MIMM: Summer is HERE!

It’s hard to believe that last weekend was spent in winter coats and rain gear.  Actually it’s not too hard to believe.. this is Chicago after all.

We’ve had an awesome week and even better weekend. The weather has been getting warmer each day and it’s finally starting to feel like summer over here! FINALLY!  It’s about freaking time!!

We took Sara to her first Cubs game on Thursday (in Milwaukee) and even though the Cubbies lost we had an awesome time.


It seemed like Thursday set the tone for summer.  It was the start of the warmer summer like weather and bright sunshine.

Friday, I set out for my 11 miles and happily got those in without any pain or issues!  Oh and I am declaring the new JT song the summer of 2016 song.  Anyone else love it?


On Saturday morning I raced in a local 5k to benefit ALS.  I can’t remember the last time I did a 5k, but they are so fun!  Surprise surprise, I even placed 1st in my division!!  Gotta love my new age bracket!


Sara rocked it took taking 2nd place in her age group for the 1 mile!  She ran her mile in 8:45.  Not bad for a 6 year old!  I was a proud mama.


Saturday night meant date night and some drinks outside!  Did I mention how much I love tequila?


Sunday was spent outside… ALL DAY LONG!!  Playing, BBQing, running through the sprinkler, enjoying friends neighbors and drinks!   B is happiest when he is outside!  If he is inside he grabs his shoes, goes to the door and says, “outside” over and over until we take him out.


If this weekend was a preview of the summer of 2016 I’d say we are in great shape!

What did you do this weekend? Do you have summer fever?

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Currently: May

It’s the middle of May and while it feels like the middle of March the end of the school year  is in sight!  We’re taking short weeks and days my fiends.  DAYS until summer vacation is here!! There was a short period of time when I thought that this might be my last summer off but in our house the Hubs and I will live for our summers 🙂   I haven’t doing a “Currently” in a couple of months so lets catch up on all things Current

Running:  Despite taking my first ever DNS (Did Not Start) on Sunday in the Chicagoland Spring 1/2 Marathon I still managed to get in 28.2 miles last week.  Not bad!  Thanks to my amazing chiropractor who I still see two times a week I am running pain free and feeling really good!  I’ll tackle the North Shore 1/2 Marathon on Sunday, June 5th and BOA Chicago Marathon Training officially kicks of on Saturday, June 11th!!

Non-Running Workout: I’m working on getting back to pushups and planks every day and I am setting a goal to return to The Dailey Method once summer is here.  There is a Monday morning 6am express class that I loved last summer that I would love to get back to!  I need to find something to help with core strength!

Excitement:  SUMMER IS COMING!  POOLS OPEN IN LESS THEN 2 WEEKS!!!!  At some point I know that it will get consistently warm out!!!    Oh and my friend and I just planned a summer trip to Park City, Utah!!  Woo hoo for summer vacation.

Garden Item: Look my garden is in!!  Farmers markets will open in about 5-6 weeks around here too.  Less is more for us as we have found in years past.  I have my herbs in planters and in tomatoes, green beans, kale and arugula in the ground.  Arugula is new this year.  I like to try something new every year and I love arugula in salads and on top of pizza. Yum!!


TV: TV is wrapping up around here.  Finishing up the Blacklist this week (love that show!!) and looking forward to Orange is the New Black coming back to Netflix next month!

Kitchen Gadget:   Oh remember my post on Friday on how I go ripped off with my broken PADERMO— Well now I have the official PADERNO


Not-So-Healthy-Indulgence: Lately, if I’m going to indulge it’s going to be in this… Graeter’s Ice Cream.  Any Graeter’s fans out there.  It’s Ohio based, so it wasn’t until I was in college that I had my first experience with Graeter’s and then it came to our suburbs.  I’m an ice cream snob and if I am going to enjoy ice cream it better be REALLY good!! We don’t keep this stuff in the house though or I would eat it nightly!  Have you heard of Graeter’s?


Healthy Indulgence: I’m a huge GTS Gingerade Kombucha Fan but shelling out nearly $4 a bottle is a lot!  Well, Trader Joe’s did it again and while they carry only a couple of GTS’ flavors they have my favorite at only $3 a bottle!  I’ll gladly indulge in a Gingerade over a Starbucks ANY Day.  Plus, Gingerade with a little bit of vodka or tequila is YUMMY!!img_7834


Mood:  With summer on the horizon and a great new job that doesn’t start until August 15th, I am just HAPPY 🙂   Summer in our house is the best time of year.  The Hubs relaxes, we don’t RUSH RUSH RUSH and every day feels like the weekend 🙂

Ready to play, relax and enjoy with these kids!


Your turn… pick something and share!

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Fun Friday Facts

Yeah for the weekend but BOO for the upcoming cold weekend.  When will spring and summer get her!??!  Just stopping by this morning to update you on some things that took place this week!

  1. Remember my post from last Friday about my blogging break and my work issues, well I am happy to report that I signed a contract Monday morning with a great school district!  I’ll be working at two schools starting in August overseeing Transition and Vocational Services for students with special needs.  It’s back to full time for me but I’ll remain on a school calendar and with school hours!  VERY VERY EXCITED!!

2.  Since the semester ended at the Community College where I teach I am trying out long run Friday starting today.  I am NOT going to be doing the Chicagoland 1/2 on Sunday but will be attempting 10 miles later this morning.  It actually works out considering the rest of the weekend is going to be chilly and not as nice

3.  Yesterday took my spiralizer out to make zoodles and found it in pieces.  Naturally, I contacted Paderno and sent over my Amazon receipt from last year.  Only I found out that I actually bought a PALERMO not PADERNO… such a a SCAM!!!  So frustrated.  What kind of company does that?!!  So, now I have the real Paderno on the way.


Since I couldn’t make zoodles, I made paleo banana zucchini muffins and B was a HUGE Fan.  Let’s be honest though, if it involves food he is a fan.

4. Speak of B….



We went for his 15 month checkup yesterday.  He’s weighing in at 23lbs (50%tile) and 31 inches (37%tile).  He’s walking, running, talking, climbing and doing all things boy!  Boys are SOO different!  He’s in the toddler room at school and napping on a cot.  He keeps us on our toes a ton.  We are transitioning from 2 to 1 naps and trying to deal with his early wake ups!  Thankfully, his sister sleeps through ALL of his noises!

5.  I really want to treat myself to a GPS running watch as I get ready to tackle Marathon Training.   I really want this Garmin Forerunner… just not ready to make the purchase quite yet.

6.  Hubs and I have a last minute babysitter tomorrow night.  My nephew is back in town from college and wants to make some extra cash this summer.  DONE DONE and DONE.

7.  Although it’s not quite June yet, I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that this little lady will be 7 in 4 weeks.


That’s all I’ve got friends!!  Tell me what you have going on this weekend?  Has spring and summer weather been delayed for you?

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MIMM: Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Weekend!

Happy Monday

I’m going to try to get back in the regular habit of blogging on Sunday evenings but we will see how that goes as this warm weather continues.  Because let’s be honest, warm sunny days like the one we had on Friday and yesterday call for HAPPY HOUR!  I’m linking up with Katie for MIMM since this weekend was simply marvelous!!

This weekend marked the return of Happy Hour!

Friday was a warm and fantastic day.  We stayed at Sara’s school and played on the playground for almost an hour 

That was until my neighbor texted me that we needed to return for Happy Hour… and then my mom sent me a text asking if the Hubs and I wanted to grab a drink outside somewhere and enjoy the evening.

We didn’t have to think twice and happily accepted a little time out without children!

I was happy to get out BOTH days this weekend for some amazing running! Saturday, I got caught in some warm rain and it made me feel like a kid all over again and then the Hubs insisted I get out Sunday morning since it was full sun and perfect crisp temperatures!

My drawers have been taken over by Tasc Performance gear.  As I mentioned a few months ago I am thrilled to be a Tasc Performance Ambassador and wear there gear for everything!  More on some of there stuff later!

Anyways, I had two great mile runs and while I am feeling good.. I am still playing it smart and not running the Chicagoland Spring 1/2 Marathon next weekend.  Just going to focus on the North Shore 1/2 Marathon in 4 weeks. I’ve got some major head trash and self talk going on right now as I have NEVER not done a race I have registered for!

We had a great Mother’s Day brunch with my parents and enjoyed the perfect temperatures.  My kids are amazing and I am so grateful every single day for all the joy they bring me and my family!

Post brunch we hung out at home!  It was rough for Sara.. 

And…. I got my Mother’s Day garden!  The Hubs got everything in the ground, washed and folded all the laundry and made dinner!  

Mother’s Day for the WIN!!


How was your weekend?

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My Blogging Break: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly + #UltimateCoffeeDate

Hello Friends

It’s been awhile…What started out as a one week break turned into two and then 4 weeks and then a month went by.  There were nights that I said I would blog after the kids went to bed but it never happened.  Not because there were other things, but because to be honest I just didn’t have the energy to blog.  My blog had to go on the back burner as I am sure most of you can understand that life just got busy… some good stuff and some not so good stuff.  So let me break it all down for you the best I can.  It seems appropriate that tomorrow marks the monthly Ultimate Coffee Date so grab a cup of coffee or beverage of your choice and let’s catch up.

I was bummed to miss last months date so I’m making it up by sharing all of things that have been going on for the last 6 weeks!


Thanks to Coco @ Got 2 Run 4 MeLynda @ Fitness Mom Wine Country, & Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother for hosting the party!

The Good! 


img_7667These two have been so good!!  In the last 6 weeks B learned how to walk and is now running and Sara learned to ride a bike. HUGE!!!!  Spring hasn’t showed up on a consistent basis but when it does we are happy to enjoy every single second.



I was getting outside to run and train for my upcoming half and loving my 5am runs! … that was until I hurt my back last Saturday morning (more on that in the UGLY section…)


My weekends were filled with long runs and it felt great…. that is was until last weekend!

Sara and I also signed up for her schools 5k ALS charity run.  She’s been training for the 1 mile race.  It will be her 3rd race but the first time she wants to practice her running and train.  Gotta love it!


The Bad

Oh life has been not so kind to me these last 6 weeks but it’s getting better.  I found out just before spring break that my school district was going through a massive budget crisis and that all part time employees were on the chopping block.  Working part time is such a gift and I am so happy that I have been able to do it since Sara was born but when you work in the school system you are always the first to “go.”  For awhile my boss thought that they could get away with reducing me from 70% to 50% but in the end it didn’t happen.    It’s been hard, but thankfully I am still working through the end of the year and have some “what’s next” options on the table.  The tricky and hard part is finding something that works for my family and for me… it’s HARD to be a working parent and to find the balance of being with your kids.  Fingers crossed, I will have this process wrapped up in the next 1-2 weeks!!  Time is precious and I certainly don’t want to be missing major events with my kids…. this is “to be continued” part of my  story.

And then… remember my hearing loss issue?  As it turns out one of my test results got lost and I heard from my doctor at the end of March that I did in fact test positive for Inner Ear Auto Immune Disorder.  Of course I went to Dr. Google first to get some knowledge but that just freaked me out.  I saw a rheumoltologist a couple of weeks ago and she confirmed that my strep absolutely had something to do with my hearing loss.  While I am hearing fine and symptom free right now I have to make sure to really take care of myself and protect my immunity.  In the meantime I now have a team of doctors and some plans in the event I lose my hearing again.

And then there was…

THE UGLY (warning gross pics ahead…)

About 2 weeks ago there was on outbreak of Hand Food and Mouth Disease in B’s room at daycare. OMG he had the WORST case ever!!!  I was home ALL week with my little man who was beyond miserable!

img_7590 img_7585

First of all the name itself is just so gross and really it should be call the ALL OVER BODY disease cause that’s where he had.. ALL OVER his body!  Sara had it when she was 2 but she had some a minor case.  I spent a week at home with B and did a ton of cleaning and lots and lots of laundry!  It doesn’t get much uglier then that!

Thankfully, we are fine with just lots of skin peeling (still grosses me out..)  Oh and can you believe that this little man is now 15 months old!!!


They say stress affects the body in so many ways and I am a firm believer of it. As you can see life has been a bit stressful for me since the end of February when I first lost my hearing.  Last Saturday morning while I was enjoying some nice moments of silence on my couch at 5:30am (yes I know it’s nuts to be up at 5:30 on a Saturday but that’s just how my body works.  Anyways,  I turned my head and felt a horrible pain in my back.  My body broke out in a cold sweat and I literally had to crawl to the bathroom.  By 8am I was on a chiropractors table getting  adjusted.  I could barely walk or move.  I was angry because I was supposed to be out running 11 miles but instead I flat on my back in horrible pain.

The adjustment helped and felt enough relief to walk (very gingerly).  I spent the majority of last weekend icing and resting my back.  On Monday evening I started with a chiropractor who took x-rays.  I went through electrical stimulation on my back and series of other therapies. I learned Tuesday that while I have a pinched nerve which is getting better each day I have signed of arthritis in my neck and have a lower back that is all out of whack.  I’ve seen the chiropractor each day for adjustments and am hopeful that I can re-adjust my posture and keep my spine healthy.

Thankfully, I have been able to resume daily activities and have slowly returned to running but I am learning towards not running a 1/2 marathon next Sunday and focusing on the North Shore 1/2 Marathon next month and of course the Chicago Marathon this fall.

This pillow is my new home buddy.  Each night I lay on it with the goal to open up the neck and spine. I need to work up to 20 minutes a day. It might look painful but it feels good.  I’ve started with 3 minutes

img_7689 img_7687

So that’s life… It was the longest blogging break that I have ever taken in over 3 years and I apologize for that but something had to give!

I’m happy to be back but I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting.  In the meantime, happy to just catch up with all of you today!!


So tell me since it’s been so long, what’s been going on with you?

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