Friday 5 and Salba Monthly Giveaway

Happy Friday

It’s been a crazy but busy and wonderful week! I had the most amazing time yesterday presenting at the Illinois State Physical Education Conference!  I’m excited that the weekend is here!  Birthday parties, friends, celebrations and more!  Let’s get started. I’ve got great things to share with you!

I mentioned on Wednesday about the home delivery from the great folks at Red Wall Kitchen!  These ladies are amazing and I am hoping to help get them more into my area!  They brought me some great gluten free goodness and we have been enjoying it all week!

Order Up!

They have an assortment of breakfast blocks, doughnuts, muffin bites and their life seed crunch!  We powered through this week for breakfast, snacks and dinner!  So good! If you are in the area I highly suggest checking them out or ordering from them.  I’ll keep you posted should they expand to other areas!

2) Are you looking for a new challenge. Join me and so many others in the Elf for Health Challenge! It begins on Monday!  Get more info and sign up here for more information!  What are you waiting for! Check out the great challenges!

3)  For so long I have been working to get the Hubs off his gross International Delight Creamer! Have you seen the ingredient list not these things?  Anyways, I finally found something!  Thank you SoDelicious!  Your coconut creamer is way better then the garbage they had in those other grocery store creamers!

French Vanilla Quart

4)  Is anyone else excited about this coming out?  I can’t wait!!  Hoping to find some time next week to see it with the holidays!  We will see!  Anyone seeing it this weekend?  The Hubs and I are actually going to rent the first one just as a refresher before we see it in the theater!

5) Finally, it’s time for the Salba monthly giveaway!

This month Salba wants to share simple tips to nix holiday overeating

Overeating can be both the cause and effect of holiday stress. Research shows most adults gain some weight during the holidays, so to keep health and weight in check, Salba Chia offers these stress-busting tips for the holiday season:

  • Less is more:  The holidays are filled with tempting treats, but don’t load up on empty-calorie foods. Instead of sitting with all the food within arm’s reach, grab a (small) bowl, scoop a few treats, and give yourself that limit.
  • Eat 1 tablespoon of Salba Chia Whole Seeds  every day. Experts like Dr. Oz and “Biggest Loser” nutritionist Rachel Beller recommend chia seeds as a healthy way to curb appetite, so you can feel fuller for longer. Now there’s no need for will power at the holiday party!
  • Get sleep!  One night of sleep deprivation is as impairing as a legally intoxicating blood-alcohol level. You have plenty of chances to drink and be merry – why give yourself the pain over sleep?
  • Don’t pack your schedule:  While there are lots of people to see and things to do, make sure you’re able to live in the moment and enjoy the time you spend with loved ones. Take time to play games with your family and friends, or just sit and chat instead of rushing to the stores.
  • Get outside:  Take a brisk walk in the fresh air, or take a drive to see the holiday lights – a quick break can invigorate mind and body, and help restore perspective!
  • Don’t forget your health:  Let’s be honest – even the tips above won’t keep you from overeating at least a little. So remember to get your key nutrients: One tablespoon of Salba Chia Whole Seeds provides 800% more Omega-3 (ALA) than salmon (EPA/DHA) and contains less than 1g net carbohydrate per serving. It’s really that easy.
Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding 


Giveaway:  2 winners who will each receive 1 Whole Seed BOOST Sleeve & 1 Premium Ground BOOST Sleeve.

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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14 Responses to Friday 5 and Salba Monthly Giveaway

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Tough question! I typically will only eat the things I really love, no sense in filling up on foods that are only mediocre. Plus, you have to save room for dessert.

  2. Renata says:

    I avoid alcohol and don’t drink sugary drinks and keep hydrated with pure H2O. Also take just a bite of the goodies to taste without going back filling my plate up. That way I avoid overeating while still enjoying!

  3. Christopher Sorel says:

    nuts and water

  4. Jenny says:

    I’m still trying to work that out! I LOVE FOOD! Especially food made by the wonderful women in my family! It is so good! I plan on stopping on 1 plate this year, instead of 2 or 3 hehe.

  5. Becky fliegel says:

    I try to not go back for seconds…and take extra vegetables.

  6. I make sure to drink a large glass of water or tea before the meal and then sit away from the food so I’m not tempted to pick at it 🙂

  7. Raymond says:

    I make sure not to arrive to holiday parties famished and to drink lots of water to avoid overeating. Thanks!

  8. Rosie says:

    If you are going to a big dinner, have something small to eat to tide you over. Don’t make things that you know you will end up eating too much all by yourself before you have time to share it!!!

  9. I try to eat a healthy snack before a party or bring something with me!
    Love the ELF for HEALTH idea!
    luv what you do recently posted…The Start of Cold Weather RunningMy Profile

  10. Elle says:

    I try to eat pretty much the same way I do every day, during the holiday season.
    Elle recently posted…#onesmallchange Establishing A Bedtime RoutineMy Profile

  11. Erin from Long Island says:

    I don’t let myself get too hungry and bring a healthy side dish

  12. I am so excited for the holidays! Literally RIGHT around the corner! 🙂 That being said, I am only really excited because I love seeing my family and taking a break from life! I treat holiDAYS the same as any other though – I eat healthfully and I exercise and I SLEEP! All so very important! 🙂
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…We’re Getting Chili!My Profile

  13. Georgiana S says:

    I make sure to pace myself, eat slow, take small portions and never arrive famished to a holiday party!

  14. Charlene says:

    The biggest thing for me is to watch my portion sizes, as my exercise/running schedule has been really consistent. I feel I’ve done a great job watching what I eat the last two holiday seasons and with the WDW marathon coming up, I have that keeping me in line this season. Higher mileage might have me eating more, but eating smart and right (and not a whole lot of junk food at all).
    Charlene recently posted…For the Love of Running: The Philadelphia Marathon Expo and TweetupMy Profile

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