Where I’ve Been?!?… Chicago Marathon Taper, Race Day Thoughts and MORE…

So apparently training for a marathon, adjusting to being back at work full time and managing the kids and family stuff allows for ZERO blogging time.  I’m not surprised though.  I’ve honestly thought about writing a post about a 1/2 dozen times but it just never happened.

I’m linking up with Katie for an edition of MIMM!  It’s been awhile… !

Nevertheless, here we are about a month after my last post and less then 2 weeks to go until marathon day!  When I started back at work last month I was in the thick of training.  Weekly mileage was between 45-52 miles and I am proud to say that I made it through and am enjoying the taper… well kind of enjoying the taper.

I forgot how much the taper really messes with your mind.  There were mornings earlier this month that I was flying through 8-10 miles of pounding the pavement before I even got to work.  This week my longest weekday run will be a measly 5 miles.  I should be enjoying the extra rest time but not so much.

I’ve got big goals for this race now that we are 16 weeks into the training. (Dreaming about a BQ)  But we all know that these goals boil down to race day weather.  It’s probably the one thing I hate about training for a race.  You work so hard all season and race day results are often dependent on the weather. Anything goes in Chicago.  In 2006 when I ran my first race it snowed at the start and in 2010 is was blazing hot.  Obviously I prefer the cold!

Regardless, I have no control over the weather (but I wish I did) and I will just have to go out there and run my best race.  I’m totally ready for it though.  Can’t wait!!!

Highlights from Saturday’s run (my last double digit run.. and boy was it speedy!!)


The Hubs, kids and I have been enjoying warm fall fun too on the weekends.  Hard to believe that October is going to be here so soon!


In other random news, I ordered this cookbook Friday night and it was delivered on Sunday morning!


Such amazing recipes and yumminess in here!  I want to make all of it… which also means that I want someone to come over and prep and cook all of it for me.  Can’t wait to read this book!  Lots of great pointers about fueling!!  Has anyone else bought this yet?

Aside from running I’m in my final week of being 35 and I have to say that 35 has been awesome.  I’m pretty certain that 36 will be even better since I’ve got these two to keep me busy and smiling!


Ok so B looks a little serious but it’s hard to get all three of us in a selfie!  He’s going to be 20 months this week is a talking machine!  He keeps us on our toes and laughing every day and his big sister is probably his favorite person!

Tell me what’s been going on with you!!!





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11 Responses to Where I’ve Been?!?… Chicago Marathon Taper, Race Day Thoughts and MORE…

  1. I’m so excited for everyone that is going to be running the marathon, but I’m a little glad that I won’t be here the day of (and thus won’t have to watch everyone–serious FOMO). I’ll be back that night to celebrate with everyone, though! YOU ARE SO CLOSE!

  2. You’ve got this, Laura! Run smart and that BQ is yours. You’ve been running so strong. Hoping for the perfect day for you. I’ll be at mile 13 on your right hand side screaming like a maniac. 🙂
    Erica @ erica finds recently posted…Join the Wellness Tribe #GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Lauren says:

    Strong run! I want to run a faster BQ at Chi so the anxiety is setting in! I know you’ll crush the race. I also ordered that cookbook too and want to make something from it.

  4. I’ve heard great things about that book! I need to add it to my list. Glad you’ve been well!

  5. Nice to see you back! I’ve been wanting to get that cookbook as well and check it out. Hope to see you at the coffee date this weekend
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Fall Superfood Salad-Meatless MondayMy Profile

  6. Oh. Looks like you’re enjoying it.
    Brian Fleming recently posted…FX Trading Advisor BonusMy Profile

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