MIMM: Halloween, Fall Goodness and Prepping for a true Vacation!!

Happy Monday!!  I’m linking up with Katie for another week of MMIM.  We’ve really had a spectacular fall over here.  It would figure that on the one day of the season where nice fall weather is a bonus is would down right miserable!

Halloween was SOOO rainy and windy.  Friday and Sunday were both great days and this week is going to fantastic too but of course on Saturday the weather sucked.

It did not stop this lady from getting her candy on!  We actually had a great time trick-or-treating with friends from school while the parents layered up and walked the neighborhoods with massive umbrellas!

Thankfully, we had some Friday Halloween fun so of course we had to get pics of both kids in their costumes!


A cold rainy miserable Halloween morning called for some yummy paleo pumpkin bread!

IMG_5341Naturally it was gone by yesterday!!

I feared daylight savings and the whole “falling back”  with the little guy but he woke up yesterday morning at 6:30am (new time!!)  I couldn’t believe it!! He also has been full of new tricks these day.  Yesterday was another first…


He’s standing, moving, grooving, dancing and babbling up a storm!!

Despite the weather being rotten on Saturday we had some amazing weather on Sunday which means I got to get my run on!!!

Nothing better then a beautiful November run!!!

We enjoyed time at the park and plenty of sunshine on Sunday!!  Now that it gets dark around 5pm I know that weekends are pretty much our only time to really play and get outside.

I’m headed out on Thursday with a  friend of mine to Arizona!!  We are hitting Phoenix/Scottsdale and Sedona and the Grand Canyon!  I’ll be gone for 4 nights and I spent some time this weekend preparing for my time away!


I’m finally dipping into my freezer stash for my time away.  There is SOO Much for me to do this week to get everyone here at home ready for my trip.  I’m hoping to have some time to get myself ready!  Thankfully my friends has everything planned out so I just need to pack and get myself on the plan Thursday!!!  I can’t wait!!

Have you ever been to Arizona??  When you travel with your kids do you call it a Vacation or a Trip?


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6 Responses to MIMM: Halloween, Fall Goodness and Prepping for a true Vacation!!

  1. Hooray for Minion and Mickey! <3

    You're too good to prep while you're away! I hope you have a glorious time in AZ…I've never been, but will be going there in January for the RnR half.:)
    Tiffany @ The Chi-Athlete recently posted…Some running, Tons of food, Two spoiler alerts.My Profile

  2. Sara says:

    Cute costumes! It was beautiful on Sunday so we went for a family run. Have fun in Arizona!
    Sara recently posted…Stroller Strides (Fit4Mom)My Profile

  3. Aww, my little guy was Mickey, too! Sooo cute!

    Traveling with a toddler is definitely a “trip” for my husband and I, not really a vacation 🙂 It’s still fun, but you’re doing all the same parent work! A vacation is when the kiddo stays at home with his grandparents and we sit on a beach somewhere doing nothing! Wait, that has never happened!
    Molly @ Motherhood and Marathons recently posted…How Running Saved My LifeMy Profile

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