And just like that, we are closing the books on Summer 2016

Well my friends… I said it last Monday morning when I started at my new job… but the party is truly over.  Lots of mixed emotions going on over here.

Without a doubt this was truly one of the best summers ever.  The kids were awesome.  The day dates with he Hubs were the amazing and just the fact that for over two months we got to press pause on the craziness of our lives and just live life to the fullest.

Yes it would be fun to be on summer vacation forever but all good things come to an end.

I didn’t blog much… because life got busy!  I’m sure life is going to get busier and crazier so we will see what happens my blog this year.  Just going take things one day at a time.

Today, Sara will start 2nd grade.  The Hubs will embark on another year of teaching and students will come back to school for their first day in the two schools that I am now working in.

Gone are the lazy summer mornings, the sunrise coffee breaks while the kids (or at least one kid sleeps in…)

Gone are the 4pm neighborhood happy hours… we’ll at least until Friday….

But the best part of all of this is that it will be back again… next year.

So what did I do on the final weekend before real life started up again…

Well, I got up Saturday morning and nailed my 18 mile run.   14 dry miles and 4 miles int he POURING rain.  Totally soaked when all when said and done but I got it done.

Hard to believe it’s week 12 of marathon training!  Just a few more long runs and before we know it race day will be here!  Getting soo pumped and excited!

Post run and hot shower,  I ran around to all of the different grocery stores with the family… Whole Foods, Costco (total crazy zoo!!) and Trader Joes.  Good times…Cause really nothing says FUN like running to the grocery stores with your entire family the weekend before school starts.  Ummm…. slightly brutal!

Oh and I also got my amazing shipment of wonderful clothes from Tasc Performance.  Being an ambassador for Tasc is amazing!!  Best mail day ever!

Sunday I was up Waaaaay too early because I couldn’t sleep so naturally I started food prepping before 5am.  I enjoyed the quiet moments I had in my kitchen even if it was still dark out.


I’ve been on tomato, chickpea and quinoa kick for lunches since I’ve had so many tomatoes coming out of my garden.  This week I used the last of them!

Early morning food prepping meant plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful and not super hot Sunday with these three!

Cheers to another school year, new beginning and an awesome and amazing summer.. and a big Happy Birthday to the Hubs who will celebrate tomorrow!

How was your weekend?

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4 Responses to And just like that, we are closing the books on Summer 2016

  1. Sounds like lots of new beginnings for you all!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Lentil Tabouleh Salad- Meatless MondayMy Profile

  2. Kristen says:

    Happy first day of school! It’s the first day here in Anchorage too and it’s so crazy to think that my easy season of work is over and I’m about to start working in schools again! I work as a community health educator so I pop in and out of schools starting tomorrow. It’s such a tough adjustment so good luck this week!
    Kristen recently posted…I Have A Very Big Secret…My Profile

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