Friday Thoughts and Finds!

Happy Friday!  I apologize for going MIA for a couple of days!  Passover at the start of the week really just made me fall a bit behind and I by the time I would sit down at night I was just spent!  Lots going on this week including a mid week birthday party!  Something had to give!  I hope you will forgive me but if you follow me on Instagram you know that my week has been filled with lots of goodies in the mail which ultimately means more goodies for you!

In other news our weekend started yesterday afternoon!  Woo hoo for a much needed long weekend!!!

1) If you read my blog you know that I have participated various blog hops with Runaway Bridal Planner!

Shape Up For Summer Blog Hop 300x300 Friday Thoughts and Finds!

I’m excited to announce that I am going to Co-hosting the Shape Up for Summer Giveaway Bloghop from May 9th- May 25th.  Fellow bloggers, click on the link here to sign up!  For everyone else get excited for some amazing and awesome giveaway coming in a few short weeks!

2) I don’t have the best skin especially in the winter.  I envy those with perfect skin!  If I had the funds and the time I would go and get facials once a month but that’s not really an option!  I’ve always had that oily t-zone issue.  So I was thrilled to try outAdovia Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask on my face.  I’ve used it twice and love it!  My skin feels cleaner, clearer and tighter.  This stuff is great!

photo 31 e1397609001245 225x300 Friday Thoughts and Finds!


3) Amazing Grass sent me some of their products to try out for both Sara and I!  We each got fun bottles for our smoothies!

photo 41 300x225 Friday Thoughts and Finds!

Sara sampled and enjoyed the the Kidz Superfood! Talk about sneaking in veggies!  Kidz SuperFood Chocolate is a nutritional powerhouse that combines 31 rainbow colored fruits and vegetables in a delicious chocolate drink powder. One serving gives you the antioxidant equivalent of 3 servings of fruits and vegetables.

I got to sample the Raw Reserve Greens plus protein!  An AWESOME addition to my morning green smoothie with 100% raw greens and 14g of protein!

4) Chicago Vegan Foods sent me a little care package a few weeks ago and I apologize for taking so long to tell you about it!

photo 14 e1397683036865 225x300 Friday Thoughts and Finds!


For starters my daughter is a marshmallow lover and she gets it from yours truly.  Do you know what I used to do when I was in college after a few too many drinks?  I used to eat spoonfuls of marshmallow fluff and my favorite time of year was Peep time!  My high school boyfriend asked me to prom and did a scavenger hunt throughout the house.  Each clue had a box of peeps!  No joke!  My favorite way to eat them was to put them in a bowl and microwave them for 10 seconds!  YUMMY!

Anyways, Chicago Vegan Foods sent me some of their Dandies. Dandies contain to gluten, dairy, nuts, fat, or gelatin.  I had intentions of making something with them and I eventually I will be in the meantime Sara and I have been eating them here and there right out of the bag!

They also sent me some of their Teese to try out which is an awesome cheese alternative to all who are dairy free or vegan!  Teese melts and stretches, making it perfect for pizza, lasagna, quesadillas, or grilled Teese sandwiches.

5)  My friend and I are doing an OH SHE GLOWS COOKBOOK FEAST tomorrow night!  I can’t wait!  I had three of her dishes at Passover this week!  Nothing in her book has disappointed me and I know our full meal tomorrow night will be amazing!

photo3 e1395277106576 225x300 Friday Thoughts and Finds!

6)  I’m getting a haircut on Sunday!  Woo hoo!!  I can’t  wait!

7) Temps this weekend next week look pretty good!  I’m hoping to finally get a double digit run in tomorrow!  If only they would just turn on the darn water fountains around here!

So, now it’s your turn!  Tell me something exciting that you are doing this weekend or a new find that you are loving!

Disclaimer:  I received these products in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own. 

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Nak’d Gluten Free and Vegan Whole Food Bars Giveway

Happy Tuesday folks!  Last night was a spectacular night celebrating Passover.  I’m going to get right to the point!  About a month ago I learned about an awesome deal that Nak’d Bars was having from Erica over at Erica Finds! (side note that Erica is an awesome fellow Chicago blogger and runner and she always has awesome giveaways and deals on her blog!!) Anyways… I went ahead and purchased their sampler pack for $9.95 and no shipping!  My bars arrived in a matter of days and immediately we were all hooked!!  Last week they sent some more love for both Sara and I and even more to give away to all of you!!496 Nakd Gluten Free and Vegan Whole Food Bars Giveway

I loved the portable and smaller size!  Nak’d bars are excellent in between meals or post workout!  They are even better for happy little 4 year olds!

photo 23 e1397425646453 225x300 Nakd Gluten Free and Vegan Whole Food Bars Giveway

Sara loved all of the chocolate bars and the strawberry bars.  My absolute favorite is the Rhubarb and Custard!

Nak’d Bars are filled with simple wholesome ingredients. They are similar to LaraBars but many of the flavors are much different.  I loved the smaller sizes.

234 Nakd Gluten Free and Vegan Whole Food Bars Giveway


Nak’d Bars are going to be a part of Sara’s lunches this summer and fall!  My days of daycare providing wholesome meals are coming to a close and I am thrilled that I have found a bar that Sara loves that isn’t loaded with artificial sugars!

photo 13 e1397426009311 225x300 Nakd Gluten Free and Vegan Whole Food Bars Giveway

I highly suggest trying out one of their sampler packs.  The $9.95 deal will end at the end of this month!  You get 13 bars for that price!  Nak’d Bars also has FREE US Shipping!

I’m giving out a stash of Nak’d Bars to two winners!  Enter below for your chance to win!  Giveaway is open to US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was provided bars from Nak’d Whole Food Bars.  All opinions are my own

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All things Happy and Marvelous!

It’s Monday… It’s pretty darn cold and we’ve had a massive change of temps but I am talking about all things happy! Seems like a new Monday morning theme so I am linking up with one of my favorite bloggers Katie over at Healthy Diva Life for Marvelous in My Monday!

MiMM All things Happy and Marvelous!

These bad boys showed up at my door at the end of the week!

As a ZOOMA Ambassador  I get some awesome blogger perks!  In case you are looking for a great race don’t forget you can 10% off the ZOOMA Chicago Race on Saturday, August 2nd by using code CAMB7

We had an amazing Saturday.  I ran 7 miles outside and then had a photo shoot downtown for Exercise Connection.  More on that and some fun photos in the weeks to come.  Our afternoon was filled with all things outdoors!

photo1 e1397424161156 225x300 All things Happy and Marvelous!

Hubs and I had a fantastic date night on Saturday night.  The bonus was sitting outside for amazing food and drinks!!  It was fantastic  Food and drink were awesome!  It’s always fun to find a new suburban treasure!

Sunday early morning was filled with Passover prep and then a class at The Dailey Method.  The rest of the day was spent cooking and prepping for dinner tonight.  So much work but I love it!

The temps on Sunday morning started in the 70′s and then fell throughout the day to the 40′s.  Talk about drastic temp drop!  Rain followed and by dinner it was pretty gross!  Oh well, we had nice weather for a few days and I know that it will be back!  Did you get nice weather this weekend?

I’m hoping to get some longer double digit runs outside in the coming weeks!  I need to!  The Chicagoland 1/2 Marathon is 4 weeks from Sunday!

Today, I am thankful to be able to work from home most of the day so that I can finish getting ready for Passover dinner tonight!  I made quite a few recipes out of the Oh She Glows Cookbook!  Everything out of this book is amazing.  My friend and I text each other the recipes we make by the page numbers!  This weekend we are making an OSG meal from start to finish!  I can’t wait!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with an awesome giveaway from Nak’d Bars!!

Tell me something Marvelous about your weekend!!!

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Friday Finds and Thoughts!

Whoo hoo!!! It’s Friday.. .who want to high five me??  Anyone???  I’m excited!  Let’s do this folks.  I’ve got some great products to tell you about and notice that I am not limiting by thoughts today to just 5!!  Lots to chat about today.

1) cocogoboxes Friday Finds and Thoughts!

Have you guys heard about Cocogo?  It’s an awesome portable drink that makes hydration so tasty!

Cocogo is a new premium sports drink made with real fruit and coconut water in stick pack. It is the best tasting, best performance sports drink. It tastes better because it’s all-natural and isn’t overly sweet. Not only do people prefer the taste, they credit Cocogo for steady energy, no muscle cramps, being easy on the stomach, and preventing “the bonk.” And when you compare Cocogo to other sports drinks, you’ll see the proof. Cocogo offers the best balance of electrolytes, contains an ideal blend of sugars, and has seven essential vitamins.
Just the Grid 886x1024 Friday Finds and Thoughts!

The verdict?  Well I loved the raspberry passion fruit and Sara loved the lemon lime.  One packet in a bottle of water for her and she thought she was drinking lemonade!  Love it!!  Cocogo is going to a part of our summer hydration plans!!  As a mom, this is a GAME CHANGER! You can buy them on Amazon too!  Want a stronger flavor?  You can add more packets to your water.  Check out this chart to determine how much you need or want

2) Next up is Smooch snacks?  They are perfect portable Lip Smackingly Good fruit pouches.  A perfect combo of fruits with chia seeds.  The hubs and I loved them.  Sara wasn’t a fan of the chia seeds since they get pretty thick and gelatinous.  Great for snacks while you run, travel or on the go!

photo 2 Friday Finds and Thoughts!


3)photo 12 Friday Finds and Thoughts!

Nak’d bars are one of our new favorite go to bars!  They are the perfect size and make an awesome after school snack for Sara and are perfect for me when I am on the go in between meetings and trainings on a busy day.  Nak’d used to only in the UK but now they are available in the US.  I’ll have a giveaway for Nak’d bars soon but you can buy the same sampler pack that I bought online for just $9.95.  No shipping fees either!  It’s an awesome deal and a great way for you try these gluten free and vegan snack bars!!  The sampler pack comes with 13 bars!  It’s a pretty sweet deal and next week I’ll be giving some away!

4) Speaking of sweet here is a preview of another sweet giveaway that I am going to have shortly!  Sweet Riot is a great company that makes all natural sweet pieces of goodness.  It’s not just about their amazing chocolate either!  They have lots of great other portable snacks and treats!!  You’ll have a chance to win some of their great goodies too!

photo 22 e1396979556411 225x300 Friday Finds and Thoughts!

5) Next up is Cocomama!

 Friday Finds and Thoughts!

Cocomama is a quinoa based hot or anywhere kind of cereal.  The portable and single serving packs make these an awesome idea if you are traveling for a race, going on vacation or need fast and simple meal!

You can heat Cocomama or you can eat it right out of the packaging!  I liked it warm but I have a feeling once the summer temps start to rise I’ll be just as happy eating it right out of the package!

Cocomama has four unique and great flavors!

Banana Cinnamon

Honey Almond (my favorite!!)

Orange Cranberry 

Wild Blueberry

 Friday Finds and Thoughts!


6) Moving on from the “finds” I am so excited that is it finally light enough early in the morning to run!  Today marks the first mid week early morning run that I did!  Who else is enjoying sunrise runs or is ready to bring them back?

7) Passover starts Monday.  I think I am in denial as I haven’t done a thing and am hosting Monday night.  I’d better get to work!

8)  The hubs and I have a date night tomorrow and we are trying out this new restaurant.  Hopefully it’s another win in the suburban restaurant department!

9) Tomorrow, we are doing a photo shoot at Exercise Connection.  I’m excited for a full web re-design and the opportunity to feature some of our amazing exercise Champions!

10) Temps are supposed to reach the 70′s today (maybe) and pretty certain they are going to hit the 70′s tomorrow… yeah!!  I might really need to finally get my first pedicure of my season!!

That’s all I got for you today!  Have an awesome day.  What are you up to this weekend?

Disclosure:  I received samples from these companies and all opinions are my own

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Factor 75 Review and Coupon Code

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Allow me to introduce to you Factor 75!

logo e7cd88aba7b137f2cf79099044c8244b Factor 75 Review and Coupon CodeAccording to recent research, 75 percent of your fitness results come from what you eat. Factor 75 Meals are designed to deliver a perfect balance of nutrition and taste to enhance performance.

Available at participating health clubs and fitness centers, or delivered to your home or office, Factor 75 is as convenient as it is healthy.

Factor 75 is not a diet. We believe nutrition and healthy eating should improve your quality of life and be enjoyable. Our approach alleviates the hassles by taking care of planning, preparing and delivering your meals so you have more energy and more time to enjoy what matters to you most.

Factor 75 is about Performance Eating.

1 Factor 75 Review and Coupon Code

At Factor 75 meals are delivered cooked and ready to go right to your front door.

At Factor 75, meals are designed for all kinds of diets. Plus the menu is always changing!

Going back, about 12 plus years ago when I first entered the teaching world and was living alone in the city, my meal prep included picking up Lean Cuisines at my grocery store for lunches and dinners during the week.  Ever look at the ingredients on a frozen meal?  Terrible horrible and incredibly processed!  There is nothing Lean about any of those meals!

Factor 75 is all about some of those great meals and comfort foods but cooked with my healthier ingredients.  Factor 75 comes in two different sizes: Medium 300-450 ingredients and was the perfect size for me and large 500-650 calories which was more for the hubs!

Medium meals are $10.95, Large meals are $12.95. Breakfast and snacks vary in price.  Factor 75 meals are always fresh. If you don’t plan to consume them within 3-5 days, you can freeze them and reheat at anytime.

Read all the details about how it works here!

Factor 75 delivers within all of Illinois. OK, so don’t be too bummed if you don’t live in Illinois.  I had an awesome conversation yesterday with the awesome folks at Factor 75 who told me that within the next 6 months their goal is to have Factor 75 available across the US.  Other changes include more meals, family size portions and an awesome school  lunch program.

Last week for Taco night hubs and I each did pretty well!  (picture in the lower right corner) Veggie Burrito Bowl for me and  Meat Taco bowl for the hubs!

Diptic1 1024x1024 Factor 75 Review and Coupon Code

We each had our favorites!

For me is the was the Pasta Free Butternut Squash Lasagna

thumb factor  311 of 471  Factor 75 Review and Coupon Code

For the Hubs it was the simple Spaghetti Bolognese

thumb Spaghetti Bolognese 1 Factor 75 Review and Coupon Code

Factor 75 isn’t just about simple lunches and dinners… Sara and the Hubs also enjoyed their  peanut butter greek yogurt and granola!

thumb Peanut Butter Yogurt Factor 75 11183 011 Factor 75 Review and Coupon Code

Factor 75 will offer you one free meal when you order from them use the code FitRunningMama at the checkout and give them a try today!

Factor 75 strives to bring you fresh ingredients and tasty clean meals.  This is the perfect option for busy working mom’s and dad’s who don’t often have time to cook dinner when they get home.  Factor 75 is wholesome and after my conversations with them yesterday I know that this company is going to do some amazing things.  They have already partnered up with over 50 gyms in the city of Chicago.  I am so excited to watch this company grow and I highly suggest checking them out if you are in the area.  If not… no fear I will keep you posted as this company continues to grow!

Have you ever heard of Factor 75?  What do you do when there is no time for dinner or you are leaving your house for a girls night or other plans and the hubs needs dinner (this is often the case in our house.)

Disclaimer:  I was provided these meals from Factor 75.  All opinions are my own. 

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