Currently: May

It’s the Friday before Memorial Day… the UNOFFICIAL Kick off to summer!  You wouldn’t really know it though after it felt like November for a few days this week!!

Time for another edition of “Currently…”

Reading: I should probably just do away with this topic.  I don’t ever get a chance to read beyond blog reading and my 2am iPad reading sessions when I am feeding B.  In all seriousness, I do catch up on current events and blogs at 2am.  What else is there to do?!

Running: I’ve kicked up my mileage and my speed this month!  My RunKeeper app helps me monitor how fast and how long I am running!   All of the water fountains are back on around here and I’ve had some truly spectacular sunrise runs.


Non-Running Workout: I’ve welcomed The Dailey Method back into my life and I am SOOO happy!  I love being back at the barre and it’s so much fun seeing all of the familiar faces.   Love feeling that barre burn.

Excitement: Is it weird that I am excited about starting The 30 Clean on June 1?  In other news, B’s has been napping has been better.  We were dealing with a minor sleep regression for the last couple of weeks and we made a change in our swaddles and things have become a lot better!  Though I know nothing lasts forever good or bad in the world of newborn sleep!

In other excitement… it’s almost June!  Sara will finish Kindergarten on her 6th birthday!! The little lady is quite excited about all of the upcoming celebrations!

Garden Item:  My garden is growing!  I forgot to snap pics but the basil is looking good so are my bean plants!

TV: I just looked at my calendar and realized the new season of Orange is the New Black comes back in a few weeks!!  Sooo excited!  Spring TV is pretty much over so it’s time to get back on Netflix!  Who else is going to binge watch Orange?

Kitchen Gadget:  Well that’s easy…


Not-So-Healthy-Indulgence: As mentioned in previous months I’ve been known to go a bit overboard on the nut butters….

recycled pic... but you get the picture...

recycled pic… but you get the picture…

Healthy Indulgence:  When I ran to Whole Foods this week to get a few things I was so excited to see these on sale!  Obviously I needed to buy 12 to get the extra 10% off in addition to the already discounted price… They were just calling my name!


Mood: We are all pretty happy over here!!  The Hubs has been enjoying his time with B and I am happy to be back at work!!  Plus, at the end of the day I always make sure to get lots of playing time in with these two!  Seeing these two together brings me nothing but pure happiness.  Well worth the wait!



YOUR TURN! Pick something in this post and tell me about you!  What are you doing this holiday weekend?

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My journey into Essential Oils 

For just over two months I have been experimenting and LOVING Young Living Essential Oils!

IMG_2817.JPGI started with the starter kit and from there my love for oils only grew as I found ways for it to help everyone in my family.


Over the last couple of months I have created creams, lotions, soaps sprays… you name it using my oils and it has replaced so many things in our medicine cabinet.  There really is an oil for everything and while the Hubs was TOTALLY skeptical of all this “witch doctor business” as he called it, I have even found an oil that makes us sleep AMAZING and has stopped his snoring!

This stuff knocks us out!  No more snoring from the Hubs either!  Just a drop on our toes before bed!

This stuff knocks us out! No more snoring from the Hubs either! Just a drop on our toes before bed!

When there was a lice outbreak at Sara’s school last month I created a spray using my oils that I sprayed on her every morning before she left for the day!  We had a run in with lice last August!  Such a nightmare!!!  There are truly countless ways that we have found to use them!  Plus, I love that they have a special kids line!  Truth, I used TummyGize on Sunday when I wasn’t feeling too good on myself and felt relief within 10 minutes!

Sometimes I struggle to believe that this stuff actually works but my friends it does and I have become a believer!


I love my diffuser too!!  I love putting various scents in them at different times of the day!  Scents before bed to mellow us out.  Scents when there is sickness going around to help keep the air clean!  And scents first thing in the morning to help wake us up and get us going!!  I am truly an Essential Oil Fan!!  Pinterest and various Young Living Facebook Groups have helped me gain knowledge and understanding on using these amazing powerful oils!



I have transitioned the soaps out of my house and now make a soap that has added anti bacterial elements too it.  You can’t beat the smell of Thieves and all the good things it does.

Last Sunday, Sara woke up all congested and coughing.  I diffused some Thieves in my amazing diffuser and rubbed another kind of oil on her chest!  Her coughing ceased IMMEDIATELY.

I finally got around to making an allergy trio and blend for all of us as allergy season is hitting Sara and the Hubs pretty hard!


I truly could go on and on about how we are using them but this post would just get TOO long!  It’s important to know that Young Living it truly the best and that not all essential oils are created equal!  I’ll save that for another time but I’ve got a friend guest posting next week to share more information and do a giveaway!

So tell me, have you ever heard of Young Living?  Dabble in essential oils?  Would love to hear from you on your experiences!

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#MIMM: Weekend Highlights and My Return to The 30 Clean

The Happiest of Monday to all of you!!

Did you have a marvelous weekend!  We had some summer like temps and had a great time playing outside.  Sara knows how to get herself set up for ultimate relaxation as this is what I found on Friday after school after I put B down for a nap.


I got a great Saturday morning run in which spurred my decision to sign up again for the next round of The 30 Clean!


I’ve been toying with the idea for a couple of months but just wasn’t ready to make the full commitment.  The timing of the clean challenge kicks of June 1 which is after our weddings this month.  More then 1/2 of the month will be during summer vacation so hopefully the prep factor will be easy!  The Hubs has even talked about hopping on board to join me.

The 30 has a plan if your are pregnant/nursing or working out at a high intensity and since I am nursing and running anywhere from 10-20 miles a week I’ll just get some added calories though the mini meals!


Last year I did the 30 Clean during the month of May and it was just about two weeks after the challenge finished that I found out I was pregnant with B.  Who knows if it was a coincidence or the fact that I truly ate clean with no cheating.  Whatever it was, I’m ready to get clean again am excited about bringing some of my favorite 30 Clean foods back in my house!!  I’m already loving my zoodles with my toy!  Let me know if anyone wants to join me!  It’s truly SOOO doable and the online support is amazing!  I think the Hubs is even going to give up sugar and dairy with me!!


The Hubs and I had our first night out Saturday! Sara jumped in on the photo before we headed out for the nights!


This might be one of my favorite pics from the weekend form Sara’s soccer game!


The girl has a fierce look on her face while dad coaches the girls and gives them words of wisdom!

Sunday was a lazy day for all of us which was really needed!  Time spent home, taking walks and of course some good ole fashion tummy time!


I can’t believe how big this guy is getting!

Tell me how your weekend was!?!

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Fun Friday Facts!!

Happy Friday!

I’m a little late this morning but it’s been a busy week!!  The new balance of working, blogging and being mom has made blogging take a back seat. I’m sure you all understand!

1) There is something about a Friday morning run that just feels so flipping amazing!!  We had cruddy weather early in the week and I was back on the mill!  This morning my run felt A-MAZ-ING!!!


2) I am BEYOND excited to be an Ambassador for Simple Squares.  I’ve been hooked from the start!  Their amazing short and clean ingredient list makes these wonderful bars a perfect on the go snack!  Plus, everyone in the family has their own favorite!!!  This Chicago based company ROCKS!!!


3) I’ve been going through old videos this week at night when the kids are in bed!  The Hubs and I have been laughing and crying all at once!!  Right now they are sitting in my iPhoto in a file.  I need to come up with some kind of way to organize them!!

4)  The Hubs and I have a wedding tomorrow night!  It’s the first time that we are leaving both kids!  While I am not excited about figuring out a time to pump at the wedding I am excited to get out for a much needed night of dinner, drinks and dancing!  We certainly need it!

5) My little guy seriously will not nap for more then 50 minutes.  It’s as though he has some kind of alarm on his body.  Nights are still good but I wish he napped longer.  Anyone have tips??


6)  I’m working on a post to share with all of you about my journey with Young Living and Essential Oils.  I mentioned awhile ago that I bought the starter kit and since they my oils have grown and so has my love for them.  We use them DAILY!!  Does anyone else!??!


7) Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend!!?  What?!  How did that happen.

8)  Since being back at work everyone is in summer countdown mode.  It’s odd because I just got back but I’m not complaining!!  Just a few more weeks to go!  I’m just looking for consistent nice weather!

9)  I found this great pic of the Hubs when he was two years old.  It’s probably one of my favorite pics of him!  Makes me wonder what B will look like when he is two!


10)  Look who found himself in the mirror this week!


11) That’s all I’ve got!  Have a fantastic and wonderful weekend everyone!


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Weekend Highlights

Monday AGAIN!!!  The weekend went by WAY too FAST!!  It was awesome!!!  We had marvelous weather on Friday again!

B was psyched about it!



Until, some crazy late afternoon storms rolled in and then we said goodbye to sunshine and warm temps.  It didn’t put a damper on the mother/daughter event we had at Sara’s school on Friday night!

IMG_3333.JPGSo cute and so much fun and I am not at all ashamed of my lack of painting skills!   My 5 year old is better then me and that’s just the way it’s going to be!  We had a blast and had lots of laughs and enjoyed our girl time.

I also got back to the barre this weekend!  TWICE!!  Once on Friday and again yesterday!!

IMG_3314.JPGI am sore in SO many places!!!  It’s the good kind of sore but man was class SOOO hard!!  I’m aiming to get back to my Dailey Method classes two times a week!!  I need it!!!

My friend and I made these Saturday night!!



We’ve always wanted to try making spring rolls and these were awesome!!  Plus, I now know how easy is it to make spring rolls!  Delish and they are so pretty!

Dessert was pretty amazing too!


Daiya has a NEW gluten free, dairy free, soy free line of cheezecakes and it was very tasty, creamy and as someone who loves cheesecake I have to tell you that they really taste like the real thing!!  You can find them at Whole Foods!!

Mother’s Day was spent with my family and friends!!  The best part was that I enjoyed yummy amazing food all day and didn’t have to cook at all!!  Such a nice treat! I also got a beautiful new piece of jewelry!

IMG_3351.JPGA perfect necklace of my two favorite kiddos!

So tell me, how was your Mother’s Day!  Did you cook, go out??






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