B’s 10 month update!

Since B is turning 1 at the end of next month I thought I would give you guys a little update since my last one!  I’m still slacking on the baby book.  My new goal is to print out these updates and out them in there.


Age:  10 MONTHS on 11/28!!

Height and Weight: No idea but this little guy loves his food and is growing every day


Clothing Size: 9 months some 12 months too.

Milestones:  More talking and babbling!  B also went from army crawling to getting up on all fours.  He’s standing, pulling to stand, pushing a walker to walk and walking while holding onto someone or furniture. Bottom line is that this guy loves to move!

Teeth:  He’s bottom 2 are in and he is cutting his top teeth now.

Likes: Playing games like peek-a-boo, crawling, standing, Wheels on the Bus, playing in the bath.  Books and being read to. Current favorites are the Hungry Caterpillar, and Oh the Places You Go (Baby Version.)

Dislikes:  His exersaucer or anything else that requires him staying put! He also does not like being kept during mealtime or eating mushy pureed food at home.

Sleep:  We did some sleep training again to drop the last feeding and B is now going to sleep between 6:15 and 6:30 and waking up between 6am and 6:45.  We often here him at 5am for a bit (sometimes longer) but we let him cry it out and he falls back to sleep. We don’t need to be starting our day with him at 5am!

Best Moment: Watching B move all over the place is exciting and scary!!  Can’t take you eyes off him for a second.  Thankfully, his big steer is awesome at playing with him and is often a second set of hands during dinnertime or when I am trying to get everyone out the door in the morning.  Also, love getting pretty solid sleep even though the middle of night nursing sessions were sweet!


Worst/Hardest Moment: Movement and B’s NO FEAR has made life harder!!  We have baby proofed various areas of the house but he needs to be watched all the time.  Sleep training kind of sucks but once you get past the 3rd night it’s BETTER and worth it.  B ran his first high fever this month over Thanksgiving and even though he was pretty happy he wasn’t 100% himself.

Health: 100% Healthy, Happy and AMAZING 🙂

Breastfeeding/Pumping:  10 months in and still going strong but I am counting the weeks until I can ditch the pump at one year!  B nurses great and while we have had our issues there are no complaints here.  I feel like the 1 year goal is going to happen and I am really excited about it!

Eating:  B will still do the pureed stuff that I make at daycare but won’t do it at home.  He’s 100% onto table food with us!  His favorites include sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, black beans, green beans, peas, broccoli and lentils.  We haven’t introduced meat since he is clearly getting plenty of protein from beans and eggs.  He also loves his yogurt.


Overall:  I can’t believe we are another month closer to his 1st birthday! B becomes more fun every day and he has the most amazing sense of humor… for a 10 month old 🙂 This next month includes B’s first airplane ride to Mexico which I hope will be a week full of fantastic family memories!!


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