#myadventure with Icebreaker Merino Gear

Disclaimer: I was provided fitness gear by Icebreaker Merino Wool.  All opinions are my own!

When you hear the word MERINO WOOL what comes to mind is the cold snowy winter.  I know for me I immediately thought about my favorite warm cozy socks that I like to wear around the house when it’s super cold out!

Now check this out….IMG_1030.JPG



Super cute… right?!?!  Let me tell you to, it’s comfy and perfect in even the warmest conditions! Let me tell you all about an awesome line of clothing from Icebreaker Merino.

So what is Merino Wool?

The merino is one of the world’s most ancient breeds of sheep. And one of the toughest.

Very different to a regular sheep who chews grass in the lowlands, our merino live in the extremes of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Regular sheep would freeze to death up there.

But the merino’s fleece is built for extremes – breathable in summer, insulating in winter, yet exceptionally soft and lightweight.

I know that when you think of wool you often think of clothes that are itchy or uncomfortable.  I was blown away with how comfy my top and capri’s were!



I’ve been wearing my Sprint Tank and Rush 3/4 tights for the last month testing them out in various environments and fitness!

IMG_1214.JPGFirst I tried it out at The Dailey Method.  I generally don’t sweat much while I am them and my Icebreaker gear passed the test with flying colors.  Post Dailey Method I ran some errands during the hot summer morning and even then with high humidity and temps I was still cool!

I also tried out my Icebreaker on a morning run and once again it held up to the test!  Finally, yesterday I took a interval and strength class and bam in a stuffy gym it was still great!

Icebreaker gear truly passed the test for all of #myadventures

From summer gear to winter great Icebreaker Merino has it all!!

Have you ever tired working out in Merino Wool?



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  1. Those look super cute! I have some of their winter gear but have not tried the summer stuff yet. You’re right merino wool sounds winter.
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  2. So cute! I would never had expected wool for summer! Love it!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Wonder Mom Wednesday Link Up: Reasons WHY I exercise (I know you want to know)My Profile

  3. Nice read, what about the durability of them? Did they feel well made?
    Kelly Maxwell recently posted…The Polar Loop Review – The Best Fitness Band?My Profile

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