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Sorry for going a little MIA this weekend.  I was out of town for work for a bit and have been busy with the family.  My sister and her husband are in town from California and there has been lots of fun family stuff going on.  It’s Sunday evening and I am sitting down for the first time in several days and am exhausted!  This will be a quick post, but I promise that I have loads of good stuff coming this weekend!

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Here’s a great weekend workout to do if you are out of town and staying in a hotel or small space.  Sometimes when I travel, I have access to a hotel gym.  If not, here is a great workout to get your day started.  Want another way to get your heart going?  Run up and down the stairs!  It’s a great cardio activity.

The best part of this workout is that it requires no equipment.  All you need is a small space.  NO excuses not to workout when you are away from home.


Do you travel?  Is it easy to get workout in when you are away from home?  How do you do it?

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Tomorrow, the long awaited Bison Taco Bowl Recipe!

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  1. Love the workout. Thanks.

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