I’m back! Dairy Detox OVER! LOTS of WINNERS and MORE!!

I had a great week away and it was an awesome trip!  Doing our yearly spring trip is truly one of the highlights of my job.  In case you missed my post last week, I get the chance to take a group of adults with special needs on a vacation every year.  We’ve been to some incredible places over the years but our cruise last week was truly the best trip we have ever taken!

A little view of paradise

A little view of paradise

I broke the diary free detox while I was gone.  I had no intension of keeping it up while I was away.  I was in Key West, Florida on Thursday.  One of ultimate favorite desserts is key lime pie, so why one earth would I deprive myself of key lime pie while I am in Key West?  Would you?

A true slice of heaven!

A true slice of heaven!

It was seriously amazing and worth every single bite.  I did my best to keep the dairy low but I indulged in some desserts.  No sweat though, I will go dairy free again in a bit.  My tummy wasn’t loving me with all the dairy consumption but I’m thinking I will bring back some Greek yogurt this week as I have really missed it!  I never had intentions of giving up dairy forever but I drastically cut dairy down and I can live without it!  It was a great little “challenge.”

I got these Quest bars in the mail a few weeks ago and have been holding off on them until I brought dairy back!  I’m excited to try them because I hear they are AMAZING!  Have you had them?

When you travel do you exercise?  I generally always pack clothes and gym shoes.  One of the best parts of running is that you don’t ever need a gym to do so.  Well, when you are on a ship it’s a bit harder.  However, I did get myself up to the gym every morning to run on the treadmill. I was gone for 4 nights and had 3 mornings of good runs!  There was a running deck on the ship but it didn’t open till 9am, so hitting the treadmill was my best bet!  I missed my Tabata Boot camp though!!  I’ll get back to that this week

Speaking of this week, I have a ½ marathon coming up on Sunday!  That snuck up really fast on me!  I’ll be watching the weather this week and obsessing over it as I usually do!  I need to get going because I have 12 miles to do this morning but we have LOTS of winners from last week!!

VegaOne Bar Winners are:  #211 Ray S #364 Kim Perry #175 Laura N

Nixwax BASEFRESH Winners are: #48 Karen Keshishian #65 Alice Domingo #123 Ann Raye-Whittiker 

Congrats to all of you!!!  Make sure you contact me so you can get your prizes! I’m off to 12 and get my day started!

Have a good one.

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11 Responses to I’m back! Dairy Detox OVER! LOTS of WINNERS and MORE!!

  1. Welcome back! Glad your vacation was great. I love quest bars….they seem to be much more filling than your average bar.

  2. Glad you made it home safe and had a great time! Also glad you enjoyed some Key Lime Pie! It’s so good in the Key’s! I lived on Marathon Island for a summer and had never tried it until then. Oh wow it’s good! For some reason, so much better down there too 🙂

  3. I agree! I would NOT have skipped out on the key lime pie! 🙂 Glad you had such a great vacation (and that’s so nice that it’s a vacation where you’re helping others with special needs). Good luck with your run on Sunday!
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance recently posted…Friday’s Five: Food Must-Haves When TravelingMy Profile

  4. Key lime pie is my husband’s fav! Sounds like a fabulous trip. We’ve been on several cruises & always take advantage of the gym to help offset the food!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…I Heart Trail Running & HotlantaMy Profile

  5. Kim says:

    Glad you had a great trip – sounds like lots of fun!!
    I like your flexible approach to eating!!!
    Good luck on the 12 – you have been a speed runner lately so I’m sure you will have a great time on your half next week!!!
    Kim recently posted…Happy Anniversary to the Love of my Life!!!!My Profile

  6. That is an amazing opportunity and key west is an awesome place to visit! I was not so into my dairy detox this weekend either (we had my favorite pizza) so I need to get back to it!
    luv what you do recently posted…Starting Summer on LSD [Lake Shore Drive]My Profile

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