MIMM: Weekend Highlights, Running, Strep and More

We had a fantastic and marvelous weekend… well mostly fantastic!  I take back all the things I said a few weeks ago about being jealous of all the people who were experiencing massive snow storms. It hit 60 on Friday but we had massive wind gusts so you really couldn’t enjoy the day.  However Saturday was a different story.

I set out to do 7 mile son Saturday morning which turns into 8 which them turned into 10.

10 amazing  and wonderful miles.  I haven’t run double digits since June of 2014!!!  It felt amazing and the weather made me so excited about upcoming spring races and a summer filled with marathon training!  I even got out again yesterday for few easier miles.  It’s a good thing.. because they say some snow and cold temps return this week.

We enjoyed our one day of spring like temps on Saturday and made the most of it!


The little guy loved the extra vitamin D!

We are loving these new drool bibs too!  They are a whole lot cuter then the big bibs B uses when he eats.  Since is is always drooling these days.. or spitting out water they really come in handy.  Saves us from multiple outfit changes.   We had a super busy day planned for Sunday but Sara woke up with a high fever and by the afternoon was complaining of a sore throat so I took her into urgent care and we got her the strep diagnoses.

img_7307This pic portrays one of our happier moments on Sunday.  Sara hates missing school and while I tried to explain to her that the meds will help and she will be ok in a couple of days she was just so sad all day.

I’ve never had strep in my life and this is Sara’s first time.  Hoping it doesn’t spread to the rest of the house!  In the meantime we’ve cleaning and using lots of good ole essential oils.

Of course a day at home yesterday meant that I got to cut, chop and roast a whole lot of goodness.


Talk about eating the rainbow.  Purple sweet potatoes are the best but they do dye your hands a bit. 🙂

Of course the little man was a bit fan of everything that came out of the oven yesterday. The boy is really learning how to put food away.


Tell me, how was your weekend? Did you have warm weather and get out.  Ever set out for a certain number of miles and just keep going?

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4 Responses to MIMM: Weekend Highlights, Running, Strep and More

  1. ooff, hopefully since you caught it pretty quick the strep will be contained! We’ve had one or two strep scares but never actually had it yet-hope to keep it that way1

  2. Emily says:

    Drool bibs look like an AMAZING invention! We had a wonderful day worshipping God yesterday with the brothers and sisters. I’m so thankful that we can have that one day a week to put the calls of work away and be together with the body of Christ… And I’m thankful that we can worship God every day!

    I hope you feel better soon…. God is a great healer. He definitely understands our bodies so much better than we do.
    Emily recently posted…The One Big Question in RecoveryMy Profile

  3. yay for double digit runs again! That must feel amazing. Little kids always get strep but at least the antibiotics work quickly. Have a great week
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…White Bean MinestroneMy Profile

  4. sue says:

    I got so excited because I thought those were beets. Lol

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