Food Prepping, Planning, August Running and More #MIMM

Happy Monday!  It’s been weeks since I have linked up with Katie for MIMM!

It was kind of a gross and icky weekend but it was just what I needed to get my butt in gear for much needed food prepping.  I decided this summer that Sundays would be my day to really plan and prep for the week.  The after school hours are INSANE and the Hubs starts coaching cross country today which only makes for harder and busier afternoons!

Saturday was a total rain out.  My long run got pushed to Sunday and I hit up the mill while I finally watched an episode of Orange is the New Black. Sure I had plans to binge watch this past June but I only got a few shows in before life got crazy.  I’m not sure when I  will have time for TV this year.  We will see how it all works out!

I got up Sunday morning and was happy to see gray skies and NO RAIN.  I took off for a nice run.  Planning to to around 6 and did just over 7.



I was pleased when I pulled up my monthly totals form RunKeeper to see that not only did I run a few more miles this month but I actually ran a bit faster!



Who knew!??!  I wasn’t even keeping track!

After my run I came home, showered and made “THE LIST”

IMG_4572Thankfully B is taking great morning naps so I actually knocked off a ton of this while he slept and then Sara and I hit up the grocery store to get more supplies for the week!


I managed to get almost everything on this list crossed off!  Sara’s lunches for the week are all made, I have a few dinners prepped and ready I have my lunches set to go!

After a few too many sweets and celebrations this month and poor eating due to lack of kitchen for 2 weeks I am going on my own 30 Clean.  Starting today and probably for the next 1-2 weeks I am bringing back old and better eating habits!!  I’ve got a fellow 30 Clean eater friend who is going to be holding me accountable!

By the way, has anyone seen or had these?


Cotton Candy grapes!!  OMG, I don’t like grapes and they are soo good!  I can only find them at Mariano’s and apparently they are only around for the next few weeks so I better enjoy them!

So while the weekend was a bit rainy and gray it was very productive and needed!

The sun came out on the late afternoon which made for a last minute happy hour and BBQ with neighbors and some tasty smores!


Sara is quite serious about her smores 🙂

Today, summer returns for the week.  It’s going to be hot and humid!  We are holding onto summer as long as we can over here.  I’m not ready for boots, hats and gloves quite yet!!

What did you do this weekend?  Do you food plan and prep for the week??

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