Move it Monday: HIIT Treadmill Workout and much much more!

Happy Monday

Did you watch the Superbowl?  Here’s my issue with the Superbowl… what’s up with the late kick- off time?  For those of us with little ones, watching the entire game at a Superbowl party just isn’t an option!  I don’t understand it.  During the entire duration of the football season, games start at noon or 3:15.  Occasionally, there is Sunday or Monday night game but in our house, Sunday has always been football Sunday.  Can anyone explain why the game starts so late?

We finally got some snow here this weekend!  It’s February and there is a nice layer of snow on the ground.  Sara finally had the chance to play in it for a bit!  My experience at CrossFit on Saturday was amazing.  It was incredibly challenging and I found that I was really pushed.  I still have to decide if I am going to make the commitment to do this though.  It’s pricey and it would mean that 2-3 days a week I’m there at 5:30am in the morning.  I don’t mind the time of day.  I already workout in my basement at 5:00am but this means leaving the house and then coming back home.  So, we will see.  Do any of you guys do CrossFit?  Do you do it at home or at a studio?  How has it helped you?

So, yesterday was my Bikram Yoga day.  I knew it would be a challenge as my legs were already sore, but it was a great 90 minute session.  By noon I had a hard time sitting down and standing up.  Yikes, big time soreness, but I love that feeling every once in awhile.

So, last month I participated in Nicole’s New Year New Gear Program . Basically we had a budget of $15 and got paired up with someone to send them some new workout gear.  Cecilia over at MommiesRun sent me this awesome Lululemon yoga strap!  Lately, I have been using my bag the Juil sent me with my awesome shoes, but I can’t wait to try the strap out when I am taking my yoga mat out of the house. Thanks so much to Nicole for putting this program together and to Cecilia for the awesome gear!

IMG_3181 IMG_3182Today, I’m taking the day off from working out after my back to back killer days, but that doesn’t mean you should take the day off! This is an awesome HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) treadmill workout that I did last Thursday.  It takes 30 minutes and I promise, it will make you sweat!!!



Today kicks of the Healthy sELF challenge!  Check it out and get in on the fun! Today’s challenge is a Meatless Monday!  I’ve got a veggie curry packed for lunch today that I made in the crock pot! Oh, and don’t forget about the two awesome giveaways I’ve got going on!  Click on the Rafflecopter link at the top of the page!  Today is the last day to enter for the ProCompression Marathon socks.

Have a great day!

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  2. Jen says:

    Nice treadmill work out and so easy to adapt to your own speeds 🙂

  3. NYNG program was fun! Love the LULU yoga strap, such a good idea.

  4. Fitcupcaker says:

    Im doing the healthy sELF challenge too…meatless monday is going to be hard for me!

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