B’s 4 and 5 month Update

Happy Wednesday!  Would you believe that it’s been 2 months since I last gave any kind of official update on B!  Summer is so busy and flying by!!  Finding time to blog is hard these days!  Down time is non existent and by the time I am finally chilling on the couch at night the last thing I want to do is open the computer.

This guy is totally keeping us busy!!  SO much to chat about over the last couple of months!


Age:  5 months 6/28-  Look how much he’s grown!!



Height and Weight: At 4 months B was 12lbs 15oz.  I don’t remember what his length was.  I believe he is right around the 14lb mark now.

Clothing Size:  6 months and 3-6 months.

Milestones:  Right now B is working on sitting.  He’s mastering the tripod sitting position and LOVES standing.  He’s perfecting his giggles and LOVING food!  At the end of his 4th month we introduced oatmeal mixed with breast milk and carrots.  I’m making all of B’s food which I did not do with Sara.  It’s so easy and so much cheaper!



Teeth: B also has his bottom 2 teeth coming in.  You can see them peeking through.  Not sure how long it will be but he loves those fingers and loves sucking and chewing on things!  Sara did OK with teething and I am hoping B is the same.  We used these natural teething tablets from Hylands with Sara and I am using them again with B when it seems like he is in pain.

Likes: Favorite song:  Wheels on the Bus.  B’s tickle spot is right in the center of his belly and under his chin.  He loves when you rub your head right in his belly!  Makes him crack up!  B is so engaging and will smile at anyone who smiles at him!  B loves swimming at the park which is a good thing because we go there ALL THE TIME!


B also discovered his fingers which he loves sucking on.  We never gave him a pacifier so this works for him!


Dislikes: Nothing really comes to mind!!  B has such a sweet and chill personality!  I truly hope it continues.

Sleep: Well, we made it through the 4 month sleep regression.  I forgot how brutal that was!!  Lots of crying and lots of wake ups but things have gotten better! We did some modified sleep training.  B goes to bed around 6:30pm and gets up twice before waking for the day anywhere between 6:45 and 7:30.

As far as naps are conceded he pretty much takes 4 45 minute naps. Some days he takes 3 and often we can get a couple of 1 hour naps out of him.  He has even done naps as long as 2 1/2 hours but it’s not typical.

Best Moment: Being home and all together this summer has been great!  It’s BUSY!!  Summer is far from laid back and there is always something that needs to get done but we are enjoying it.  I’m not sure how things are going to look in August when the Hubs and I are back in the grind and we are dealing with a a day care drop off and school drop off.  I’m trying NOT to think about that for now

Worst/Hardest Moment:  As I mentioned in an earlier post, B now has a cranial helmet!  It’s far from what I would call a worst/hardest moment but we need to fix a flat spot on his head!!  He’s got what’s called Brachycephaly. Basically, his flat spot is on the back of his head.  We noticed it right away and the doctors think it’s because his head was in my rib cage for so much of my pregnancy.  B has NO problem with his cranial helmet and actually sleeps a little better!!  It’s been on his head for about 12 days and there has already been a huge change!  He wears his helmet 23 hours a day.  It comes off for one hour around dinner time.

I do miss kissing his head and the Hubs and I both load on the kisses as soon as the helmet comes off!

Health:  Happy and Healthy!!

Eating:  We’ve had some breast feeding struggles these last couple of weeks.  B is SOOO distracted and just wants to see EVERYTHING so long nursing sessions have turned into fast ones but he doesn’t appear like he is hungry and he is gaining weight.  He does LOVE eating and I love having him at the kitchen table with us for breakfast and dinner.  When B takes a bottle of pumped milk he takes about 6oz at a time. He doesn’t get distracted with the bottle like he does when I am nursing him.


Overall:  It’s so hard to believe that at the end of the month B will be 6 months old.  Sara is the best big sister ever and these two make quite a pair.  Looking forward to creating more memories with these two!



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  1. Lauren says:

    He’s so cute, Laura! We love those Hylands teething tablets too I’m impressed with the 6 oz he drinks–Sky did a maximum of 3 lol

  2. That little smile is to die for! He is so stinking cute =)
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