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It’s the middle of May and while it feels like the middle of March the end of the school year  is in sight!  We’re taking short weeks and days my fiends.  DAYS until summer vacation is here!! There was a short period of time when I thought that this might be my last summer off but in our house the Hubs and I will live for our summers 🙂   I haven’t doing a “Currently” in a couple of months so lets catch up on all things Current

Running:  Despite taking my first ever DNS (Did Not Start) on Sunday in the Chicagoland Spring 1/2 Marathon I still managed to get in 28.2 miles last week.  Not bad!  Thanks to my amazing chiropractor who I still see two times a week I am running pain free and feeling really good!  I’ll tackle the North Shore 1/2 Marathon on Sunday, June 5th and BOA Chicago Marathon Training officially kicks of on Saturday, June 11th!!

Non-Running Workout: I’m working on getting back to pushups and planks every day and I am setting a goal to return to The Dailey Method once summer is here.  There is a Monday morning 6am express class that I loved last summer that I would love to get back to!  I need to find something to help with core strength!

Excitement:  SUMMER IS COMING!  POOLS OPEN IN LESS THEN 2 WEEKS!!!!  At some point I know that it will get consistently warm out!!!    Oh and my friend and I just planned a summer trip to Park City, Utah!!  Woo hoo for summer vacation.

Garden Item: Look my garden is in!!  Farmers markets will open in about 5-6 weeks around here too.  Less is more for us as we have found in years past.  I have my herbs in planters and in tomatoes, green beans, kale and arugula in the ground.  Arugula is new this year.  I like to try something new every year and I love arugula in salads and on top of pizza. Yum!!


TV: TV is wrapping up around here.  Finishing up the Blacklist this week (love that show!!) and looking forward to Orange is the New Black coming back to Netflix next month!

Kitchen Gadget:   Oh remember my post on Friday on how I go ripped off with my broken PADERMO— Well now I have the official PADERNO


Not-So-Healthy-Indulgence: Lately, if I’m going to indulge it’s going to be in this… Graeter’s Ice Cream.  Any Graeter’s fans out there.  It’s Ohio based, so it wasn’t until I was in college that I had my first experience with Graeter’s and then it came to our suburbs.  I’m an ice cream snob and if I am going to enjoy ice cream it better be REALLY good!! We don’t keep this stuff in the house though or I would eat it nightly!  Have you heard of Graeter’s?


Healthy Indulgence: I’m a huge GTS Gingerade Kombucha Fan but shelling out nearly $4 a bottle is a lot!  Well, Trader Joe’s did it again and while they carry only a couple of GTS’ flavors they have my favorite at only $3 a bottle!  I’ll gladly indulge in a Gingerade over a Starbucks ANY Day.  Plus, Gingerade with a little bit of vodka or tequila is YUMMY!!img_7834


Mood:  With summer on the horizon and a great new job that doesn’t start until August 15th, I am just HAPPY 🙂   Summer in our house is the best time of year.  The Hubs relaxes, we don’t RUSH RUSH RUSH and every day feels like the weekend 🙂

Ready to play, relax and enjoy with these kids!


Your turn… pick something and share!

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  1. Helen says:

    Happy Days!:-) 🙂

  2. It’s been really cold and rainy here too so I can’t believe the pools are opening. They are going to be so cold!
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