Fun Friday Facts

Yeah for the weekend but BOO for the upcoming cold weekend.  When will spring and summer get her!??!  Just stopping by this morning to update you on some things that took place this week!

  1. Remember my post from last Friday about my blogging break and my work issues, well I am happy to report that I signed a contract Monday morning with a great school district!  I’ll be working at two schools starting in August overseeing Transition and Vocational Services for students with special needs.  It’s back to full time for me but I’ll remain on a school calendar and with school hours!  VERY VERY EXCITED!!

2.  Since the semester ended at the Community College where I teach I am trying out long run Friday starting today.  I am NOT going to be doing the Chicagoland 1/2 on Sunday but will be attempting 10 miles later this morning.  It actually works out considering the rest of the weekend is going to be chilly and not as nice

3.  Yesterday took my spiralizer out to make zoodles and found it in pieces.  Naturally, I contacted Paderno and sent over my Amazon receipt from last year.  Only I found out that I actually bought a PALERMO not PADERNO… such a a SCAM!!!  So frustrated.  What kind of company does that?!!  So, now I have the real Paderno on the way.


Since I couldn’t make zoodles, I made paleo banana zucchini muffins and B was a HUGE Fan.  Let’s be honest though, if it involves food he is a fan.

4. Speak of B….



We went for his 15 month checkup yesterday.  He’s weighing in at 23lbs (50%tile) and 31 inches (37%tile).  He’s walking, running, talking, climbing and doing all things boy!  Boys are SOO different!  He’s in the toddler room at school and napping on a cot.  He keeps us on our toes a ton.  We are transitioning from 2 to 1 naps and trying to deal with his early wake ups!  Thankfully, his sister sleeps through ALL of his noises!

5.  I really want to treat myself to a GPS running watch as I get ready to tackle Marathon Training.   I really want this Garmin Forerunner… just not ready to make the purchase quite yet.

6.  Hubs and I have a last minute babysitter tomorrow night.  My nephew is back in town from college and wants to make some extra cash this summer.  DONE DONE and DONE.

7.  Although it’s not quite June yet, I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that this little lady will be 7 in 4 weeks.


That’s all I’ve got friends!!  Tell me what you have going on this weekend?  Has spring and summer weather been delayed for you?

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  1. Congrats on the new job! And enjoy your date night. Have a wonderful weekend
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Taking the ElliptiGo Out For A Test RideMy Profile

  2. Marianne says:

    Woo hoo for a new job! Also, I am just about to use my zoodle maker this week…and ordered it from Amazon, so I will definitely be checking the brand! Yikes!

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