Friday 5: Knock Out, GoodBelly and SPRING BREAK

Well hello friends!

It’s been an insanely busy week and I do apologize for going MIA for a few days thanks to Jenna for guest posting yesterday!

1) Spring break kicks off today and I am so freaking excited for some time off!  I’ve got a list of things to do which include day dates, dinners, drinks, mani pedi and a whole lot of spring cleaning!  Is anyone else excited for some time off??  If the weather is on my side maybe Spring break 2014 will finally allow me to get some quality runs outside.  Who knows!!!?  It is OFFICIALLY Spring over here!!

2)  Time to get  a little personal.  Let’s talk undies… sorry guys!  When you run and workout do you wear them?  Do you buy shorts with built in underwear or lining.. whats do you do.  All of my running shorts and some tights have that build in liner thingy… however, since I started classes at The Dailey Method I have been wearing underwear with my yoga pants.  I’m always sans drawers on my runs.

Knock Out panties sent me a set of bra and undies to try out.  I’ve been wearing them to classes at The Dailey Method and love them!!  They are perfect for yoga and other active activities!!


3) I’ve been switching up the liquid in my green smoothies the last couple of weeks and pouring in some GoodBelly pro biotic juice.  A little for me and some for Sara.  We are both fans!

Image 2GoodBelly Probiotic Drinks (0% dairy + 0% soy + 0% wheat=100% vegan)

GoodBelly is a delicious probiotic drink that contains live & active probiotic cultures. 

  • GoodBelly products contain Lactobacillus plantarum 299v (LP299V®), one of the most well studied probiotic cultures available on the market.
  • GoodBelly may promote healthy digestion when consumed daily as a part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.*
  • GoodBelly’s probiotic drinks are certified organic (with the exception of our gluten-free products, due to limited organic supply.)
  • All of our probiotic drinks are dairy-free, soy-free and entirely vegan.

4) I’m not one to purchase many cookbooks.  Since Pinterest came into my life my cooking and has changed in so many ways but I have to tell you that the Oh She Glows cookbook is simply amazing!  I bought it on Amazon last week and i’ve been reading it before before this week.  Does anyone else curl up in bed with a good cook book?  I made two recipes out of it last weekend and plan to make MANY MANY more!!  This cookbook makes me want to stay home and cook and eat ALL DAY LONG.


5) This was our impulse buy at Costco yesterday!  Had to splurge and get the combo pack with bonus features.  It was $20 well spent! We love this movie and the music is awesome!!  Can’t wait for some at home movie parties with this one!

Photo: Costco impulse buy! Not sure who is more excited! On sale too!!

Have an awesome weekend!  I’m cooking one of my Relished meals tonight for dinner.  More on that NEXT week!!

Disclaimer:  I was provided samples from Knock Out and GoodBelly.  All opinions are my own!

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3 Responses to Friday 5: Knock Out, GoodBelly and SPRING BREAK

  1. Kim says:

    Enjoy your spring break! Ours is winding down and we didn’t do a lot which is exactly what we needed!!!
    I’m a huge cookbook collector – I love going through them and picking out things to make!!
    Kim recently posted…One of Those DaysMy Profile

  2. I love Good Belly shots!
    I haven’t seen Frozen and I really want to. All of the kids are talking about it!

    How is the Oh She Glows book?
    luv what you do recently posted…Crockpot Beer FajitasMy Profile

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