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Morning everyone, did you have a nice weekend?  I spent most of yesterday in my kitchen  meal prepping and experimenting.  I love having time on Sundays to do that.  I put together this for lunches for the week and then we had this for dinner!  I also experimented and made these trail mix granola bars.


Looks great right, well they taste wonderful but as far a “bar,”not so much.  It was a gooey mess that is now being used on top of my greek yogurt!  Win/win if you ask me.  Not a total kitchen fail!IMG_2842

So let’s talk workouts!  Specifically today let’s talk about the stability ball. There are many benefits to adding in stability ball exercises to your workout routine.  For starters, stability balls are pretty cheap and easy to find.  However, what’s more important is that by using a stability ball you are targeting your core muscles in addition to any other muscle that you may be engaging. Core muscles that are crucial for stability and good posture are often overlooked when exercising with fixed position equipment that you see at the gym.  Stability ball exercises can be done in your home and require little space.  If you workout at home this is an easy and affordable addition to your home gym that can really take your workouts up another notch. Here’s a great workout that requires a stability ball and some hand weights.

Stability Ball Workout

Back to the grind today, no more breaks for a while!  Have a great Monday. I’ve got a busy week with lots of fun stuff happening.  Deception starts tonight on NBC.  Is anyone else excited for a new TV show?  I need something to fill the void of Homeland!

Stay tuned tomorrow as I’ll be giving away a little sample pack thanks to folks at The Chia Company.

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  1. Helen says:

    YAY! Chia seeds, Can’t wait to try them. I hope I win! Helen

  2. Those stability ball push ups rock! Love the whole workout. 🙂

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