5 Tips for Fitting in Fitness with a Baby

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I gave birth to my daughter, Eleanor, five weeks ago, and getting back into fitness was a priority from the start. While so far my workouts have primarily consisted of stroller walks, I quickly learned that exercising with a newborn was no easy task. I had to learn my new baby while relearning my own body. I did, however, pick up on 5 tips for fitting in fitness with a baby:

1. Feed/Pump right before leaving the house

Leaks aren’t just for diapers my friends, and unless you plan on tripling up on sports bras, I cannot stress how important this tip is. Timing is everything with breastfeeding, so make sure you plan ahead with baby’s feedings. You’ll want to be as close to “empty” as possible before embarking on any kind of program.


Leaks happen – this is not a drill!

2. Have your recovery ready before you leave

We all recognize the wails of a hungry infant, but mama won’t be far behind if she’s not properly fed post-workout. Get your breakfast/lunch/snack ready BEFORE you leave the house while you actually have two hands to prepare something. I prefer morning workouts, so make-ahead oats are a staple in my house. If you’re an early riser like me, go ahead and set that coffee pot to auto-brew!

3. Leave the shower running

This may not be the most environmentally friendly tip, but I believe managing to get a comb through my hair does contribute to the greater good of society! Babies are soothed by white noise, so place your baby in their favorite bouncer/swing/car seat outside the shower. When you finish, leave the shower running to buy a little extra time to dry off, fix a ponytail, and find an outfit that isn’t milk stained.

4. Baby-proof your workout

People who claim babies have routines are liars… or grandmas. That being said, do your best to plan ahead for baby’s schedule so your workout doesn’t get derailed. If you’re bringing baby with you, make sure you have all your necessary supplies. Taking a run with a jogging stroller? Time your workout during the coolest part of the day and plan a shady route. It might be smart to mommy-proof too, and keep a lookout for the nearest bathroom!


Keepin’ it cool

5. Maximize your “mommy” time!

Let’s be honest, your “me” time is probably at an all-time low right now. Use your precious exercise time doing something you truly enjoy! You’ll look forward to your workouts and end your day feeling like one hot mama!

Do you have any advice for moms looking to get back into fitness? How do you manage to get out the door with a little one?


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  2. julie says:

    hhhhmmmm —- grandmas! enjoyed your post! : )

  3. Oh I love the leakage picture as I’ve totally been there! I jumped right back into fitness after my son was born and actually had a lot of problems producing milk because I was going too hard, too soon without enough calories. So my advice would be to make sure you are drinking a ton of water, eating enough calories and listening to your body 🙂

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