My journey into Essential Oils 

For just over two months I have been experimenting and LOVING Young Living Essential Oils!

IMG_2817.JPGI started with the starter kit and from there my love for oils only grew as I found ways for it to help everyone in my family.


Over the last couple of months I have created creams, lotions, soaps sprays… you name it using my oils and it has replaced so many things in our medicine cabinet.  There really is an oil for everything and while the Hubs was TOTALLY skeptical of all this “witch doctor business” as he called it, I have even found an oil that makes us sleep AMAZING and has stopped his snoring!

This stuff knocks us out!  No more snoring from the Hubs either!  Just a drop on our toes before bed!

This stuff knocks us out! No more snoring from the Hubs either! Just a drop on our toes before bed!

When there was a lice outbreak at Sara’s school last month I created a spray using my oils that I sprayed on her every morning before she left for the day!  We had a run in with lice last August!  Such a nightmare!!!  There are truly countless ways that we have found to use them!  Plus, I love that they have a special kids line!  Truth, I used TummyGize on Sunday when I wasn’t feeling too good on myself and felt relief within 10 minutes!

Sometimes I struggle to believe that this stuff actually works but my friends it does and I have become a believer!


I love my diffuser too!!  I love putting various scents in them at different times of the day!  Scents before bed to mellow us out.  Scents when there is sickness going around to help keep the air clean!  And scents first thing in the morning to help wake us up and get us going!!  I am truly an Essential Oil Fan!!  Pinterest and various Young Living Facebook Groups have helped me gain knowledge and understanding on using these amazing powerful oils!



I have transitioned the soaps out of my house and now make a soap that has added anti bacterial elements too it.  You can’t beat the smell of Thieves and all the good things it does.

Last Sunday, Sara woke up all congested and coughing.  I diffused some Thieves in my amazing diffuser and rubbed another kind of oil on her chest!  Her coughing ceased IMMEDIATELY.

I finally got around to making an allergy trio and blend for all of us as allergy season is hitting Sara and the Hubs pretty hard!


I truly could go on and on about how we are using them but this post would just get TOO long!  It’s important to know that Young Living it truly the best and that not all essential oils are created equal!  I’ll save that for another time but I’ve got a friend guest posting next week to share more information and do a giveaway!

So tell me, have you ever heard of Young Living?  Dabble in essential oils?  Would love to hear from you on your experiences!

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5 Responses to My journey into Essential Oils 

  1. sue says:

    I love everything you have made with the oils!!! It’s so exciting to see how many chemicals you can eliminate from your everyday life!!!

  2. Interesting! I am intrigued! My hubs would have the same reaction for sure! One of my friends sells them so I will check it out.
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Why I Coach Girls On The RunMy Profile

  3. We LOVE our Young Living Essential Oils and I totally understand your hubby being skeptical at first! So was mine but he is now a firm believer!!! We use Thieves like everyday for cleaning and such…and a mixture of Vetiver, Lavender & Cedarwood to treat our family of ADHD/ADD’rs…it has helped us tremendously.

    I also use Peppermint ALOT to help with upset stomach…it works in less than a minute when I mix a drop with a little of water and drink it! Nauseous gone almost immediately!
    Jennifer @ LiveLearnLoveRun recently posted…Celebrating 5 Years for MO’CowbellMy Profile

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