B’s 6 month update 

Good morning everyone… or afternoon… or evening depending on the time you are reading this.  I didn’t have time to post yesterday since the Hubs and I were out late Sunday night (and by late I mean home by 9pm) celebrating our anniversary at Seasons52!! I’m be writing a special post tomorrow highlighting all of our yummy eats!

Before B hits 7 months, which I am sure is bound to happen sooner rater then later, I wanted to give you his 6 month update. I can’t believe he is 6 months old and boy is he keeping us busy and on our toes!!

Age:  6 months 7/28-


Height and Weight: Weight: 15lbs 3oz

Height: Truth… I don’t remember.  I can find it all online with the database that our pediatrician provides but I haven’t had time to do it. #momoftheyear

Clothing Size:  6 months and 3-6 months.

Milestones:  B is sitting for longer periods of time and rolling like crazy. Back to belly and belly to back!!  He’s a rolling machine!  He slept on his belly last week for the first time and I think I was up every hour making sure he was breathing!  He’s also working on trying to move his body and crawl.


Teeth: Ugh, we are still waiting for those 2 teeth to come in!!  Little buggers are making B cranky often in the late afternoon!!!  He’s drooling a ton… I hope they make their appearance soon!

Likes: Loves be talked to. He’s big into saying things that sound like “hey”  So when I say hi or hey back he thinks it’s hysterical. Also, anything his big sister.  He also loves playing on his belly and loves the swings!  B also likes the water and enjoys splashing at the pool.


Dislikes:  Not a whole lot.  B is really one of the happiest and most chill babies ever! He rarely cries!

Sleep: B’s been going to bed consistently between 6:00 and 6:30pm depending on when his last nap is.  He sleeps until midnight although he has slept a few times later and woken between 1 and 3am and then wakes again at 4am.. or sometimes he just gets up once. He’s still great at nursing and going right back to bed.  He wakes up for the day between 6:15 and 6:45 and will often just talk quietly to himself for as long as 30 minutes.  This will really come in handy in a few weeks when mornings are crazy as we transition back to work!  I love that he can entertain himself for a while

Naps are a whole different story!!  Goodness, this child is NOT a good napper!  Once in a while we can get a 1 hour to 90 minute nap out of him but he is still 3-4 naps a day that range from 35-45 minutes.  His daycare has assured me that it will change when he starts there in a couple of weeks and I can’t freaking wait!!!

Best Moment: This month was huge for him developmentally!  So much is happening so fast!!  I love how he is changing daily.

I love that I have been able to have so much time with this guy this summer!  It’s wonderful that both the Hubs and I are around so that we need a break we can get it.  I’m sad just thinking about the transition back for ALL OF US in a few weeks.

Worst/Hardest Moment:  We were really lucky with mild temps this summer but it’s pretty hard when the heat and humidity are high.  It’s really been SUMMER the last couple of weeks. Great for Sara but not great for B.  Fortunately, he doesn’t know the difference and enjoys chilling at home.


Health:  100% Healthy!!

Eating:  So last month we started on some basic oatmeal mixed with breast milk and then added carrots and avocado.  Then I saw a nursing strike so I stopped and went back to just breastfeeding.  Just last week we started up again and it’s going great.  B loves sweet potatoes!  Hands down his favorite food


Cranial Helmet Update: B has been in his helmet for over 5 weeks.  Today we head back to the doctor for another check in.  We go every 2 weeks so his helmet can be adjusted as his head grows.  It’s truly remarkable how much of a difference it’s making!!!  After 1 month of wear his head grew 1cm in length (that’s what we what to have happen!)  So despite having to wear it all summer he is doing SO well and he really could care less that it’s on!


Overall:  As hard as it is to believe that we are now closer to his 1st birthday then the day he was born it has truly been an amazing journey watching him grow.  The love that he has for his sister and the love she has for him is so incredible!!!  I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!!




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  1. Helen says:

    All of these photos make me smile 🙂

  2. Kristin says:

    Loving reading B’s updates! My little one will be 6 months on Thursday!
    Yay for your anniversary date! I totally understand the 9p late night! Isn’t it crazy how life changes with these sweet little ones?!
    Kristin recently posted…Sweet Summer nights.My Profile

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