Friday 5! Naked Edge Snack Giveaway

Happy Friday Everyone

Winter break is winding down and it’s been simply marvelous!  We got some major snow here that started on Tuesday afternoon and went all the way into Thursday!  No kidding it was crazy but nice that we really had no where to be with all the snow!


Photo: It has pretty much been snowing here since New Year's Eve! More to come today... Anyone else experiencing snow like this?

Hoping to get some time tomorrow to play in the snow as it’s been pretty cold

2) My runs have been feeling pretty darn amazing so I linked up with a running challenge for 2014.  I don’t really get into to many of these challenges but this is a year-long one and it’s realistic… so why not!?!

My goal:  Run 2014 km this year!  2014 miles is NOT realistic and if I can stay healthy and strong I think that it can be reached.  2014 kilometers equals 1251.4 miles which is about 24 a week.  We will see how it all plays out!  There is also an option to create your own yearly mileage goal!  Are any of you doing any challenges for 2014?

3) Naked Edge sent me a sampler pack of their snacks!  Who is loving them?  Well, Sara is a fan!


I love  them because they are portable and include real and whole some ingredients.  Let’s be honest, fruit snacks and fruit leathers are often filled with fake ingredients and loads of sugar!  Our favorite??  The Berries, Spinach and Apples! I found a local store nearby that carries the Veggie Go’s and I am going out to buy some next week!

Naked Edge is sending one reader a sampler pack so you can try them out!  While these snacks are kid tested and approved they are also for adults or all ages!  Enter below for your chance to win a sampler pack!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

4) Hubs and I have been so lucky to really have loads of date time over this break.  We’ve seen movies, gotten massages, worked out, hung out and last night we had a date night for dinner, drinks and live music!


It’s been so nice!  We are both ready to get back to work as January is sure to bring some exciting things but we have enjoyed this break so much!

5) No real plans this weekend so I am hoping to get in my kitchen to do some cooking.  The high in Monday is supposed to be -7.  Yes that’s the HIGH.  I think there will be my chili or soup making going on at some point this weekend!  The chickpea kale and quinoa soup might have to go in the crockpot tomorrow!  What’s on you agenda this weekend?


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97 Responses to Friday 5! Naked Edge Snack Giveaway

  1. Amy O. says:

    Sounds like you are having a nice break! That’s awesome. 🙂 It’s freezing cold here too…definitely soup weather!
    My go to snack is Clif bars. These look really tasty though, I’d love to try ’em! I think the beets & apples kind would be yummy.

  2. Molly Laycock says:

    My favourite snack at the moment is cliff bars! I would like to try the carrot and apple as I love anything with ginger in 🙂

  3. meaghan k. says:

    I have been so bad about bringing snacks with me. SO BAD. I would love to find something easy and portable and yummy! I would love to try the berry and spinach!

  4. Darlena says:

    Berries / Spinach / Apples sounds yum! My fav on the go snack is nuts.
    Darlena recently posted…2014 The Year of the VeggiesMy Profile

  5. Carrie H says:

    Carrots, apples, ginger looks amazing!!
    Carrie H recently posted…2014 Goals and Team Run This YearMy Profile

  6. Sweet potato pie sounds yummy! My fav go to snack is nuts or apple with almond butter.
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…Living Life With Intention || Goals for 2014My Profile

  7. Lisa Jones says:

    My go to snack is usually a Luna bar. Would love to try the carrots,apples and ginger.

  8. Renata S says:

    Berries, Spinach, Apple & Sweet Potato does sound fabulous to me as well! My favorite go to portable snack is a bag of mixed raw nuts with almonds, cashews and walnuts!

  9. Rebekah B says:

    My go to is usually quest or larabars. But the sweet potato pie sounds yummy

  10. Go to snack is definitely some sort of bar like a larbar or a kits organic bar! I am BAR OBSESSED!

  11. Ashley says:

    Berry/spinach/Apple sounds great. My go to snack has always been carrots or celery w/ peanutbutter
    Ashley recently posted…Fitness Friday- 2014 Race Line-upMy Profile

  12. I love snacks – my go to’s right now are raw cashews, true bars, apple PB. I love these – especially the sweet potato ones – YUM!
    Erica @ erica finds recently posted…Friday Finds: Set Your Ideas (and Yourself) in Motion + Great Deals!My Profile

  13. Raymond says:

    Carrot Ginger Apple would be amazing to try! I enjoy snacking on handy KIND bars too. Thanks!

  14. Christopher Sorel says:

    snack bars are easy and love them . beets are great and love to try the berries and beets one

  15. I love Truebars. I keep them in my purse at all times.
    Natalie DiBlasio recently posted…Product Review: Nathan LightBender, LightSpur and StrobeLightsMy Profile

  16. Jennifer says:

    My go to snack has always been a Clif bar. Berries / Spinach / Apples sounds good to me!

  17. Shannon Baas says:

    We do cheese and crackers.

  18. My go to snack is usually KIND bars because they are awesome and there are so many choices.

    As far as the flavors, I think the Mountain Berry Spinach one sounds amazing!!!
    Jennifer @ LiveLearnLoveRun recently posted…(F-F-F-Frozen) Hot Chocolate RaceMy Profile

  19. Kim says:

    I’m hoping to really up my mileage this year but I’m not doing the 2014 challenge – I know that if I push too much it never works out well.
    Kim recently posted…Well, the Break Is Over but There Is Still Plenty to Enjoy!!!My Profile

  20. Love thinkThin bars! The beets & apple bar sounds awesome 🙂
    Brittany @ Barr & Table recently posted…Foodie Friday: Peanut Butter Cup PARTY PopcornMy Profile

  21. Carlee says:

    Current portable snack – BANANAS or FUJI APPLES!

    I’d <3 to try the Berries, Spinach and Apple flavor!
    Carlee recently posted…I’m A Veg Head!My Profile

  22. ET Pruitt says:

    Roasted almonds are my snack of choice, and the sweet potato apple sounds good.

  23. kristie shelton says:

    Berries spinach apple sounds best to me. I usually try to bring fruit with me, an apple or cuties.

  24. Karen says:

    Beets and apple sounds best but I would love to sample them all!
    I usually snack on bars or nuts

  25. Lindsay M. says:

    The spinach apples sound nice! 😀
    Lindsay M. recently posted…Health & Fitness Giveaway HopMy Profile

  26. Brittney House says:

    My favorite snack are grapes and I would like to try the Berries, Spinach and Apple flavor.

  27. lori Walker says:

    The beet flavor sounds the best. I like to take LARAbars on the go.

  28. The one with beets apples and flax seed sound the best to me. My fave portable snack is a banana.
    Kimberly Hilbert recently posted…Strawberry Banana SmoothieMy Profile

  29. Katie M says:

    Almonds (toasted coconut flavor) are my favorite portable snack. As for the Veggie Gos, the Carrots Apples Ginger flavor sounds great!

  30. Nicole Newby says:

    I love trail mix

  31. Georgiana says:

    My go-to portable snack is a bar with my favorite being Larabar! I would love the Carrot Apple Ginger as that sounds like a fun combo!

  32. The Sweet Potato Pie looks nom nom….they all look good though! Would love to try.

  33. Julie says:

    honey stinger wafers

  34. I just took that same picture of our backyard : ) I need to stick a ruler in there to see how much snow we actually got. Stay warm this weekend!

    I would love to try sweet potato!!! My favorite go to snack of the hour is Kind Bars!
    luv what you do recently posted…Still Snowing {Plus Another Recipe}My Profile

  35. beth shepherd says:

    carrot sticks are my go to snack. The beet sounds good.

  36. Laura F. says:

    My go-to portable snack is peanuts. I would love to try the Mountain Berry Spinach.

  37. Shannon says:

    The carrot/apple/ginger looks yummy!

  38. Erica H says:

    My favorite snack is clementines! I would like to try the carrot/apple one!

  39. Holly says:

    The Apple Beet sounds really good. My favorite snack on the go is veggies and hummus, love it!
    Holly recently posted…Looking back on 2013!My Profile

  40. Lisa A. says:

    I love health bars -Chia bars (coconut); Kind bars, larabar and Quest. Love to have a variety on hand but they seem to disappear quickly in my house. I’d love to try the Cinnamon Spiced Beet (I love beets!). Thanks for the chance.

  41. Calli says:

    clif bars, pretzels, and fruit strips!

  42. Allison S. says:

    Snack bars are super portable and easy to eat on the go.

  43. Cindy Merrill says:

    The Beets, Apples and Cinnamon sounds like a treat for me: I usually go with fresh fruit, but fruit leather would be awesome.

  44. Rachel H. says:

    My favourite snack at the moment is apples 🙂

  45. Amanda S. says:

    I would love to try the berries/spinach naked bar. Sounds interesting! Normally my go to snack for work and at home is a cliff/luna bar.

  46. Lauren-Olivia Wood says:

    I love cucumbers as a go to snack. The Sweet Potatoes, Apples, and Spices sounds the best to me!

  47. Kyl Neusch says:

    Sweet potato pie, i love apples

  48. Brandi says:

    I love almonds.

  49. ELIZABETH C. says:

    Berries, spinach, apples sounds great. My go to snack is rice cakes.

  50. Mya Murphy says:

    My snack of choice is any granola bar…
    And I believe the flavor that sounds the best is Mountain Berry Spinach!!

  51. tricia dunkle says:

    We love to eat the on the go applesauce packs! The mountain berry sounds great!

  52. Sharold Friedrich says:

    Almonds and dried fruit are my go to and Sweet potatos , apples and spice

  53. I love popcorn. Would love to try these sweet potato snacks.

  54. Candie L says:

    I like how portable granola bars are. Thank you

  55. Bev Henry says:

    I think the berries spinach and apple would be really good

  56. Jackee says:

    The carrot, apple ginger sounds the best to me. My on the go snack is nuts and an apple.

  57. ky2here says:

    Raisins are my go to snack and I’d love the carrot/ginger/apple combo because that’s my base for fresh extracted juice.

  58. Angela W says:

    Fruit or cheese

  59. Xty Cruz says:

    I usually bring some crackers

  60. susan smoaks says:

    Right now I carry peanuts and almonds with me all the time. I am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  61. Brandy B. says:

    Mountain Berry Spinach. My go to is baby carrots or an apple.

  62. Sarah Hall says:

    I think the Sweet Potato Apple Spices would be my favorite as I love sweet potatoes.

  63. Sally says:

    I am addicted to Nicole’s Nutty Goodness bars, made here in Charleston SC. So good!

  64. Go to snack is usually something I bake or fruit to go 🙂 The The Berries, Spinach and Apples sounds delicious!
    Janice Crespo recently posted…Happy New Year 2014My Profile

  65. Blessie Nelson says:

    I love snacking on celery and baby carrots. The Carrot Ginger Apple is sounding yummy!

  66. Jan Hammersmith says:

    rice cakes

  67. rebecca day says:


  68. Brenda Elsner says:

    My go to snack is granola bars. I would like to try the Carrot Ginger.

  69. Erica C. says:

    Sweet Potato Pie sounds good. I use Balance Bars a lot as on the go snacks.

  70. Jill Rivera says:

    My favorite snack is peanut butter on anything from bread, cracker, celery, apples, and ect. I would like to try the sweet potatoes with apple flavor.

  71. Serena Powell says:

    I really like pb&j sandwiches and I think they are rather portable. Carrot Ginger sounds the best.

  72. Karrie Millheim says:

    I am looking to eat better..I would love to try these and see if they carry in my area

  73. Karrie Millheim says:

    Mountain Berry Spinach sounds good to me. I got to try these

  74. Britty Brannon says:

    I like to carry coconut chips around with me 🙂

  75. Penny Snyder says:

    Yogurt is my go to snack! Would love to try the Beets Apples!!~

  76. Sky Sparkle says:

    I love bars to eat! I think mountain berry spinach looks good

  77. Miz Vickik says:

    Dried bananas. Would love to try the Mountain Berry Spinach!

  78. Rickie Hinrichs says:

    I take along power bars.

  79. nuronerd says:

    My go-to snack is a small handful of almonds or a zone perfect bar. I would be most interested in the sweet potato + other product most.

  80. Nicole D. says:

    I always have carrot sticks or apple slices on hand as a quick snack! The Sweet Potatoes, Apples and Spices sounds the best to me!

  81. Kayci Stanley says:

    My go snack is usually some sort of granola bar. I think that the carrots, apples, ginger flavor sounds really good.

  82. Kim Parrott says:

    Apples and bananas are the most portable snacks for me.
    Sweet potato pie sounds really great!

  83. Carla Pullum says:

    Carrots is my to go snack. Carrots Apples Ginger sounds good!

  84. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I like string cheese

  85. susie king says:

    Apples or grapes are great on the go.

  86. lilshuga2001 says:

    I like STRING CHEESE lol

    would love to try the berries flavor 🙂

  87. Julie Cowart says:

    mine is fruit.

  88. kathy pease says:

    I like granola bars and I think id love the SWEET POTATO PIE

  89. Buddy Garrett says:

    The Sweet Potato Pie sounds great.

  90. heather c says:

    My go-to snacks are either ginger snaps, hard boiled eggs or almonds.
    Carrots, Apples, Ginger sounds great!

  91. My favorite snack right now is fruit and cereal bars. They remind me Fig Newton’s and they’re so delicious!

  92. Rajee (@momsfocus) says:

    Apple Ginger

  93. Joy Q says:

    I would love to try the Sweet Potato Pie

  94. Jennifer Reed says:

    My go to portable snack is nuts but I would love to try the Carrot Ginger Veggie-Go’s.

  95. Amy Smeltzer says:

    Kind Bar or Luna Bar

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