Don’t Mess with Texas: WIAW in Austin

As promised I am highlighting some of the AMAZING eats from my vacation in Austin for this weeks WIAW!


When I go on vacation rules go out the window!  I like to enjoy dinners out, lots of walking and movement and try new foods!  I had heard wonderful things about Austin but really didn’t know what to expect.

I should also add that my friend who went with me is a vegan and let me tell you how vegan/vegetarian friendly Austin really is.  Since I am not really doing a whole lot of meat these days we were blown away with the options and the amount of food trucks!!

In looking back at my pics from our trip I would say 80% of them were food related.  No shame… I enjoy eating!!

For starters there was the amazing little organic juice stand right outside of the place we were staying!  Props to me for finally getting over my aversion to green smoothies and juices!


When in Austin breakfast tacos are a MUST and holy cow were these tacos wonderful.  I miss walking over to the taco stand for cheap and amazing tacos!


Eggs and beans in one and veggies, egg whites and avocado on the other. All in some hut that was literally on the side of the road.  It’s not uncommon though!  Breakfast tacos are everywhere!  Plus, the best part was the fresh homemade corn tortillas.  Fresh tortillas really make a difference!



Since we usually ate late breakfasts we never had much lunch and would go for yummy dinners!!

Of course we had to do Mexican one night and multiple meals with guacamole!


This guacamole was by far our favorite!  It was actually warm and while you can’t see it, below all that avocado goodness is a roasted chopped mushrooms!  Seriously AMAZING!


We did a lot of sharing dinners while away because we wanted the same things on the menu!

We had fantastic pizza out one night with pasta and roasted brussels.  1/2 vegan cheese and 1/2 regular cheese because I LOVE cheese these days!

IMG_1616.JPGIMG_1617.JPGIMG_1615.JPG Broccoli, brussels and red peppers all together in one dish…. AMAZING!

Another night was soba noodles in a light peanut sauce with veggies!


Of course I CAN’T forget dessert which was probably the highlight!

When you walking 10 plus miles a day you get to eat dessert… right?!!


My favorite dessert by far was from this doughnut food truck!  I haven’t had a doughnut in YEARS!  I don’t even remember the last time but it was so freaking good that I was talking about it for days!!  This doughnut stand had quite the list of options!


I went with a donut (warm and fresh…) topped with cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries!  It was AMAZING and worth every bite!!

Other dessert highlights included a famous ice cream stand where we stood in line for about 25 minutes!  I went with the mexican vanilla with chunks of cookie dough!



And one night after a great dinner and a long walk I had these small bite sized key lime canoli’s


I obviously didn’t photograph every single meal but these were some of the highlights!

Oh, and here is a non food related pic that we found amusing.  Austin also has all these party place and random stores that sell piñatas!  Like tons of them… one of after another.  I kept comparing it to nail salons when I lived in the city!  Strange right?

When you go on vacation do you treat yourself and indulge?  Do you like to hit the “famous” spots?

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4 Responses to Don’t Mess with Texas: WIAW in Austin

  1. Jessie says:

    Those are some killer donut options. It’d probably take me at least 5 minutes to decide which one I wanted. It’s not even easy just sitting here reading the flavors. Haha!

  2. Marcia says:

    It looks like you did Austin up right! I’ve heard what an amazing city it is, alas I’ve never been there.
    Marcia recently posted…Seeding the FutureMy Profile

  3. Yeah I hit the famous spots! Those are the spots worth visiting when you’re new to the place.
    Linda @ the Fitty recently posted…Pin It Party #1 + Friday 5 #4!My Profile

  4. Kim says:

    Yes, I love to eat “native” foods and local places when I travel. All of your food looks and sounds good!!!
    Kim recently posted…Sometimes You Just Have to Admit DefeatMy Profile

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