Marvelousness and PRO compression #giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

We had the most marvelous weekend!  Weather was exceptional and so was the family time and celebrations.

I took my Buick Verano east on Saturday and headed to the lake!  I used to live near the lakefront and truly miss it!  I had an awesome run and the best part of it was literally running into Debbie over at Healthy Running Mom.  Of course, we were way to busy catching up on life to even snap a picture together but it was so much fun!!





Since the lakefront was so freaking beautiful in the morning after I headed home to shower,  I picked up Sara and the Hubs and we pretty much headed back to the same spot to play in the park and walk along the beach!  Total perfection!


Sunday was a big Father’s Day brunch and family party for Sara.  Lots of good times celebrating!  We were all over the place on Sunday too!  Bike rides, walks and a little outdoor jogging!


Sara is getting really good on her bike!  Perhaps we can remove the wheels by the end of the summer!


Going  back to my run on Saturday, I’m a huge compression sock fan!!  I love wearing them for longer runs and for recovery!  I put on a brand new pair of PRO Compression Marathon socks  for my lakefront journey Saturday morning and they felt awesome!


Gotta love the beach and lake front view!  If I had more pairs of compression socks I would wear them all the time! I love that Pro Compression has some amazing and stylish colors and patterns!!!  Compression socks really help with blood flood and recovery!!  They make a huge difference for me!

If you ever wanted to try out PRO compression socks now is your chance because if you use the code  COMP40 at checkout and you will receive 40% off all marathon socks and sleeves!  It’s an awesome deal that you don’t want to miss!

I’m also giving away a pair here today as well!  Well, I should really say the amazing folks at PRO Compression are offering one reader a chance to win a pair of marathon compression socks!!  Simply enter below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That’s all I have for you on this wonderful Monday!  Sara starts camp today and it’s totally starting to feel like summer around here!!
Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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107 Responses to Marvelousness and PRO compression #giveaway

  1. Carla S says:

    No, I have never tried compression socks .

  2. Tessa says:

    I have used them before. I can’t wear them while running – I think they are just too constrictive, but I LOVE them for recovery!!

  3. Jeffrey says:

    I’ve used them mostly for long runs, rarely recovery.

  4. Jenny says:

    I use them mainly for recovery, and sometimes on my long runs. I love Pro Compression!

  5. Krysten Moore says:

    I use them for running; I love them!

  6. Catherine says:

    I have never used compression socks, but would love to give them a try!

  7. Terri M says:

    I love Pro Compression socks! Can’t live without them.

  8. brittney says:

    i’ve never tried compression socks, but i’m always tempted to pick a pair up because of the fun colors they come in!
    brittney recently posted…thirteen to 13.1: sum it up sunday #3My Profile

  9. Lesli says:

    I love compression socks! I’ll use them for both running and recovery.

  10. Compression socks are the best! They seriously work when my legs are sore and prevent them from even getting sore in the first place!
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine recently posted…Power Monday #49 From A Lion To A ColonialMy Profile

  11. Tiff says:

    I used to just run in them, but I wore them for recovery for the first time last week. Wow, what a difference! They’re great!!
    Tiff recently posted…How Not to Run a RaceMy Profile

  12. I love compression sleeves versus socks, I prefer to wear my own socks. And I wear them both for running and recovery! LOVE Procompression 🙂
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Stuck in Chicago! What’s a girl to do??My Profile

  13. I NEED those lately.
    Would love the light blue. They’re so cute.
    Debbie @ Healthy Running Mom recently posted…Meatless MondayMy Profile

  14. I’ve never used the full socks before only the calf sleeves. I’ve heard the socks give a little something extra.

    I like to wear mine during my longer runs and for recovery. Helps on both accounts for me.
    John @ run. geek. run(disney) recently posted…Runnersbox – a Father’s Day Gift (and mini-review)My Profile

  15. sa collins says:

    I have never tried compression socks and would be grateful to have the opportunity. Thank you.

  16. I love compression socks post long runs. It feels so good on my legs!
    Nikki @ grab your kicks recently posted…Bellin Run 10k Race RecapMy Profile

  17. Jennifer says:

    I use them for recovery!

  18. Lisa Jones says:

    I always use them for recovery or when I’m traveling and sitting for long periods of time. Love them!

  19. I’ve only ever tried compression sleeves before, but I love the idea of compression socks! One less thing to have to travel with!
    Stephanie @ My Freckled Life recently posted…Queens and Beans (+ A Giveaway!)My Profile

  20. Brandi says:

    Love compression socks! I use mine for running and recovery.

  21. charityk says:

    i have used compression socks for plane rides. i never thought to use them as part of recovery from a workout…great idea

  22. Carrie H says:

    I love compression socks. I wear them for anything over 10 and then put on a fresh pair mid day for recovery. Keeps my calves at bay during running and I think speeds up my receovey!
    Carrie H recently posted…Marine Corp Half and Pure LYFT reviewMy Profile

  23. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says:

    Yes I have and I use them for recovery.

  24. jill conyers says:

    You are too cute! I love compression socks (and pants)! I can’t imagine recovering from my race on Sat without compression.
    jill conyers recently posted…Live From the HeartMy Profile

  25. I love pro-compression! I have a pair of socks & calf sleevs. But could always use more!
    Jen @ pretty little grub recently posted…5 ways to stay active (and have fun) on vacationMy Profile

  26. Lisa A. says:

    I have one pair and use them for recovery but have also worn them to work when I knew i’d be on my feet a lot. Thanks for the chance!

  27. Amanda says:

    I used to wear compression socks to keep from fainting when I *wasn’t* active, but I never thought to keep them on *during* activity! I’d love to try it!

  28. I adore compression socks! I use them for recovery rather than running.
    Megan (The Lyons’ Share) recently posted…Forgive Yourself + Lemon Matcha Muffins (MMAZ!)My Profile

  29. BreannaS says:

    I love compression socks, If it is cool enough I use them when running but when it is hot I put them on after for recovery.

  30. Elle says:

    I love compression for running and recovery, and I also like them when I am going to be on my feet all day at work or even for long shopping trips. Love the light blue especially.

    Cute pics! Water front runs are the best!
    Elle recently posted…My Very Unlikely RunMy Profile

  31. Sharon says:

    I haven’t tried the socks, but I have tried the sleeves and really like them! I use them for recovery.
    Sharon recently posted…Happy Father’s Day & 12 milerMy Profile

  32. Arena Thompson says:

    I have not tried them, I really want to though! I have heard that they would be great for running, so eager to try them someday 🙂

  33. Lauren Anderson Thomas says:

    I still haven’t tried compression socks! Maybe this is my chance 🙂

  34. Meg says:

    Pro Compression marathon socks are my go to! I love their colors!

  35. Heather says:

    I have used them to run in a few times – still getting used to them!
    Heather recently posted…Training 6.9.14 – Chicago Marathon W2My Profile

  36. Lisa says:

    I haven’t’ tried them yet. I’ve been looking into them lately though!
    Lisa recently posted…10K Update 4 AKA Summer Time…My Profile

  37. Wehaf says:

    I’ve never tried compression socks, but I would like to!

  38. Karen says:

    I have only run in them, and I do like them. Always forget to try them for recovery but one of these I will try it

  39. Lauren says:

    I use them for recovery after long runs and races-I usually wear compression sleeves for 10 mile + runs too!
    Lauren recently posted…Monday Updates and a Face of FitnessMy Profile

  40. Deborah says:

    I’ve never tried compression socks! But I’d like to!

  41. J.J. says:

    I love pro compression marathon socks. I wear them after every long run and they help my legs recover much quicker!

  42. Kim says:

    I do like compression socks – I wear them on long runs or days when my Achilles are aching more than normal.
    Kim recently posted…Living in Fear Isn’t the AnswerMy Profile

  43. Ramona S says:

    I use them mainly for recovery.

  44. Mary says:

    I have never tried compression socks but there have been times after hiking all day that I wish I had a pair!
    Mary recently posted…Finding Inner Happiness with:My Profile

  45. Ben J says:

    I love PROCompression marathon socks. I mostly use them during long runs, but I’ll also wear them for recovery after a particularly hard run.

  46. Heidi DeGroot says:

    I have not tried compression socks but wonder if it would help with some muscle pain I have on the front of my right lower leg. It is similar to shin splints but yet different.

  47. I currently use them only for recovery but am going to start using them for long trail runs as well.
    EB @ Running on E recently posted…50k Training Week 5: 6/9-6/15My Profile

  48. Tammy McConnell George says:

    I am currently not wearing any form of compression socks or sleeves. Would love to give them a try to help with shin splits and recovery

  49. Em Ma says:

    I have used compression socks for running and I love them!

  50. I love compression socks for running, can’t do without them for longer runs. I haven’t tried Pro Compression yet because of the price tag but I really want to!
    Becky @ Disney in your Day recently posted…Runner’s Guide: SPI BeltMy Profile

  51. Marcia says:

    Looks like a really fun weekend! Yay for running into Debbie! I’ve never tried PRO Compression.
    Marcia recently posted…Currently and a WinnerMy Profile

  52. Anie U says:

    I haven’t used compression socks before but would love the opportunity to!

  53. I use compression for night before a long run and for recovery.
    Angela @ happy fit mama recently posted…Father’s Day 5K at Margarita’s RecapMy Profile

  54. Amy says:

    So far, I have only used them for recovery. With marathon training starting in a few weeks, that might change!
    Amy recently posted…Friday Five!My Profile

  55. jill says:

    I only use procompression! I love them!!!!

  56. Arlinda says:

    I haven’t used compression socks before but I would love to try them durin recovery.

  57. Danielle says:

    I have not tried them, but I would love to.

  58. gayle gildehaus says:

    No i have never tried compression socks.

  59. Hayley says:

    I LOVE these socks!! I use them a lot when I run!
    Hayley recently posted…Post workout Overnight Oats!My Profile

  60. Martha C. says:

    No I have never tried compression socks before.

  61. allison says:

    I use the calf sleeves during most activity – they’ve been the best thing I’ve found to alleviate my shin splints.
    allison recently posted…friday, i’m in loveMy Profile

  62. Kelly O says:

    I have used (and still should) compression socks. They are wonderous. My legs swell a lot when I am on them for long periods, and socks like these help a lot!!!

  63. shea says:

    heart them.

  64. I use them for both. I wear them in colder months on my longer runs & then for recovery after my long runs.
    Jennifer @ Teacher in Training recently posted…Pure LYFT Energy Stir Sticks Product ReviewMy Profile

  65. Cee says:

    I have, and I really like them! They help tremendously.

  66. Lea says:

    Yes I have used them for both recovery and exercise. They are great!

  67. Sharon says:

    I use compression sleeves & socks for recovery. I also sleep in them the night before a long run. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  68. I have a pair that goes just to the bottom of my calf. I have used them for both running and recovery. I want a pair of calf sleeves of calf socks.
    Cecil @ Dreadmill Drummer recently posted…Pre-Marathon Nerves and Project Purple WinnersMy Profile

  69. Can I put in a good word with rafflecopter? I want to win so bad! I have one pair and I wore them today…I do too much sitting with my work and my legs are feeling it. After my run, my legs felt so invigorated. They helped a ton. I need to get more! Entering now! And I will probably take advantage of your offer too. One pair isn’t enough!
    Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life recently posted…How to Make A Panini on the GrillMy Profile

  70. Gnell-Elise says:

    I have never used them but since I have upped my jogging routine I would love to try them out.

  71. Steel Springs says:

    I have one pair of compression socks and I love them! I’ve run in them a couple of times, but I usually use them for recovery.

  72. Stephanie M says:

    I haven’t tried compression socks but have heard of them being good for recovery
    Stephanie M recently posted…Sun Protection – what works for meMy Profile

  73. I love ProCompression!

  74. Carlee says:

    LOVE me some PRO Compression! Wear them most for recovery, but they rock ANY TIME!
    Carlee recently posted…Sparkly Soul Inc AmbassadorMy Profile

  75. Jon says:

    I have a pair with toes I won recently that feel good but think I would like without toes as well

  76. Erika says:

    I haven’t tried them yet but have really been wanting to for my long runs!

  77. carrie says:

    Mostly recovery, but also for running during cooler weather.

  78. Lori B says:

    I love compression socks and use them for running and for recovery both.
    Lori B recently posted…I think I have been spoiled and can’t go back……Protein Milkshake BarMy Profile

  79. jk says:

    Love them for running!

  80. Elizabeth says:

    Have not yet tried compression – but I’m interested – especially for the long runs

  81. Marilyn Tycer says:

    I wear compression calf sleeves for recovery. I don’t usually wear them during a run but I have friends who do and love it.

  82. Raechel says:

    I love compression socks! But I live in Florida and wear sandals often so I’m hoping for a pair of sleeves!

  83. patty says:

    Love compression socks! Anything over 4 miles I use them.
    patty recently posted…Do You Hear the Silence?My Profile

  84. I’ve just started wearing compression socks on long runs – I think they do make a difference! Your lake views are beautiful! 🙂

  85. Cristina says:

    Would love to try compression socks!

  86. I’ve never tried socks, but I always use sleeves for recovery. Love my compression sleeves!
    Alyson @ Disney Runs In The Family recently posted…Joann’s Top 10 Magical Memories at DisneyMy Profile

  87. I love them for long runs and for recovery…and to be honest, long flights!

  88. Laurel C says:

    I use them for running AND recovery (and to look cool), and I love them!

  89. I have used them both for running & recovery!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…The story of the Silver Bullet (& our goodbye story)My Profile

  90. Lauren says:

    Recovery only, they don’t do anything for me during runs
    Lauren recently posted…Nike Women’s Half DC Weekend – Leading Up to the RaceMy Profile

  91. Amy Lauren says:

    I love using mine for recovery. I don’t really run in them though. too hot here!
    Amy Lauren recently posted…Life Lately: The Injured Runner Support SystemMy Profile

  92. I love to put these on after a long run for wonderful recovery!
    Julie Mullins recently posted…One More MileMy Profile

  93. Erika C says:

    Love my pro compression socks and marathon socks. They are the best!

  94. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I havent used compression socks but my husband does and loves them. I would love to give them a try.

  95. Amy O. says:

    I’ve used them for recovery, but not while running.

  96. Barbie says:

    I haven’t tried compression socks yet

  97. Heather says:

    yes! i love them for recovery. could use a new pair though – mine are getting a liiiittle stretched out 😉

  98. Kristen M says:

    Yes, I have one pair. I’ve used it for both running and recovery. I wear them more often for running in the winter. I like that they add an extra but light layer of warmth.

  99. april says:

    I’ve never tried them but I would love to!

  100. sarah sar says:

    No, I’ve never tried them before but my dad swears by them!

  101. I have used them for recovery and love them!
    Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More recently posted…Best Dog ParkMy Profile

  102. stacey h says:

    i haven’t used ‘compression socks’ i have used some tight ski socks for recovery and they seem to help – i should really try the real deal though.

  103. susie king says:

    I have not ever tried compression socks but I would love to when I run. Thanks for the opportunity.

  104. Helga says:

    I have not ever tried compression socks but I am intrigued.

  105. I have never tried them but would love to! 🙂
    Jovan (@jovansjourney) recently posted…Big Brother – Meet The Houseguests of Big Brother 16My Profile

  106. Paol Trenny says:

    I have not tried a compression sock before and looking forward to trying them.

  107. Liberty T. says:

    I have never tried compression socks but I would absolutely love to!

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