Things I am loving lately…

Happy Friday!  I’m so excited that it’s Friday!  I leave in the morning for a long weekend away to Austin, Texas with one of my friends.  I’ve never been and we are both so excited!

What’s not to be excited about when the weather forecast looks like this….

IMG 1582 576x1024  Things I am loving lately...

Things I am loving right now…

Fall!... It’s been a really rainy, wet and cold week but despite the constant dampness in the air the trees are seriously beautiful right now.  I was in my car a bit on Wednesday and happen to drive through some amazing areas!

IMG 1580 1024x1024  Things I am loving lately...’s so simple but it makes me so happy.  The smell of coffee still seems to bother me but with the chill in the air I am needing something warm several times a day!

IMG 1583 768x1024  Things I am loving lately...

Brussels sprouts!  BRING IT ON!!!  Shredded, roasted, sautéed, hot or cold!  I love it all!!  We got some in our final CSA box this week and I am planning on roasting them up tonight!  DELISH!

  Things I am loving lately... IMG 1798  Things I am loving lately...

The new Mizuno Waverider18!  My running is slowing down a bit due to a rapidly growing belly but these shoes are awesome.  It comes as no surprise to me since I already own the Waverider 16 and 17… so 18 just makes the set complete!  More details on these awesome shoes to come!

IMG 1587 1024x1024  Things I am loving lately...

Soup… soup and more soup.  That’s not new folks… you know that by now.  Right now my favorite is lentil soup  I’ve had it several days this week and I’ve even got my favorite lentil soup going into the crock pot for dinner tonight.

IMG 1399 2 768x1024  Things I am loving lately...

That’s all I got folks!  Happy happy Friday… I’ll be back next week after my trip to Austin!! I’m sure it will be filled with plenty of sunshine and yummy eats!  Wait did someone say taco trucks??

936074 10152640356854104 4474674973015601829 n  Things I am loving lately...

What are you loving lately?


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Fed Up: A MUST SEE if you EAT!

I took Monday night off from blogging to sit down and watch Fed Up.  I would have loved to have seen it when it came out in the spring, but the theaters were so limited with their shows that I couldn’t get to one.  In any event, after a fun and exhausting day yesterday in Chinatown we got Sara to bed around 7pm which meant I would have time to sit down and watch the movie!

IMG 1515 768x1024 Fed Up: A MUST SEE if you EAT!

I was inclined to pick up the phone yesterday morning and call my mom to discuss the film with her during my morning drive.  I truly believe that this movie is a MUST SEE for anyone that eats.  Bottom line… we all need to watch it.

I’ve never had a weight problem.  We don’t have obesity in our family but this movie is for everyone.  It’s scary.  As a parent of a 5 year old and as something who is getting ready to bring another baby into this world, this movie is truly eye-opening and scary.

This movie does NOT promote any type of specific diets.  No talk about being a vegan, staying away from gluten, dairy or evening buying certain types of organic foods.  The message is simple in my mind.  It talks about how over 80% of the packaged foods that are in our stores have added sugars.  80%!!  That’s insane!  Knowledge is power my friends and we should all learn from this movie and do something out about it.

Fed Up talks about sugar being as addictive to the brain as cocaine.  Many of us have heard this before.  It discusses that sugar can be OK in moderation but that most Americans exceed the daily “allowance” before breakfast is over.

Times have changed!  The food industry has changed!  My mom and I were discussing yesterday that when I was growing up that the message was that all calories were created equal. Today, we know better then that!  All calories are NOT created equal!

I’m very tempted to bring this video into my daughters school as I would love to see some major changes happen with their hot lunch program!  I don’t let Sara buy lunch and I pack it daily.  I’d love to hear thoughts from others on this. What is the lunch program like at your school?  What kind of message are schools passing on to kids?

Want to rent the movie or buy it? It is easy to rent or watch on iTunes or Amazon.

The big take home points…

Read labels… It’s something that I have been doing for years and so I have some knowledge in this area but if you don’t make a habit of doing so… start!  Spend a few more minutes and be careful what you put into your cart.

Eat clean and eat smart!  Life is surely about balance but think about what your daily balance means for yourself and your family.

Become educated and share the knowledge with others.  The more of us who are aware the more we can make others aware

Head over the Fed Up Movie page and learn about others ways that you can take action and make a difference!

Interested in taking the Fed Up challenge?  Try going 10 days without sugar!  Join the thousands of others who done it!  It’s doable and POSSIBLE!  As the movie says, “It’s time to get REAL about food!”

The Fed Up Challenge 620x589 Fed Up: A MUST SEE if you EAT!


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I LOVE the Weekends!

Happy Monday!

I seriously love the weekends!!

It’s an even happier Monday because we are all off from work/school today and headed to China Town… Sara’s choice since she is studying China in school and asked to go. We had an awesome weekend!  Let me break it down with some pictures!!

There was the amazing run that I had outside!

IMG 1531 1024x1024 I LOVE the Weekends!

The wonderful date night that included seeing Gone Girl and an amazing dinner with the Hubs!  We stuffed ourselves with incredible courses and food from an amazing italian restaurant in the city.

IMG 1556 1024x1024 I LOVE the Weekends!

This was just a small sampling of some the food we had.  The shredded brussels sprouts salad as amazing and so was the parmesan and mushroom risotto.  Dessert rocked too!!

By the way, have you seen Gone Girl?  It was awesome!  Very very similar to the book!  Loved it and Ben Affleck was outstanding!!  It was over 2 hours but the movie flew!!

And…. look what came in the mail!!

IMG 1537 1024x1024 I LOVE the Weekends!

I leave Saturday for Austin where it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 80’s!  I can’t wait for a girls getaway and lots of yummy eats and laughs!!

We had perfect fall weather on Sunday which made me happy for all the amazing runners who ran the Chicago Marathon yesterday!  One day I’ll do it again!  My last time was 10/10/10…just after my 30th birthday.  Perhaps I will do it in 2020!  One never knows! Special congrats to all those who ran!

Our Sunday was filled with friends and family time!  We enjoyed being outside!

IMG 1555 1024x1024 I LOVE the Weekends!

I also got this in the mail!

IMG 1515 768x1024 I LOVE the Weekends!

So excited it’s finally here!  I need to find a night to sit down and watching it!  Has anyone seen it?

That’s it for now– time to enjoy Homeland and hopefully I can stay away to watch the new show on Showtime called The Affair!  Sunday night TV is the best!!  Who’s with me?


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22 week baby update!

Happy Friday!  My weekend started yesterday at the end of the day and goes until next Tuesday morning!  Happiness and cheers all around!  Yeah for the weekend!! It’s time for another baby and bump update!

How far along: 22 weeks

Total weight gain: Truly no idea.  My last weight check was at 18 weeks but I head back to the doctor on Monday and will know more then.

Maternity clothes: All the time!  Of course, I still love my long open sweaters! However, even my pre-pregnancy sweater dresses that I thought I could pull off don’t really work anymore!  My favorite maternity item is maternity leggings!  I could wear them every single day!

Sleep:  OK– I’m getting up once and sometimes twice to use the bathroom.  Exhaustion is  still hitting me hard by 7pm.

Exercise:  Jogging has been my form of exercise and I love it!  I do about 3 miles 4 days a week and on other days do other cardio and weights.  On occasion I feel the stretching sensation.  I take walking breaks as needed too!  I just started wearing this amazing Belly Sports Bra from Baobei Maternity.  What a difference it makes!

IMG 1508 225x300 22 week baby update!


Miss anything: My time at the Dailey Method.  While it’s a totally pregnancy safe workout I just haven’t had the time to fit it into my schedule.  I went a few times in the first trimester and then a few more times around weeks 14-16 but right now I am getting my exercise from my home gym and the YMCA.  I’d also love to be able to stay awake past 9pm…or 8pm if I really wanted to be honest!

Movement: This baby is super active!  If I look closely enough I can now see my belly move when he/she kicks.  Active times are mostly in the evening.  I tend to be “woken up” by kicks at least once in the middle of the night as well.  This baby is a strong little sucker!

Food cravings:  Hummus and celery!  I could eat it all the time!!  Hardboiled eggs are still my thing too plus a yummy bowl of soup!!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Fish… oddly enough the thought of  chocolate or dark chocolate is a total turn off right now too.  I am sneaking chicken back into my diet through chopped salads and soups.  I still can’t stomach a piece of chicken though.

Have you started to show yet: Hmm– you tell me!??!

IMG 1523 629x1024 22 week baby update!

Gender: Nope- it’s going to be a complete surprise and right now I really don’t have any strong feelings towards boy or girl.  This pregnancy is completely different then my one with Sara but who knows if that means anything.

Wedding rings on or off: On

Looking forward to:  The long weekend!!! I’m not working today and we all have Monday off.. Plus the Hubs and I have a date night in the city tomorrow night!  It’s going to be a great weekend

What are you doing this weekend?

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WIAW: Fall Foods… Bone Broth and More

Happy Wednesday-

I’ve got a jam packed day ahead of me and I’ll be even happier when I am back on the couch tonight when it’s over.  This week has been incredibly busy but it should slow down after today and then we have a 3 day weekend!  Yippee for sleeping in past 5:30 for 3 WHOLE DAYS!

Let’s get this food party and WIAW started!

wiawphotobutton WIAW:  Fall Foods... Bone Broth and More

I skipped the workout yesterday because I had an early morning meeting and decided that an extra 30 minutes of sleep was far more important!

I can feel our entire house getting ready for cold season and extra rest of essential for all of us!

I wasn’t feeling great once I got up and moving but almond butter and toast sounded good to me for breakfast!  Now that my favorite almond butter is back at Costco my almond butter sandwiches have returned to my diet!  I practically lived on these during the first trimester and they are still a favorite of mine!

IMG 1498 1024x768 WIAW:  Fall Foods... Bone Broth and More

Snack time was celery and hummus.  I’ll admit I have gotten a little lady and haven’t made my own hummus in awhile but I found these awesome single portion organic hummus packages at Costco and love them.  The ingredient list is simple and clean and it’s the perfect snack!  It also prevents me from going overboard with hummus!

IMG 1499 768x1024 WIAW:  Fall Foods... Bone Broth and More

Lunch was a much needed bowl of Oh She Glow’s 10 spice cashew cream veggie soup.  Although I love everything I make our of her cookbook this is one of my favorite recipes and I am excited to have a nice stock of it in my fridge for the week.

IMG 1500 768x1024 WIAW:  Fall Foods... Bone Broth and More

Dinner was….the return of TACO TUESDAY!  Can’t beat an afternoon playdate… a house full of girls and dollar tacos!  I didn’t get a chance to take a pic but it looked just like this!  I love my veggie tacos and guacamole!  I think the Hubs is a bit happier now that I have slowed down on my taco consumption… I practically needed veggie tacos or some kind of Meixcan food daily for a few weeks during the first trimester.  It was a bit insane.  Thankfully for all of us my food choices and requests have expanded.

10577048 360204897464495 4149159189928661251 n 300x225 WIAW:  Fall Foods... Bone Broth and More

Given the fact that it’s only a matter of time before we have colds over here I finally decided to take a stab at making Bone Broth (homemade chicken stock).  It’s been very easy and I wish I would have done this before!  I used this recipe from Danielle at Against All Grain.  I froze the chicken to use at another time and look forward to loads of healthy goodness!

IMG 1502 225x300 WIAW:  Fall Foods... Bone Broth and More IMG 1503 225x300 WIAW:  Fall Foods... Bone Broth and More

You can read about the benefits of Bone Broth here.

In other news… check out Sara’s kindergarden school picture!  Amazing right!?!  Gosh she is so grown up!

IMG 1501 768x1024 WIAW:  Fall Foods... Bone Broth and More


That’s all I’ve got for you on today!  I’ll be back Friday with a new bump update!




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