Truth…  Monday posts have been so challenging to write lately.


The truth…I’m spent by the time Sara goes to bed and I all I want to do is lay on the couch and fall asleep.

We’ve been having some amazing weather here… no joke it’s been a dream.  It’s been consistently in the mid to upper 70’s with plenty of sunny skies!  The leaves are starting to fall and turn colors.  It’s freaking amazing!

In addition to the amazing weather we are having I had a wonderful run this weekend too!

IMG 1453 768x1024 Truth....


Funny that my bump looks like a fannie pack! Right?!?!

We spent the weekend playing and jumping around…

IMG 1449 768x1024 Truth.... IMG 1450 225x300 Truth....

A couple more things on my mind these days….

I can’t believe that October is this week.  Where is the time going?  If this weather sticks around for awhile longer will all continue to be very happy!

I’m celebrating my birthday on Friday and in our house we tend to make celebrations a week-long.  For very good reason this year too… Sara has promised that this week will be a “whine” and “sass” free.  Now that is a birthday present I will gladly take.

Truth… I enjoy my birthday week or month because of all of the emails and coupons I get in the mail.  Lots of fun shopping and free dinners this month which is probably a testament to the number of random emails and groups that I have signed up for over the years!  Does anyone else do that?

Truth… we are starting to look at minivans… EEK… I swear I would never own one of those, but it seems that it may be the most practical car to own now that Sara is older and we are doing more carpooling once baby #2 comes.  They are just so freaking big and long!!!

Truth… I could eat soup every day and pretty much plan to this week for lunch!  Yesterday I put this in the crockpot added chickpeas.  It was dinner and lunch for the week!

Truth… I’m loving that fall TV is back!  I think I am going to watch Parenthood with a box of tissues every week.  Darn show gets me every time!!

And… that’s all I’ve got… time for me for enjoy the reminder of my Sunday night!

What did you do this weekend?

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20 Week Bump Update and WINNERS!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

I took yesterday off to enjoy the Jewish New Year with the family and we had a blast.  The lateness on this post is due to the food coma and exhaustion that occurred after dinner last night!

I figured since I am officially 20 weeks today I would do my first baby/bump update.  For years I’ve been reading them on other wonderful blogs that I follow and it’s hard to believe that I’m actually writing one now!

How far along: 20 weeks

IMG 1410 768x1024 20 Week Bump Update and WINNERS!!!

Total weight gain: Not totally sure– I lost about 5 pounds in the first trimester and put all that back on plus another 4-6 pounds  I’ll know a little more when I head to the doctor next week.

Maternity clothes: I’m wearing maternity jeans, leggings (my favorite) and pants.  Tops are lots of open long sweaters and a couple of maternity tanks.  Whenever I can I wear dresses.  I’m really lucky that I have some amazing friends that are loaning me some great clothes since most of my stuff from 6 years ago is outdated or doesn’t fit right.

Sleep:  Pretty good!  I get up once to go the bathroom and thankfully the first trimester insomnia has passed.  In the beginning I was up most nights from 2-4:30am!  During the week I am in bed most nights by 9pm and often fall asleep on the couch before that.

Miss anything: While it feels good to be running again I miss running fast!  I’ve slowed down a ton and take plenty of walking breaks.  There are often mornings when all I do is walk.

Movement: Yes!!  All the time!  The hubs felt one kick a few days ago too.

Food cravings: Apples, hardboiled eggs, celery, nut butter, cheese and carbs!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Fish, chicken and most meat.  I am finding ways to sneak in grass fed beef or bison into my diet once or twice a week.  I also can’t look at a green smoothie either icon sad 20 Week Bump Update and WINNERS!!!

Have you started to show yet: Yes!  I felt like I started to show at 10 weeks but it’s now gone from questionable to a real baby bump!

IMG 1418 765x1024 20 Week Bump Update and WINNERS!!!

Gender: Nope!  We are waiting to find out!  We did the same with Sara.  There are few surprises in life and this is one of them!

Wedding rings on or off: On

Looking forward to:  My ultrasound next week and more movement that both the Hubs and Sara can feel on a regular basis!


Now onto the winners from last weeks giveaway!  I’m sorry I dropped the ball on this one!

The winners of the KREMA peanut butter giveaway are:  Marinna Ballard and Scarlett Helfand!

The Applegate HALF TIME winner is Virgina Mugerdichian Rowell

Congrats!  Be on the lookout for an email from me!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  We are experiencing some incredible weather here and it’s going to stick around well into next week!  Yeah for an amazing start to fall!

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WIAW: Finding a balance… kind of…

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have done a WIAW so I thought I would do one today.  As you know I still struggle with some food issues and aversions in this pregnancy.  Basically, I can’t do chicken or fish and the idea of any kind of “green” smoothie sends me running!  I am working on getting in grass fed meat 1-2 times a week per doctors suggestion.  My biggest cravings are carbs and cheese!!  So here is a glimpse in the food that I ate yesterday… no judgement… right??!  It’s all about balance!

wiawphotobutton WIAW: Finding a balance... kind of...

I had an awesome 3 1/2 mile run in the morning on my treadmill.  I’m loving the energy that I have to get a good sweat.  Post run was this pumpkin “bowl”

IMG 1396 2 768x1024 WIAW: Finding a balance... kind of...


Right, so what is in there you ask?  Well greek yogurt, a paleo pumpkin muffin and some good ole plain pumpkin.  It’s kind of a mish mosh but soo tasty!  Have you started eating pumpkin yet?

I had a meeting in the morning and in between meeting 1 and 2 I had a Go Macro Bar.  Keep in mind I am working on upping my protein these days since the doctors suggested a high protein diet during my pregnancy.

IMG 1397 2 225x300 WIAW: Finding a balance... kind of...

Once I got back to my office it was a quick lunch before the afternoon meetings began.

IMG 1398 2 225x300 WIAW: Finding a balance... kind of... IMG 1399 2 225x300 WIAW: Finding a balance... kind of...

Two hardboiled eggs (a huge love of mine in this pregnancy) and a bowl of crock pot veggie quinoa soup that I made over the weekend!

Around 3pm I had a huge craving for licorice.  I haven’t had licorice in a very long time and for the most part I haven’t craved a ton of sweets in this pregnancy but I’ve been having this craving for a few days and it wasn’t going away so before my 4pm meeting I made quick stop at Trader Joes and gave in to the craving.  I followed it up with an apple… because hey… it’s all about balance right!??!  I did NOT eat all that licorice pictured that was a snap shot of the container but I did have a fair amount which later resulted in heartburn and a tummy ache.  Story of my life these days!

IMG 1401 1 225x300 WIAW: Finding a balance... kind of... IMG 1402 1 225x300 WIAW: Finding a balance... kind of...

I also spotted THIS at Trader Joes but I didn’t buy because I wasn’t going home!

IMG 1400 1 225x300 WIAW: Finding a balance... kind of...

Yippee for another true sign of fall!  Brussels sprouts are back in season!!  Don’t get me wrong, I will eat them all year but now is the time when they are the best!  I’ll surely be back for a stalk of those SOON!!

After a long late afternoon meeting I met the Hubs and Sara for a quick dinner out.  Salad and a roasted veggie flatbread hit the spot!  Both had a goat cheese (another major LOVE of mine!)

IMG 1403 1 768x1024 WIAW: Finding a balance... kind of...

Not pictured is the 1/2 dozen Tums I consumed throughout the day and the massive amounts of ice water (another big pregnancy craving of mine!)

So there you have it… eats for a day– random?  Yes… Strange.. maybe?  I mean it’s not like I am eating pickles and ice cream!!  Right?  By the way, pickles is one of the few things that I have always hated!!  I will never be that pregnant girl eating pickles… I PROMISE!!

Did you have any weird food cravings in your pregnancy?

Who’s ready for brussels sprout season??!?

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ASICS GEL-Persue Review

Before I get started in talking about these awesome new shoes that I have been using for about a month I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read and comment on our story yesterday.  It was clearly the hardest post I had ever written and one I wrote quite some time ago that just sat in my draft folder!  In any ever we are so excited about our miracle coming early next year!

Now onto one of my addictions and loves… running shoes!  The Hubs and I are often having conversations about the amount of pairs that I have but I’m sure many of you agree that you just can’t have ONE pair of running shoes!!  Right!??!  Don’t get me wrong, I do recycle and get rid of them but I do have quite collection.

In my running “life”  I have gone from running only in Adidas to expanding to Mizzuno and now I have found a new love!!

Introducing the new GEL-Pursue™ designed for the neutral runner who desires a more responsive ride. Engineered with technical features like Guidance Trusstic™ and Guidance Line® to provide a smooth ride and superior comfort. The Heel Clutching System™ and Discrete Eyelet construction hugs the foot while the sleek FluidRide™ midsole allows runners to hug the road. Sure to delight mild underpronators to mild overpronators over any distance.

The ASICS Gel-Persue have been amazing!!  I was given the chance to try them out and they did not disappoint! They are incredibly light weight and it took no time at all to break in!  I always seem to get at least one blister at some point in the initial break in and this was NOT the case the ASICS.  Having never run in ASICS before I didn’t know what to expect but have been blown away!!  IMG 1395 ASICS GEL Persue Review I’ve taken them out on long walks, runs both inside and outside and they are just so comfortable!

IMG 1228 0 1024x1024 ASICS GEL Persue Review  ASICS GEL-Pursue has been awarded “Best Debut Shoe” this month in the Shoe Guide issue of Runner’s World. Here’s what Runner’s World had to say about the GEL-Pursue,

“A new shoe from ASICS delivering equal parts cushioning and stability in a package that rides slightly lower to the ground. The Pursue™ delivers a good dose of stability via a segmented crash pad in the heel and a plastic shank in the midfoot.”

As someone who runs in a neutral shoe the Pursue was perfect!!  Even with a growing belly I felt stable on my feet and great when I run!

I am excited that I will be able to continue to  use these shoes throughout my pregnancy and hope to continue to run and jog as long as I can!!


Disclaimer:  I was provided these shoes from ASICS in exchange for a review.   All opinions are my own. 


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Our Story and Our Struggles: Our Pregnancy Journey

Disclaimer:  This post is going to be a long one!  Probably the longest post I have ever written!

I know that I haven’t written much since making the big announcement about our pregnancy last month.  Don’t get me wrong, we are very excited but it’s been quite the journey….

Now, it’s time for me to real and open up about our fertility struggles and journey.

There are many bloggers who are open and honest and so brave about their fertility struggles but I was never one of them.  I was always in awe of so many of you but I couldn’t open up that way… until now.

Let’s go back about 6 years ago…

The Hubs and I got married in August of 2008.  After our honeymoon I went off the pill because I had been on it since I was 14.  I had a fair share of ovarian cysts and some minor stuff but nothing major.  In any event we started “trying”  right away because who knew how long it would take.  Well, it took no time at all and we were pregnant immediately. Married in August and pregnant in October!

My pregnancy with Sara was pretty normal.  Around the 26th week my OB mentioned that she was measuring a bit small and it could be because the Hubs and I were just small people.  I had extra ultrasounds and at my 37 week appointment I was told that it was time for her to come out!  It was slightly stressful because we weren’t prepared for the baby but with the help of family it all worked out!

IMG 1030 1024x768 Our Story and Our Struggles: Our Pregnancy Journey

Sara was born on June, 11 2009 at 37 weeks weighting 4 pounds 2 oz and 17 inches.  She was tiny but  totally fine!  Despite some lactation consultants telling me she would never nurse normally because of her size she was an eating champ.  Sara came home after 2 nights in the hospital at 3 lbs 13oz!  She packed on the weight fast like the doctors said she would.  At her first birthday she was over 21lbs.  To this day she remains “tall”  and very healthy!

The doctors mentioned the term IUGR which means Interuterine Growth Restriction.  Basically they found a tiny little blood clot in my placenta which caused her to be small.  They said that for future children I would simply take a baby aspirin and be fine.

Fast forward to when Sara was about 18 months we began thinking and planning for #2. We didn’t have to think long because in January of 2011 I had a SURPRISE positive pregnancy test.  I didn’t make it past 5 1/2 weeks and had what the doctors called a chemical pregnancy.  We were sad but were told it happens.  A couple of months later we tried  again and no surprise we got pregnant that month.  When we went in for our 8 week check up things were not right.  We had a very slow heart beat and a baby measuring a week behind.  Two days later I was re-checked and the heartbeat was gone.  We had a D and C that day.

Several weeks after my D and C my body felt off and sure enough we learned that there was retained tissue from the D and C we needed another one.

In effort to move this story along the back to back D and C’s left me with scar tissue and a need for another surgery!  This all took place during the summer of 2011.

We started with a fertility doctor that summer as well who did a full workup and really found nothing remarkable.  Of course my cycles were all messed up now from all the surgeries.

In the summer of 2011 we began a nearly 15 month journey of meds, IUI and IVF.  Drug after drug and treatment after treatment left me with negative pregnancy tests.  It was a whole NEW problem.  I started with the doctor because I couldn’t stay pregnant and now I couldn’t get pregnant.

After a second failed IVF treatment in August of 2012 we decided to stop all drugs and get “clean.”  I let my body detox from the drugs and return to a normal state.  During the last week of 2012 we got pregnant. It was somewhat natural.  I was on some supportive meds.  I was monitored closely and things were “great.”  We heard the heartbeat right on schedule around 6 1/2 weeks and all was good!  Then one week later at a routine scan it was gone.

We were crushed and heartbroken.  This time around I opted to take pills to get things out on my own and that worked fine until 2 months later when they found some retained tissue and I needed yet another surgery to clean things up.

Doctors at this point were saying it was a uterine defect issue.  We couldn’t get my lining thick and it was causing implantation issues.  We took a long break in 2013 from January until the fall when we got pregnant again.  This time again somewhat naturally but I was on baby aspirin, lovenox and some random meds.  While I had no diagnosed clotting disorder, the doctors believed it was a blood flow to the uterus issue because even the highest dose of hormones couldn’t thicken up my lining.

Last September we got pregnant again.  We stopped celebrating because I was always living in fear.  I had my fertility doctor and a high risk doctor watching me and things were fine in the early weeks.  However, once again around 6 1/2 weeks things went sour.  The heart beat was slow it never got up to where it needed to be and ultimately we needed to wait a painful week and a half for it to stop beating so could move on.

I opted for a D and C because we were done!  I couldn’t take it anymore.  We were ready to close the book and be thankful and grateful for our one miracle.  So in October of 2013 I had what I knew had to be my final and last D and C!

We started giving our baby stuff away and donating what we could.  We made peace with the process and knew that we tried everything.  Doctors always told me I would be an ideal candidate for surrogacy because the fees were outrageous!

Last spring the Hubs and I started talking about adoption.  We began the research process and found a private attorney.  We started filling out the paperwork and had some phone interviews.  We didn’t get too far into the process because right around Sara’s 5th birthday we found out we were pregnant.

I was scared…  I was terrified, frustrated and shocked.  I thought this would ruin our summer and be another disaster and heartbreak. I consider myself to be somewhat positive but given our history I wasn’t feeling it!   We began monitoring which included lots of blood work to check for rising levels and eventually the ultrasounds started.  I practically held my breath between weeks 6 and 8.  I kept waiting for things to go wrong.  My high risk doctor was amazing and understood my anxieties.  He even let me come in for a scan on a Saturday morning before we left to go out of town for a week because it was right around the time something always goes wrong.  I lived in fear for a few weeks this summer just waiting for things to go wrong…. except they never did.  Everything was right.  The baby was growing and the heartbeat was rising.  Things were looking good.

Once I got to 9 weeks my doctor assured me my risk for miscarriage was down.  Each week that past I became a little less anxious and a little more excited.

I should probably add that I had all the normal pregnancy symptoms starting at week 6.  Exhausting, nausea, and an overall feeling like total garbage!

At our 12 week scan we did all the first trimester screenings and things looked great.  We waited until the blood test results came back to tell Sara!  Boy was she thrilled!

My doctor understood my fears so he allowed me come in weekly if I want to check on the heartbeat which makes me feel better!

For the last 6 weeks or so I have managed to go 2 to 2 1/2 weeks without a visit!

Since week 18 I have been feeling daily flutters which makes the wait in between scans a little easier.

Truth be told I probably won’t feel 100% until there is a baby in arms in February!

However, at nearly 20 weeks I can say that miracles do happen!

So that’s our story in a nutshell– long and crazy but quite the story!



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