Day in the life: WIAW

Happy Wednesday!

Great weekend weather took over time on the computer and this week has been busy.  Thanksgiving is next week!!  What??!  I’m linking up for WIAW with another version of a Day in the Life.  I haven’t done one since B was 5 months old! Life has REALLY changed Let’s get to it!


3:00am- The little man wakes up to eat.  He’s been asleep since 6:30 and this is now the average time of his one wake up.  We are going to work on eliminating the night time feeding in the coming month… at least that is the plan.

5:00am- The alarm goes off and I am dead asleep.  Like in full in dream mode.  I struggle to get out of bed but change and go downstairs.  I do my 2 minute plank as the Hubs and I are doing a 30 day plank challenge this month and get on the treadmill.  3.1 miles later I am a sweaty and very awake mess!! 

So glad I got the workout in!!  I never regret it but yesterday it was hard to start it!

5:45 B is stirring.  We he’s been on an early wake up these last few days but my general rule is not to go in to start his day until 6:15 so we leave him in his crib while I jump in the shower fast!

6:00- Apparently Sara has been awake since 5:45 in her room playing with her Shopkins.  Kind of rare for her to be up so early but after I shower I get up and feed him!  By 6:30 we are all downstairs

I pack all the lunches and bags for the day and eat what’s left of the massive batch of oatmeal I made last week.  I add some pumpkin, hemp seeds, almond butter and cinnamon to mine.

By 7:10 we are out the door.  I drop Sara off at her school for early care and then B at daycare.  I have a few extra minutes to play with B at school which is always a bonus.  Then I hit up Whole Foods for an 8am meeting.  Afterwards, I grab a few things for dinner and run home and throw it in the fridge. I pump on my way into my office.  Thank goodness for being able to pump in the car.  It has saved me!

9:30-11:00 I catch up on emails and do some planning.  I have a meeting at 12 so I eat this before I jump in the car at 11:30 to head to my meeting.

After my meeting I get back in the car and pump while I drive back to my office.  By the time I get there and get settled it’s after 1 and I am starving!

I made Oh She Glows African Peanut Stew from her cookbook for dinner on Monday for the hubs and I and have enough for lunch for the next few days! 

I also snack on the what’s left of these amazing crunchy goodness from I Heart Keenwah!

The rest of the afternoon is spent planning for a couple of classes that I have to teach this week and it goes by really quickly.  Yesterday was a horribly miserably day filled with a ton a rain!

3pm I pump one last time before I pick up the kids and have some pomegranate seeds while I finish up everything for the day.


I get into my car at 3:30 and head to pick up B.  I grab him and then pick up Sara who is at my neighbors house.  We get home shortly after 4pm and I unload the bags and the bottles.

The Hubs gets home close to 4:30!  B has been on the lookout!


Once the Hubs gets home I change out of my work clothes into sweats.  Around here we are typically in our sweats well before 5!  I get started on dinner.  We used to eat after B went to bed but we’ve been trying to eat together now that the Hubs is home earlier.  It makes the afternoon crazier but then we are done with dinner and the kitchen is closed so much earlier!  It makes for a more relaxing evening.

5pm: We have chicken taco bowls for dinner!


B has beans, hummus (his favorite) and some squash.


5:45pm: While I bathe B and watch Sara have a Taylor Swift dance party in the bathroom the Hubs cleans the kitchen.  Divide and conquer is the theme of our lives!


Before I put B to bed we all have a little dance party in Sara’s room.  We listen to a whole lot of Taylor Swift in our house!

6:30pm: B is down for the night and Sara is playing in her room.  I head downstairs to make a batch of Sara favorite oatmeal and fresh batch of almond milk.

6:45pm- We won’t talk about Sara’s meltdown that occurred which was probably a result of her 5:45am wake up.

7:15pm- Sara is down and the Hubs and I FINALLY sit on the couch.  I work on this blog post and he gets things done for work.  Hot tea, the premier of Chicago Med and one last pumping session all occur before hitting the sack at 9pm!

And there goes another day….

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  Are you mornings and evenings crazy too?

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13 Responses to Day in the life: WIAW

  1. Helen says:

    I may be old, but after reading your post, I feel like I need a nap. I guess I’ll go work out instead!

  2. That soup looks amazing 😀 I’ve been overeating in a big way the past week. I’d blame hormones, but that isn’t true. I have a feeling that my Thanksgiving is going to be more healthy than my preThanksgiving!
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Update: Dealing with Spinal InjuryMy Profile

  3. Love the workout selfie! Especially after wanting to sleep in, you rock, Laura!
    Julia @ Lord Still Loves Me recently posted…Am I Picky Eater? Or is this Disordered Thinking? WIAWMy Profile

  4. Marcia says:

    Looks like a full day to me! I well remember the days I had to be on the mill by 5 or forget about it. I am NOT ready for Thanksgiving–thought I had another week but no!
    Marcia recently posted…Rock n Roll Vegas Race ReportMy Profile

  5. Lauren says:

    That soup looks delicious! ? love soup season!! Way to go on the pumping, mama!

  6. HI Laura,

    Salute to you for your great stamina. You are smiling even when when you are sweaty after a 3.1 Miles run. I feel exhausted just after crossing half mile. Pics of B are very cute .

    Bharat Sharma recently posted…43 Amazing Health And Beauty Benefits of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)My Profile

  7. Sara says:

    Such a busy day! You are a rockstar for pumping in the car & waking up so early to workout. I want to start waking up before Allie wakes to workout soon.
    Sara recently posted…Obsessive Thoughts + GratitudeMy Profile

  8. Wow, busy busy!! I need to find those Quinoa snacks! They look yummy!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Rock N Roll #Stripatnight Half Marathon Recap: An epic racecationMy Profile

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