara 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    Glad you have had extra time this summer – I thought I would but actually it has been the opposite. Oh, well – just how things are right now.
    Kim recently posted…Growing UpMy Profile

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