A Very Productive and Fun Weekend. How Did You Use the Extra Hour?

Who else feels like that with the extra hour they were extra productive.  The truth is that we really all slept during that extra hour!  That was a truly a treat!  Let’s go back through the weekend before we hit yesterday!

Friday night was the circus.  Four is the PERFECT age!  It was a  very late night for Sara but worth every second.  Her face throughout the entire show was priceless and she hasn’t stop talking about the clown shows and the all the amazing acts we saw!  

Saturday the Hubs and I did something we haven’t done in YEARS.  We took a class together at the Y.  He’s been bugging me to take this full body conditioning class for months and since the weather is turning I finally agreed to it!  I must say it was fun to get an hour to workout together!  Love that Sara loves going to the kid zone at the Y!  Such a bonus for us!

We did some shopping and errands and then we got our second treat of the day!  My parents took Sara for the night and the Hubs and I got a date night!  Drinks/great food and  a great time!  Much needed for both of us!

Sunday morning we all slept in till about 6:45 new time which is 7:45 old time!  Truly a great way to start the day!  I got on the treadmill for a great 5 mile run.  I opted for an indoor run because I still have a bit of a cough and all of the water fountains are off!  It was a great decision and I felt amazing afterwards!

Sunday was filled with a family shopping trip to Whole Foods and LOADS of cooking and food prep, playing in the leaves and a total closet clean out and season turnover!  I felt unstoppable and I felt so productive!  It was great not to have any commitments on the calendar!


Image 2

The winner was this  peanut butter cookie cake that I made for dessert.  I’ve been trying out some new things for Thanksgiving and I think this is a winner!  The pumpkin stuffed energy balls were great too and will make a great snack this week but a bit too much prep work.  The hummus crusted chicken made for a fantastic Sunday night dinner and the massaged kale salad was lunch on Sunday and leftovers for today!

Needless to say by 8pm I was done and Sunday night was all about catching up on the DVR.  Hubs and I are still loving The Blacklist and Homeland has been so good!  Anyone else with me?

Tomorrow, I’ll finally post the recipe to the crock pot chick pea veggie soup I made last week!

Were you extra productive with the extra hour yesterday?



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3 Responses to A Very Productive and Fun Weekend. How Did You Use the Extra Hour?

  1. Ali Friduss says:

    Definitely not as productive as you yesterday….but loved not having any commitments on the calendar and made the most of the extra hour! Can’t wait for the fall recipes you are posting later this week! Happy Monday!

  2. Kim says:

    Yep – very productive with that extra hour (and I actually didn’t sleep in – not happening!). I love those days that have nothing on the calendar – a rarity and I try to take advantage around the house when that happens!
    Kim recently posted…Strength Days – Cardio Days – Combo DaysMy Profile

  3. Corinne says:

    I love extra hours for daylight savings – but alas in the southern hemisphere we didn’t have one this weekend. Looks like you were VERY productive with your weekend, and so nice that you go to sleep in for the extra hour to give you the energy to do it all 🙂
    Corinne recently posted…Trial Tuesday : Fine Fettle FlatsMy Profile

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