North Shore 1/2 Marathon Recap and National Run Day

Hello everyone!

I’m still not 100% and I don’t sound great but I am feeling better.  I went to The Dailey Method yesterday and was so glad that I did.  It was a great stretch and workout.  I just needed to give myself that extra push!

So let’s get to the North Shore 1/2 Marathon Recap.

As you know this is one of my favorite races.  Why?  Well, to be honest I am not sure.  I love the size of the race which is around 3000. I love that parking is a piece of cake and that it’s in the burbs! However, the race conditions are so unpredictable this time of year and to be honest haven’t been wonderful for several years. Yet, I do it every year. Also, don’t get me started on the hills in Highland Park!

Sunday was a hot and brutal one.  If you recall, last year it rained and was cold but I hauled and set a PR.  One that I haven’t been able to break since than!

I spent Saturday hydrating big time with my homemade electrolyte drink!


I ate well, took is easy for the most part and felt prepared.  I did a 2 mile shake out run Saturday morning and relaxed at the pool Saturday afternoon.  I was in bed on Saturday night 9pm!  Granted the cold was starting to come up but I was ready to for bed.

I slept OK Saturday night and woke up refreshed and energized.  I got ready and packed my breakfast and headed out to Highland Park.  It took me about 20 minutes to get there.  In the morning and by morning I mean 5:30 the temps were wonderful!  The hubs and I even sat outside drinking our coffee together!

Once I got there I sat in my car and ate breakfast!


I enjoyed every last bit of the sweet potato goodness!

With plenty of time to spare I walked over to the race and continued to hydrate with coconut water and water.  I checked my bag and watched the 5k runners get going at 7am.

I lined up in corral A and at 7:30 we were off!

Miles 1-5 were great.  I felt good and speedy.  I was pacing around 7:15.  I saw Sara, the Hubs and friends close to mile 6 where the hubs threw me a bottle of coconut water.  I was starting to feel tired.  The hills were getting me.  I certainly didn’t remember this many hills last year!

Mile 6-9 involved the start of some walk breaks.  Short ones.  I ate two dates but the sun was blazing and the shade was gone.

Miles 10-11 The heat was bad, a couple of elite runners were down and there were ambulances driving through the crowds.  It was a getting scary.  I texted the hubs at mile 10 to tell him I was walking. I never walked for a long period of time but I needed to just take a break.  I was hot, sweaty and even though I was drinking water and pouring it on me the humidity was hard!

I got some energy for the last couple of miles and saw my cheering crowd at the end.  I knew that this was no time to even think about a PR.  I just needed to finish and finish strong.

So, I ended the race with 1:49:50.  About 10 minutes slower then last years race in the rain and cold.  It’s one of my slowest races in a long time but I have no regrets.  I had to be smart.  Plus, 7:30 is just TOO late to start a race at this time of year!  Even my 1/2 2 weeks began at 7am!  They really need to change that!


There are no races on the calendar now until August 2nd for the ZOOMA Race.  I already have plans to run the 10k and not the 1/2 since it’s right after we return from Europe.  I also have the Chicago Women’s 1/2 at the end of August.

I’m eyeing a couple of fall races and I would love to pick up a couple of short races and some fun runs but we will see!!

I loved that this year the race gear was a pair of shorts and not another shirt!


Also, did you know that TOMORROW is National Running Day? Check out all the ways you can get involved in the big day!

National Running Day, held annually on the first Wednesday in June, is a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running.

Since 2009, the country’s foremost running organizations have worked together to celebrate our sport with thousands of participants on the first Wednesday of June. We encourage runners to join in by planning a run, spreading the running bug to a friend, signing up for a race, or setting a new goal. 

I plan to run at some point of the day tomorrow!  We will see what the weather holds!

Do you plan to join the movement and celebrate National Running Day!






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10 Responses to North Shore 1/2 Marathon Recap and National Run Day

  1. jill conyers says:

    Sweet potato love! What is your sweet potato goodness? Mine is simple…sweet potato topped with almond butter and cinnamon. Yum! It’s so cool that the race gear included shorts. Love the color too!
    jill conyers recently posted…A Weekend of Fitness, Health and HappinessMy Profile

  2. Wow creative breakfast choices! I’m hosting an event tomorrow for Rock n Roll to celebrate NRD hope it doesn’t rain!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Putting Bondi Bands through the Multi-sport testMy Profile

  3. Debby says:

    Congrats on a great race! And that’s cool getting shorts instead of yet another shirt!

    Mmmmm….sweet potatoes. Was just thinking this morning that I need to buy some more. I do keep a stash of already cooked (sliced and baked with butter, coconut oil, tons of cinnamon) in the freezer.

    Oh, and thank you for the link to National Running Day! I’ll celebrate today…heading to the trails with Zombies Run. My silly back-to-running strategy! 🙂

  4. Sweet potatoes at breakfast rock! I made a veggie scramble with sweet potatoes, topped with eggs this morning. So good! I haven’t been running much since being pregnant, but I’ll walk tomorrow, fair? 🙂
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted…28-Week BumpdateMy Profile

  5. Congrats on a great finish time! Shorts instead of shirts would be a nice change. Sweet potatoes topped with cinnamon and almond butter sound good.
    Tina@GottaRunNow recently posted…Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Watch ReviewMy Profile

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