Little Me Tea Review and #Giveaway

It’s Friday!

Tomorrow is another round of the Ultimate Coffee Date Link Up so I’ll save some of thoughts for tomorrow! Today, I am bringing you some info about a wonderful new beverage for kids!  Listen up parents!



Introducing Little Me Tea!  Beverage choices in our house for Sara are limited.  I don’t buy juice.  On occasion I will by fresh squeeze OJ but I’m lucky that Sara is a big water drinker!  I cringe when I go to parties and they serve juice boxes and Sara loves them. I mean what’s not to love!  It’s sugar in a box!  Anyways, I was thrilled when KidKritics reached out once again and asked if they could send me some Little Me Tea!

Unlike most 100% juices that are still LOADED with sugar, Little Me Tea uses a base of tea!

Little Me Tea is a delicious blend of caffeine-free tea kicked up with fruit and vegetable juices. It’s rich in nutrients, super-low in sugar and organic to the core. 

Just look at the ingredients list!!!


These juices are refreshing, low and sugar and something you don’t feel guilty about giving your little one!!  Sara is a HUGE fan!  Of course, this is something that we don’t give her every day but rather on the weekends or other occasion.

Little Me Tea comes in two different flavors!20140604-132043-48043152.jpgOf course, I’m sure you all know that I LOVE that a part of the proceeds goes to benefit kids with Autism!

Little Me Tea can be found at Whole Foods and other stores near you or can bought on Amazon!

Thanks to the folks at KidKritics and Little Me Tea, one winner will win 3- 3 packs of each of the two flavors!  Enter below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stop back tomorrow for the Ultimate Coffee Date Link Up party!  We have so much going on around here this weekend and next week and I am can’t wait to share with all of you!


Disclaimer:  I was provided these samples from KidKritics and Little Me Tea!  All opinions are my own.


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29 Responses to Little Me Tea Review and #Giveaway

  1. Lisa Jones says:

    I can’t get my 5 year old to drink plain water but he will drink coconut water and then I let him have juice once a day.

  2. Amanda Morrow says:

    Those look amazing! (And I’m not even a kid ;)!)

  3. Maryann D. says:

    My kids never drink soda, but they do like fruit juices and teas.

  4. Stephanie Olmsted says:

    My kids usually only drink water and milk. Sometimes we buy a brand of juice that it only apples minus all the add stuff.

  5. Karen E. Hill says:

    Juice is from fruit and there is nothing wrong with that unless sugar is added. I keep a pitcher of cold water in fridge with peach or mango mixed and started kids off with tea when they were old enough. Every morning they drink it and try the mango and peach cold tea in summer

  6. Karen says:

    We drink sparkling water with a splash of juice for a treat

  7. Lisa A. says:

    We drink lots of water in our house – and we make fresh apple & veggie juice with our juicer.
    This Little Me Tea sounds great!

  8. Emily Wells says:

    The only juice my kids drink is 100% OJ. Other than that, they drink water and milk.

  9. My kids are HUGE water drinkers. We buy the little water bottles from Sam’s Club and they love them.

  10. Anne Stewart says:

    We love little me tea! 🙂

  11. rae zehel says:

    not a kid but I want some! 🙂

  12. anne says:

    Little Tea is wonderful.

  13. Lea says:

    Don’t like too much sugar. Mostly water and milk around here.

  14. Courtney A says:

    I push water as much as possible and use juice as a treat.

  15. I am lucky too! My kids are a huge fan of water and milk. They see juice as a special treat and soda as poison. My son actually referred to it as poison. Ha ha
    Smitha @RunningwithSDMom recently posted…Friday Fascinations 6/6My Profile

  16. BreannaS says:

    My children drink water or milk 95% of the time with most of that being water. We do indulge periodically with juice, tea, and pop.

  17. Susan Friedlander says:

    On occassion ill juice for my girls at home but unless theyre at a birthday party we also only drink water and milk. Id love to try this tea because juicing can be a bit messy!!

  18. William is too little for anything besides milk right now but I hate when my nephews or niece drinks juice. Itz LOADED with sugar! UGH! Would love to get these to try with them!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted…SMILEMy Profile

  19. Hannah Avery says:

    My son drinks a lot more milk than juice.

  20. Robin Christofaro says:

    My kids are all teenagers now and I still will not buy any drinks with caffeine in them. It’s just something I have never done.

  21. Liberty T. says:

    I generally just give my kids water but if they really want something different I will give them almond milk or make them a fruit/green smoothie.

  22. wen budro says:

    This sounds like a great product. I’m trying to move away from sugar so I look for alternatives to soda and juice.

  23. Charlene says:

    I don’t have kids, but when I host/co-host parties with kids as guests, I generally make fruit punches with more water and pieces of fruit in them, or we make our own iced teas.
    Charlene recently posted…Freedom Never Felt This GoodMy Profile

  24. EJ (Jane) says:

    My children drink 100 percent juice at each meal followed by ice water.

  25. Maria Castro says:

    Love giving my kids fresh squeeze orange juice, but they do get a little tired of it so just like other moms I am guilty of buying those juices which we know are loaded with sugar. Would have to check my grocer and give litte me tea a try

  26. I read the labels on all their drinks

  27. latanya says:

    My son drinks juices

  28. says:

    I hate the idea of giving my kids artificial and sugary juices! 100%, all-natural, freshly squeezed fruit juice is the way to go!


    my niece and i make fresh squeezed orange and lemon juice on a regular basis. she isn’t allowed to have soda, or juices with too much sugar, or additives.

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