HALF TIME Lunches to go with Applegate and #giveaway

Do your remember Lunchables?  Actually, I know they still exist and they are filled with the same garbage ingredients that they were when I was a child.  I remember always asking my mom to pack me Lunchables since I was envious of the kids around me who had them.

This year with Sara in kindergarten I am needing to pack lunches every day.  For the last few years we were so lucky that her preschool program provided breakfast and lunch from an organic and local food service.  I never worried about what she would be eating!  I’ve had to do lots of planning especially since there is NO NUT policy in her class.

Anyways, while it doesn’t take more then a few minutes to make her lunch I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I am just to tired.  I remember when the year started I said I would get it done the night before but I am so stinking tired that I am always doing it in the morning!

Well, Applegate has a brand new product that makes packing lunch a simple and painless process and Sara was ALL over it!


Applegate has teamed up with their friends at Stonyfield and Annie’s to create the first pre-packed lunch kit with natural and organic ingredients. HALF TIME™ includes Applegate natural meats and cheeses (which have no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and are antibiotic- and hormone-free), Annie’s Homegrown crackers and snacks, and Stonyfield Organic YoKids Squeezers.


A recent survey found that 88% of parents thought pre-packed lunch kits were convenient, but 79% of those parents were concerned about the nitrates, preservatives and artificial ingredients in those kits. Now you don’t have to compromise between convenience and quality. Your kids get the “cool” appeal and you can lose the guilt. VgC4sSPRDiUgu-agoF8Yte2CA84Ym5Jr-AkApyROpuM

Applegate would love to send a HALF TIME™ kit to one lucky reader! The kit includes

–          All three varieties of HALF TIME: Turkey & Cheese, Ham & Cheese, and Bologna & Cheese

–          A draw-your-own lunch bag

–          A set of permanent markers

–          Coupons

–          Activity book

Sara was a huge fan of the turkey and cheese (her favorite) and I was huge fan of having some “days off” from packing lunches!  If it was up to me those horrible Lunchables would be banned!  I’m so excited about this new and very easy option!!!  YEAH!!

Enter below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer:  I was provided the HALF TIME kit by Applegate, all opinions are my own. 

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46 Responses to HALF TIME Lunches to go with Applegate and #giveaway

  1. Maryann D. says:

    I always try to pack lunch for myself and children. I try to make different lunches each day, like salads or sandwiches or wraps.

  2. Catherine says:

    I always pack lunch for myself.

  3. I pack my own lunches but I’m always in a rush. I sure wish I had classes late in the morning so I could get up and cook everything, chill out until it’s time to go. Sounds like the life of a college kid!
    LInda @ Fit Fed and Happy recently posted…September Wrap Down & August Wrap UpMy Profile

  4. I pack my own lunches
    Danielle @ It’s a Harleyyy Life recently posted…The Best National Food Day Ever + WIAW 9.17.14My Profile

  5. Nicole says:

    Yes – I pack my lunch everyday! What a great product idea.
    Nicole recently posted…Pilates for BeginnersMy Profile

  6. Virginia Rowell says:

    I pack lunch for myself, my husband, and the grandkids.

  7. Lisa says:

    With 4 kids, I make lunches the night before. I loathe lunchables with their processed foods, we usually make our own:) I’m excited to look for these in the store, love applegate products, the meat is delish!

  8. Nice to see someone finally made healthier options!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Ragnar Relay- 20 things I Learned & LovedMy Profile

  9. Christopher Sorel says:

    easier to pack both of them as I go off to work

  10. Renata says:

    I definitely brown bag my packed lunch as it’s so much more convenient and healthier too!

  11. Would LOVE to try this. I pack my son’s lunch but every time we go to the grocery store, he sees the lunchables and BEGS for them. I tell him no, that they aren’t healthy and he asks why because all of his friends bring them. Still trying to figure out how to handle that gingerly!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Wonder Mom Wednesday: Favorite Mom Moments from last weekMy Profile

  12. latanya says:

    I pack for lunch for myself

  13. Holly E says:

    I pack lunch for myself everyday. It’s healthier.

  14. karen says:

    I always pack my own lunches

  15. Sarah says:

    My husband and kids

  16. Judy says:

    I pack lunches for my husband and I when we take road trips.

  17. Debra Lee says:

    I always pack for myself. If I have to eat fast food, I feel awful!

  18. I do pack my daughters lunches!
    Heather Julian recently posted…Toddler Tuesday – New/Old TraditionsMy Profile

  19. Nicole says:

    I pack lunches for both my kids, my husband, and myself. So i do it for everyone in the house.

  20. Karen D says:

    Just for me: kids are grown.

  21. Hayley says:

    I would pack a lunch for my kids if I had kids! I always can come home from lunch!
    Hayley recently posted…Story Time SaturdayMy Profile

  22. Kelsey says:

    I pack lunch for myself and my husband. He counts as a big kid, right? 🙂
    Kelsey recently posted…White Cheddar Skinny Pop ReviewMy Profile

  23. David says:

    We pack a lunch for our kids as well as for myself. I like these as an all-in-one meal for them. It is not only good for them, but is also a time saver.

  24. Becca says:

    I do! Usually leftovers from the night before, but sometimes I get a bit more creative

  25. BreannaS says:

    I pack lunch for my daughter and myself most days of the week.

  26. liz l says:

    I pack my husbands lunch – turkey and swiss

  27. Danielle says:


  28. Lisa Jones says:

    I pack my son’s lunches for school.

  29. paige c says:

    I’m a college student so thankfully no kids yet! But I have a very busy schedule and pack my lunch most days of the week especially when I am in class from 11-5 straight and I pack dinners on nights that I have to work from 530-830

  30. Steel Springs says:

    We try to pack lunch as often as possible.

  31. Jenny says:

    I pack lunch for my boyfriend, but not for myself. I live 3 minutes from work with an hour break! I’m lucky!

  32. Carolle H says:

    For my kid 🙂

  33. Becky Best says:

    We come home for lunch whenever possible. But sometimes it’s not possible. 🙂

  34. Raymond says:

    I pack lunch everyday so these would be handy. Thanks!

  35. Sandra says:

    We eat at home

  36. Sharon says:

    I pack a snack for my kindergartner since he only has half day, but we like to pack picnic lunches often. 🙂
    Sharon recently posted…TBT Hiking Post from Hubby – Kendall Peak & the KatwalkMy Profile

  37. Georgiana says:

    I’m definitely a lunch packer for myself and my daughter!

  38. Noreen says:

    They make most if their lunch the night before. In the morning I make their sandwich and cut up fruit, usually apples.
    Noreen recently posted…First really hot day at home!My Profile

  39. Kristen says:

    I do sometimes pack lunch.

  40. Joy says:

    I sort of pack a lunch for myself, but it’s usually just thrown together odds and ends. This would simplify things!

  41. beth says:

    Yes, rarely do we buy lunch out.

  42. Justin F. says:

    This is my first year packing lunches for my boy. It can really take time if you add up the time planning and preparing.

  43. Kristi L says:

    I pack for my kids and myself each and every day.

  44. D Schmidt says:

    For my children I pack a sandwich, fruit, yogurt and a cheese string.

  45. Laura P. Craig says:

    Some for my kids and every day for me 🙂

  46. Betsy says:

    My husband and I pack a lunch for our kids every day the school lunches are scary.

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