Currently… July

I’m having a hard time grasping the idea that it’s the middle of July.  In a little over one month, I’ll be starting the little man in day care and the Hubs and I will be transitioning back to work!  I’m trying not to let it haunt me too much but I know it’s going to be here before I know it.

I’m trying to soak up all the wonderful moments that summer is bringing and even though many of the days feel like groundhog day, I am still loving it!

I missed doing “Currently” in June so let’s get to July!

ReadingAs I mentioned last month, I am taking this topic out until further notice, or until there are more hours in the day.  Reading consists of emails, blogs and not much else.

Running: Oh my gosh I am in such an AMAZING place with running!  I’ve transitioned to the new Mizuno Wave Enigma and I am running sub 8 miles again!!  It feels amazing.  This past weekend I got in 15 miles over 3 days with an average of 7:48 mile!  To say I am happy is an understatement!!  I’ve  been a huge fan of Mizuno shoes since I made the change over 2 years ago and these neutral shoes are amazing!!!  


Non-Running Workout: Happy to be back at the Dailey Method 1-2 days a week.  I am also using the Dailey Method video I purchased when I was pregnant on mornings that I can’t get to class.  I tried the Dailey spin class and loved the challenge.

Excitement: I’ve been teaching a summer school class at a local community class and while I love teaching it ends next week and I really have nothing work wise on the calendar for about a month!!  Love my job but excited to have no real commitments for several weeks.

In other news, we are going to finish up our kitchen at the end of the summer by getting a new floor and some new appliances!  I think I am finally going to be getting my double oven if it all works out! It’s the little things that make me happy!

Garden Item:  I’ve been picking fresh beans every day and have a ton of green tomatoes.  I don’t think we had to water our garden at all this summer.  All the rain we got has done wonders!


TV: The Hubs and I haven’t really watched much this summer.  After the kids get to bed and I pack camp lunches for Sara and pump one last time I don’t have the energy to start a show.  I’ve seen about 1/3 of Orange is the New Black and most nights we end just watching American Ninja Warrior or Americas got Talent.

Kitchen Gadget:  Love my grill basket that is I throw on the grill to make the best veggies!!  Love summertime grilling.  I know that it doesn’t look “pretty”  but I love it and actually own two of them.. you can never have too many grilled veggies!


Not-So-Healthy-Indulgence: Full disclosure I am still working  hard on staying clean since the 30 ended about 2 weeks ago, but I’ve had a couple of tastes of sweets.  It often ends with me having a headache so I try to be very careful!

Healthy Indulgence:  I spent the month of June loving my zoodles and my zoodle creations but July is all about the kale!!  Love my kale salads, sautéed kale and kale in my smoothies.  I probably go through 2-3 bunches of kale a week.  Massaged kale salads are my favorite lunches right now!

This pic was breakfast of kale, veggie tomato sauce and cashew ricotta cheese.  Kind of a random breakfast but I loved every bite of it.


Mood: I’m feeling great- no complaints…. well, I’d love to have B sleeping a little bit better at night but that’s a story for another time.

YOUR TURN! Pick something in this post and tell me about you!


Disclosure:  I was provided a pair of Wave Enigma 5 shoes through a FitFlutential Campaign but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Farrah says:

    Kale isn’t my favorite, but I suspect it’s because I’ve never tried massaging it, haha. 😡 I will have to try that at some point–that breakfast you had looked super good!

  2. I’m in love with the Enigma’s as well! They have been treating me good as well!
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  3. Yay for running happy again!!!
    Jen@Jpabstfitness recently posted…15 Month Check UpMy Profile

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