What I will Miss Most about Maternity Leave

Oops sorry friends I didn’t mean to go missing last week.  Life kind of got busy.  I guess I say kind of because the weather was less then desirable and me and the little guy spent a couple of days in!  During my final days of maternity leave I was busy getting a bunch of things taken care of while he napped.  There wasn’t a whole lot to say so I was just quiet last week.

So here we are in my final few days of leave.  I go back Thursday and the Hubs starts his leave on Friday.

It’s been a marvelous 3 months and while the weather kept us inside for large chunks of it I have absolutely treasured my time with this little man.

For me, maternity leave was NOT about binge watching Netflix or even daytime television.  To be honest the TV was off most days.  Nap times were filled with laundry, dinner prep catching up on emails and other random tasks.

Aside from this guy, I will miss going from workout clothes to MORE workout clothes.

I’ll miss getting out the shower, not putting on make up and letting my hair air dry!

I’ll miss waking up with NO plans and a non existent TO DO list.

I’ll miss lunch dates with my mom.

I’ll miss cuddles, snuggles and loads of smiles


I’ll miss throwing random lunches together using ingredients from my fridge!


I’m not looking forward to lunch planning and packing but I being back at work means I won’t engage in mindless snacking!  Goodbye copious amounts of peanut butter!!


I’m also NOT looking forward to cleaning and prepping bottles and doing all the work that goes along with pumping.  The Hubs did ask me if I could leave my boobs at home next week to make life easier for him. Sweet huh :)

Of course 2am nursing sessions will still occur and I know that I am going to have to figure out early morning workouts and getting everything done in the day.  For me the runs and workouts are a must in order to feel good but sleep is also a big priority. I’m also a little worried about getting dinner on the table every night and getting the grocery shopping done too.  I suppose I need to get back into meal planning to make life easier!

Change is hard and this is going to be new change for about 5 weeks.  It’s not so bad because come mid June it’s summer and we are all off together!

To all my mamas out there how did you deal with the change of going back to work.  Any advice?



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Lazy Sunday… What?!!?

Remember the concept of Lazy Sundays or even the idea of lazy Sunday mornings?  I vaguely remember it.  I was living in the city, the Hubs and I were dating.  We would get out bed find a yummy brunch place and enjoy breakfast together and if it was nice, walk for miles upon miles.  Sunday were always for doing nothing!  Even in college, Sunday was for recovering from a weekend of partying.  I LOVED Sundays!

Even as we “matured”  Sundays became about making yummy dinners, having large groups of friends over to our small studio apartments and watching Sunday night TV!  Sundays were the BEST!

Now, Sunday’s and even Saturday’s are crazier and busier then the week.  Whoever invented the concept of Lazy Sundays clearly did not have kids!  I’m not complaining though… just stating the facts.

We run all weekend long.  I rarely open my computer, I barely even sit down until the kids are asleep and by that point I am too exhausted to keep my eyes open.  Case and point, the Hubs and I were in bed Saturday night at 8:45pm. #wildandcrazy

On Sunday morning I was up at after a 5:45am feeding for Ben.  I then had to pump and start my day.  We were having friends over for brunch which has always been my favorite meal.  However, I had work to get done while the little guy slept.  Sara of course was rearing to go at 6:30am!

Each time I got something accomplished yesterday morning I added one more task to my mental list of things to get done.  I tell you, it never ends.

Our weekend was great though.  I even had the most spectacular run on Saturday morning, which might have contributed to the 8:45 bedtime on Saturday night.


My one break and treat to myself on Sunday was one of these.  I gave them up during pregnancy and wow, I forgot how great these are.


Thankfully, for a short period of time the little man enjoyed watching some baseball with his dad while Sara played happily with a friend downstairs.


 Oh and look, the Hubs got a lesson in baby wearing in preparation for his leave from work.

IMG_3151.JPGSo tell me, do you believe the concept of “Lazy Sundays” Exist?  When the last time you had a lazy Sunday?  What do you do this weekend?

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Airbone Immune Support Multivitamin Review and #Giveaway #AirborneHealth

How do you stay healthy?  For me, it’s all about good diet and exercise!  Eating right makes me feel good and I love a good sweat.  Plus when I do all these things I am WAY less stressed!!  Airborne Everyday  is a great addition your every day healthy lives!

Taking care of our health and our bodies is so important!

Truth: Sometimes we all get a little busy and forget about this!  Our bodies don’t get enough sleep (yeah, that’s a big one in our house right now) and we have everyday stressors which affect our bodies!

Introducing Airborne Everyday®.


Since I am nursing I am still taking my prenatal vitamin, but the Hubs has been taking Airborne Everyday® for a couple of weeks and he really likes them.

Airborne ® Everyday TM is designed to be part of your every day healthy habits routine. By taking just two Everyday TM gummies or chews you’re on your way to supporting your immune system!


I have been nagging on the Hubs to take a multivitamin for YEARS!  However, each morning he has remembered to take his Airborne Everyday!   What’s great is that you have your multivitamin with the daily dose of immunity support.  No need to take multiple pills!  The truth is no matter how healthy we all are, an added dose of immune support is something we can all need.  

Are you interested in trying some Airborne ® Everyday TM?  Tell me how you stay healthy and how you keep you immunity up!  How can Airborne help you?  Enter below with your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was provided Airborne ® Everyday vitamins and compensated for this post. However, all opinions are our own.


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Currently… Spring Edition

March went by in a blink of an eye and I forgot to do a “Currently.” Post so here we are mid April ALREADY and it’s time to do another one!  Can you believe we are more then 1/2 way done with April? Last time I did one, B was just about a month old!!


Reading: FAI!.  The only thing I am reading these days is blogs, various articles that I see posted on Facebook or books with B and Sara!  Time to read?  I don’t think so… maybe one day!

Running: YES YES YES!  Bring it on!  I’m running on my treadmill and outside and I am SOOO Happy! It’s tricky to find the right time because I have to coordinate it with B’s feeding schedule but no complaints!  It feels amazing to really sweat!!

Non-Running Workout: Now that it’s nice out B and I have taken LOTS of outdoor walks.  Plus, when the Hubs starts his leave in a few weeks I am eyeing my return to The Dailey Method!!  I’ve already been in contact with the owner since I had an unfinished package and can’t wait to get back to the barre!

Excitement: Spring, Summer, Flowers.. you name it!  I am so excited to see all the right signs every single day!

Garden Item: The landscapers were here last week doing a spring cleanup.  They de-weeded our garden which was totally unexpected but so nice!!  I can’t wait to plant herbs and a few veggies!!  We usually do our planting around Mother’s Day!

TV: Not much except the Hubs and pretty much have a standing date on Monday at 8pm to watch The Following.  Sure we set our DVR for it but quite honestly in the 3 seasons it has been on, I don’t think we have missed a week.  It’s so good and so freaking suspenseful.  Each season I wonder how they are going to make it better or expand on the storyline but they are doing it again!!

Kitchen Gadget: My crockpot and my zucchini noodler.  I have been making LOADS of Zoodles!  I love it!!


Not-So-Healthy-Indulgence: You guys,I told you about it before but So Delicious Cashew Ice Cream is seriously AMAZING!!  Each flavor is awesome!!  My favs are the Snickerdoodle (because he don’t love ice-cream with chunks of snickerdoodle cookie dough) and Salted Carmel!  You can find all of these flavors in Whole Foods!!


Healthy Indulgence:  I’m loving all things veggies!!  I made this for dinner last night!!  It was amazing!  Talk about hiding the veggies! I served it over zoodles and some quinoa pasta and even extra kale and spinach for myself!!  Hello veggie heaven and my house smelled AMAZING plus everyone enjoyed the sauce and I stuck a big batch of it in the freezer!

Mood: I’m running… it’s springtime and all things are blooming plus I get to spend the weekend with my family and these two cuties!



YOUR TURN! Pick something in this post and tell me about you!

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WIAW: Day in the Life

Happy Wednesday!  It’s been a few weeks since I did a WIAW and since Ben is now 11 weeks old I figured I would attempt to do another Day in the Life Version!  However, yesterday was so crazy so you’ll have to excuse my lack of details in the afternoon!


1:30am: up to feed Ben. He’s been out since 7pm… No complaints here!  I nurse him for 20 minutes and he’s back down without an issue!

5:05am. Ben’s up for a quick feed!

5:20am Pump

5:45am Hit the basement! Run 3.1 miles and then arms and core for 15 minutes with weights and bands.

6:45am Shower and get dressed for the day!  Sara gets up and the Hubs helps get her ready.

7:10 Finally breakfast!  I’m STARVING.  Overnight buckwheat oats that we have all been eating this week!  I add cashew butter and cinnamon!  Plus a big cup of my homemade almond milk latte with of course more cinnamon!  I love cinnamon!

7:40 Ben’s up! Feed/change/play! Watching these two is the best part of my day!

8:20 Walk Sara to school and run a couple of errands. Ben falls asleep on the walk home.

9:40 get back home just as Ben is waking up. Like clockwork, the first nap is always about 40 minutes these days.

9:40 Feed Ben and play for a bit

10:15 Decide to do a Costco run! Love how big the carts are!

I’m happy that he is so portable!

11:00 Get home and unload B! He has fallen asleep and I place him in the living room while I unload and make a much needed snack!!

Organic strawberries and almond butter! Two of my Costco purchases… plus more cinnamon! I love that organic strawberries are back! It’s a sign that summer is coming!!

11:30 I decide to make a quick lunch since I know the rest of the day is craziness!  I’m so thankful that B is so portable right now!  I know it’s not forever but I’ll take it?

I’ve been cleaning out the freezer and enjoying the last of the soup stash!

I finish just as B wakes up!! Perfect timing my friend!!

12:15 I feed B and the Hubs comes and grabs us!  He has already picked Sara up from school early.  He’s getting an award for his excellence in teaching :)

1:00 We are all at the award ceremony for together!!  So proud of


The rest of the day kind of is a blur.  After the award ceremony we went to play a condolence call.

We got back home around 4:30pm and enjoyed some time outside!  We are loving spring weather!


5:30pm The Hubs was gone for the night so it was myself and the kids!  Dinner was on the fly but it was delicious!



Zoodles and broccoli over sprouted red rice in a madras sauce with a little coconut milk!  YUM!  I get to make meals like this for myself when I’m cooking for one :)

After dinner is go go go!  Shower/bath for both kids… books.. playtime and cuddles!

B was down for the night by 7:15 and Sara was in bed by 7:30!  I rewarded myself with some Peace and Calming essential oil in the diffuser, total silence while I finished up this post and of course…


A crazy day to say the least but a fantastic one!!

Happy Wednesday!  How was your day?

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