B’s 8/9 Month Update

It’s been 2 months since I last gave you a TRUE update on my little man who isn’t so little anymore!!  It’s crazy to think he’s been here in the world with us longer then he was in my  belly at this point and I know the BIG 1 will be here before know it!!

Remember this…. it was about 8 hours before our little man arrived…


Age:  9 MONTHS on 10/28!!


Height and Weight: 18lbs 6 oz at his 9 month check up on 11/1.  Up from 15lbs 3oz at his 6 month check up!!  I forgot how long he is but he’s in the 50%tile for height and up from the 24%tile when he was 6 months old.

Clothing Size: 6-12 month/9 month and some 12 months too.  B grew a ton over the last couple of months

Milestones:  Babbling “mama/dada/hi/hey/byebye”  Waving goodbye,  clapping, crawling (mostly army drawing) pulling to stand and just moving ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Sara was such a cautious baby… this man… not so much!!  He’s into everything.  I feel like months 8/9 and as we move into 10 are such huge months of development.  B has such a wonderful and sweet personality.  He is always happy (except if he is hungry …) and loves smiling and being with people.

Teeth: At 8 1/2 months we FINALLY cut our first two teeth just days apart from each other!


Likes: Taking baths, eating, moving and talking!  Loves the songs “Wheels on the Bus.” and “If you are happy and you know it..”  Loves to play with his friends at day care, and be with his sister!


Dislikes:  Being kept waiting if he is hungry.  The 4-5pm is probably the hardest.  B never really had a “witching hour” as an infant but he tends to get cranky around the dinnertime hour.  He wants to be held a ton which is hard when I am trying to get dinner on the table for all of us as we now eat much earlier so we can all eat together.  B also hates being changed after his naps.  He just wants to move.  Sometimes I break out in a sweat changing his clothes.

Sleep:  We did some sleep training and things are much better.  B goes to bed at 6:3opm and gets up one to nurse for about 15 minutes anywhere between 3 and 4:30am.  He then goes right back to sleep and gets up for the day between 6:15and 7am.  He takes two naps and they are each between 1 and 1 1/2 hours.  Hoping to work on dropping the middle of the night feeding over the next month.

Best Moment: Right before B turned 8 months his cranial helmet came off.  That was pretty spectacular.


But we have been loving all of the daily changes in our little man!  I love watching him eat and feed himself.  I love watching him explore even it it means that I can’t take my eyes off him for a second and I love listening to him laugh and giggle!!

Worst/Hardest Moment: B has started to develop some slight separation anxiety when he sees me leave the room at home.  Drop off a day care is thankfully not an issue as he is so happy.  We have also struggled a little bit with nursing this month with his teeth.  I have NOT enjoyed being bit but with some firm “NO’s”  things have gotten better.  OUCH!!

Health: 100% Healthy, Happy and AMAZING

Breastfeeding/Pumping I’m still going strong with breastfeeding and thanks to my freezer stash B was able to take bottles of frozen milk for the entire time while I was gone.  I pumped a lot on my trip to keep my supply up and I was worried that our breastfeeding relationship would be affected by me being gone for 4 day but we are totally fine!!  As we approach 10 months, I feel like reaching my goal of 1 year is truly becoming doable.

Eating: B does great with the homemade baby food that I send to daycare.  At home he much more prefers to feed himself.  Breakfast is his favorite meal.  He gets applesauce and pumpkin!  He LOVES pumpkin.  I still make almost all of his food.  I cheat with canned organic pumpkin and Trader Joe’s organic applesauce.  He also loves beets, which is another cheat of mine since I buy steamed organic beets from Costco.  Broccoli and green beans are up there too as far as favorites.


Overall:  We’ve got a wonderful little man who is curious about the world around him!!  Looking forward to seeing what the next days, weeks and months bring! Although he keeps us on our toes these days and is into everything he is just so happy and brings us all so much joy!!  Love him!



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  1. Marcia says:

    I’m glad the helmet is off but he was SO cute with it on! Great update–time flies!
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