Friday Thoughts….

High Five YES it’s FRIDAY!!!

Don’t be fooled by the title of this post… these are random thoughts and are NOT at all deep!  Just having some fun on a Friday morning!

I’ve been fighting a cold for the last few days which is no fun when you are pregnancy and unable to take anything!!  Any suggestions on what’s “pregnancy safe??

1)  I busted out from frozen bone broth yesterday to see if that would help the cold.  It can’t hurt right?


2) Have you seen these?



I bought them last week at Trader Joes.  They are a cross between kale and brussels sprouts.  What could be bad about them?  So I mixed them with farro, walnuts and dried cranberries for dinner and added some seasonings!  I love that the kale sprouts are bright green and purple!  YUM! Have you tried?



3) As most of you know we are NOT finding out the gender of this baby.  We didn’t with Sara.  Lots of people think I’m nuts but I feel that there are few surprises left in life and this should be one of them.  What are your thoughts?  Tiny Prints sent me one of their gender predictor quizzes.  The results….


Not that I really believe in all the gender predictors or the old wives tales but I have been feeling “girl” for a while and my dreams have been reflecting that as well.  I guess we will all find out in 3 months!

4) I went to see the doctor yesterday as I am now starting to go every 2 weeks as we get closer to the 3rd trimester.  We spoke about my bad rib pain that I am experiencing which is at its worst when I drive and sit up.  Basically, there isn’t a whole lot I can do.  Apparently, I have a very strong and active baby… which I could have told you because this little sucker loves to kick my ribs ALL DAY LONG… the result is inflammation of my ribs on the right side of my body.  Suggestions or ideas?

5)  I’ve got a huge craving for Mexican food!  Bring on the guacamole… must do something about that this weekend!


6) I’m making this chicken parmesan soup this weekend… probably in a crock pot because I am lazy! Thinking it will be dinner on Sunday night!  I’m also hoping to make some of the Oh She Glows granola from her cookbook!  We will see how the weekend goes!

7) It snowed yesterday and in the morning there was all that white “stuff” all over the driveway.  It faded fast but come on… we are only midway through November.  I can’t do this quite yet!  Sara on the other hand thought it was “awesome.”  UGH

8)  Is Thanksgiving really less then 2 weeks away?  How did that happen?  November is going fast!!

That’s all I got for you friends!

Have an awesome weekend?  What do you have planned?



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11 Responses to Friday Thoughts….

  1. Ooo – those kale sprouts sound really interesting! I’m headed to TJ’s today and might have to buy some!
    Joanna @Makingmine recently posted…bumpdate: 16 weeksMy Profile

  2. I crave Mexican food the entire time I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I couldn’t get enough! Those gender predictors are fun- it will be neat to see if it’s accurate or not! I know with my youngest I TOTALLY thought boy and when we found out she was a girl I was truly SHOCKED. LOL.

  3. I added coconut cream to my bone broth and its AMAZING. You need to try.
    Linda @ TheFitty recently posted…8 Minute HIIT Workout!My Profile

  4. Oh it’s never fun to be sick especially when you are preggers. Hope you feel better
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Happy Birthday To Me & Skirt Sports AnnouncementMy Profile

  5. Marcia says:

    I haven’t tried those sprouts yet but I’ll definitely pick some up. I love that TJ’s has so many cool things! Celebrating our wedding anniversary tonight then Caveman works tomorrow and I’m taxiing kiddos to parties. Nice not to have a super long run on tap since snow is in the forecast again! Agree: too soon!

  6. I have not seen the kale sprouts, those look awesome!! I was at TJ’s yesterday and didn’t see them, but I’ll definitely look next time!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Thinking out loudMy Profile

  7. Kim says:

    I hope your cold gets better soon!!
    We are supposed to get snow tomorrow – so not ready!!! The cold this week has been brutal – not above freezing since Monday.
    Kim recently posted…This Is Going to be Fun!!!My Profile

  8. That last trimester is tough! I’ve always thought pregnancy is 3 months too long….hang in there!
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…Feeling safe on the runMy Profile

  9. jill conyers says:

    I could eat mexican food everyday. Especially guac! Hope you’re cold is better.
    jill conyers recently posted…16 Healthy Gluten Free Thanksgiving RecipesMy Profile

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