Woo hoo!  Let’s celebrate lots of things today!!

1)  It’s Friday… not just any Friday but the last day of work until 2015!  We are all ready for some much needed down time.

2)  Winter break means a little staycation… (thanks mom and dad) dinners out, a family getaway, NO ALARMS, NO CRAZY MORNINGS and lots of fun activities.  Now if I can get my internal alarm clock to keep me in bed longer we will be in great shape.

3) 2YrBlogiversary 300x300 Its HERE!!!  The 2 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY

It’s here!  With some of my favorite companies to help me celebrate!!  I took time yesterday to get a little sentimental and reflective so TODAY we celebrate with some goodies!!

Many thanks to Jimmy Bars, SoDelicious, Peanut Butter and Co. and Cocogo for helping me in celebrate!


Peanut Butter & Co. wants to give one reader the BIG SIX Plus a their cookbook!

When some people go to a party, they bring a six pack of beer…when we go to a party, we bring a six pack of peanut butter and the Peanut Butter & Co. Cookbook! A great hostess or housewarming gift, The Big Six and cookbook are a sure way to please the peanut butter lover in your life! The Big Six contains 1 jar of each of the following: Smooth Operator, Crunch Time, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, The Heat Is On, White Chocolate Wonderful, and Dark Chocolate Dreams. The Peanut Butter & Co. Cookbook, written by our founder Lee Zalben, has over 70 yummy peanut butter-based recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and more! 

IMG 2230 Its HERE!!!  The 2 YEAR BLOGIVERSARYSO Delicious Dairy Free wants to send one reader two product coupons to purchase any SO DELICIOUS product!!  The possibilities are endless!



Jimmy Bars just introduced their new “minis” I actually just stocked up and bought two cases!

The healthiest snack bars under 100 Calories – No Gimmicks, Just Real Good FoodEach Bar = .80 OZ. 24 Bars Per Box. Available in all your favorite flavors like Peanut ButterChocolate ChipBananaApple.Orders over $50 Ship Free via FedEx. Orders over $50 get 20% OFF- Use Discount Code JIMMY20% during Checkout *

One winner will win a case of mini’s!


cocogo LimeBoxStick Its HERE!!!  The 2 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY

Cocogo wants to give one winner a variety box of their amazing coconut water!  I’ve been drinking the raspberry throughout my pregnancy to help with hydration and Sara is a huge fan

So many great giveaways and so many awesome companies!

Enter below to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thank you again for always stopping by, reading and being a part of the blogging journey for the last two years.  I’ll blog while I can over the next couple of weeks but relaxation and family time is taking a priority!!

Have a wonderful weekend






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Reflecting Back on the Last Year and 2 Year Blogiversary Preview!

As we are less then 2 weeks away from the close of 2014 and just one day away from Fit Running Mama turning two years old I can’t help but be a bit reflective.

2YrBlogiversary 300x300 Reflecting Back on the Last Year and 2 Year Blogiversary Preview!

This was my first post...ever…Since then there have been over 455 posts and about 25,000 comments!

It’s been a great year… one with a whole lot of twists, turns and wonderful unexpected surprises.  Of course the biggest surprise of 2014 is our true gift coming in less then 2 months!  Obviously, if you read about our struggles with fertility you can understand how this has truly been a miracle and surprise!


IMG 2057 225x300 Reflecting Back on the Last Year and 2 Year Blogiversary Preview!

Running and fitness wise it’s been a bit different since I have had to change my goals in the 2nd half of the year but I had some great races and did them while I was on The 30 Clean!

I also plan to do the 30 again after the baby is born and we are back into some kind of new routine!

 20140518 151955 225x300 Reflecting Back on the Last Year and 2 Year Blogiversary Preview!

We found I was pregnant around Sara’s 5th birthday. Just a few days after I finished running The North Shore 1/2 Marathon… my favorite race in the massive heat!

20140601 194602 71162865 300x300 Reflecting Back on the Last Year and 2 Year Blogiversary Preview!

In any event… here we are closing out 2014 and anxiously excited for what’s to come in 2015!

IMG 1462 225x300 Reflecting Back on the Last Year and 2 Year Blogiversary Preview!

It’s been incredible sharing the last year with you and really the last two years.  Since starting this blog I have become a personal trainer and Health and Fitness Specialist.  So many changes and so much growth in such a short period of time!

Blogging has opened me up to the world of super foods and Pinterest.  I used to the kind of girl that needed a recipe to follow to create dinner…. now I just wing it and see what happens!

I’ve met some amazing people in the blogging world… some I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person and some I feel like I have known for years through their blogs… blogging will do that too you!

To help celebrate tomorrow I have a few great giveaways lined up!

IMG 2221 1024x1024 Reflecting Back on the Last Year and 2 Year Blogiversary Preview!

Thanks for reading, commenting and being a part of the journey!  Be sure to stop back tomorrow for the big giveaway!

How long have you been reading my blog?

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WIAW- Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!

Well it’s Wednesday and I am getting into  VACATION mode and by vacation mode I mean no work, no alarms and hopefully a whole lot of slowing down starting on Friday!!

This week has been insane but I have been powering through because I know the break starts soon!

Originally, we had planned to head off to Mexico on Saturday for week but after I got pregnant, my doctor pretty much said that traveling to Mexico 32-33 weeks pregnant was off the table.  Boo… but understandable.  So next week we are headed to the Wisconsin Dells for a few days.  It sure isn’t Mexico but Sara is so excited for a few days away and it will be fun to have some quality family fun time!

Let’s get started on my day yesterday and my eats… I’m doing this post in a Day in the Life kind of style for todays WIAW!

wiawbutton WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!

5:15am rolled out of bed after being up every 2-3 hours to go to the bathroom.

5:30am 30 minutes of cardio on my treadmill and elliptical followed by 15 minutes of weights.  Of course I also got my Walking Dead fix in during that time!

IMG 2195 225x300 WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!

6:15- Showered and got ready for the day!

7:00- Breakfast time!! Yeah for an almost empty jar of Peanut Butter!  Love me some overnight oats!- Pack lunches, empty dishwasher and use the bathroom for like the 3rd time already!

IMG 2186 225x300 WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!IMG 2185 225x300 WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!

7:30- Out the door for the day

7:45- Meetings meeting meetings…with lots of bathroom breaks!

10:00- Snack on Oh She Glows Granola while driving

IMG 2196 225x300 WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!

10:30- Meetings and phone calls… lots of time in the car today!

11:15- Get a text from my neighbor that one of her kids is sick so I need to scramble to get to Sara’s school by 3

11:30- Finally sitting down at my desk for lunch while catching up on emails… Bathroom break!  Loving my veggie soup but not loving the hot flashes that follow.  Take a walk outside to cool off!!

IMG 2198 225x300 WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life! IMG 2199 300x225 WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!

12:00- Planning and prepping for a few things that are coming up quickly after winter break!

Heartburn attack…story of my life these days!!!

IMG 2197 225x300 WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!

3:00- Pick up Sara head home and relax just for a bit!  More emails and work to be done while she unwinds

5:00- Dinner out with some family friends!  I had a grilled eggplant and goat cheese flat bread with toasted pine nuts and arugula!  So good!

IMG 22032 300x225 WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!

6:30- Celebrate the first night of Hanukkah with my two favorite people!!  Looking forward to lots of celebrations this week!  Hanukkah is so much fun with Sara!

IMG 22012 300x225 WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!

7:30- Bedtime for Sara… I’m not far behind!

7:45- Finish up this post and power down for the night… there might be some Walking Dead to follow icon smile WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!

These long days this week are becoming harder and harder but I know it will all be worth it soon!  Are you getting time off over the holidays?


2YrBlogiversary 300x300 WIAW  Keeping up with the madness and a Day in the Life!








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Weekend Highlights and Slowing Down

Happy Monday!

Ironic that last Monday I posted that I had all this amazing energy and here I am one week later with a fact… at nearly 32 weeks pregnant I am SLOWING down!

It hit me hard this weekend!  I’ve still got my energy in the morning! In fact last week I worked out 6/7 days!  So, that’s something to be proud of but running around during the fast paced holiday hustle and bustle is not so easy anymore!  Maybe it’s just temporary… who knows!  Nevertheless our weekend was marvelous in so many ways because I got to spend a whole lot of time with these two….

IMG 2163 768x1024 Weekend Highlights and Slowing Down


Sara had a friend sleepover Friday night and after the girls went to bed it was Hanukkah prep time for me….

IMG 2166 1024x768 Weekend Highlights and Slowing Down

This was round one of wrapping in preparation for Hanukkah which crept up on me and begins tomorrow night!  I’m also hosting our family Hanukkah party on Sunday.  I used to dread wrapping presents but since there is always a birthday present to be wrapped or other kind of occasion I have learned not to dislike it so much.

Saturday was spent running around while the Hubs took Sara to a play and they did their daddy daughter thing.  Beyond grateful for that since I needed major chill time on Saturday.  Another week done means that another season complete of The Walking Dead.  I clearly have a problem…. I’m on season 4 and I can’t get enough of this show!  It’s beyond addicting and each season gets better!

Saturday night the Hubs and I had a party at one of those paint places where “even those with no artistic ability can paint…” or so they say.  We had fun and laughed a ton!!  I wouldn’t say our masterpiece is worth putting anywhere for anyone to see but it was a really fun experience!

IMG 2179 1024x1024 Weekend Highlights and Slowing Down

Our Sunday was filled with family time, a little food prep, workouts and to top it off a winter fest that ended with a sing-a-long with Elsa.  Seriously nothing cuter then watching a room full of Frozen crazed kids sing Let it Go with Elsa!

IMG 2183 768x1024 Weekend Highlights and Slowing Down

The look on their faces was beyond cute!!

I was glad that after running around all day that dinner was in my crockpot!

IMG 2184 225x300 Weekend Highlights and Slowing Down

We all love this taco chili from Hungry Healthy Girl!!

It’s just too bad that my heartburn and acid reflux that haunted me for the first 25 weeks of pregnancy has returned big time for these last two month!  Boo

Anyways, I’ve got a few giveaways lined up this week since we are celebrating two years of blogging so make sure to stop back throughout the week!

2YrBlogiversary Weekend Highlights and Slowing Down


Tell me what you did this weekend?

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Friday 5… and a Half

Happy Friday folks!  1 more week until Winter break!!  Woo hoo!  High five to that one!

1)   Sara turned 5 1/2 yesterday… hence the Friday 5… and  Half….. growing up my parents always did a little something on our half birthdays!  We put a couple of signs up and had a little extra treat after dinner.  It’s the little celebrations.. right icon smile Friday 5... and a Half

IMG 2160 1024x768 Friday 5... and a Half

2) Did you guys see these amazing flowers that I received from The BouqsIMG 2154 0 1024x1024 Friday 5... and a HalfThese are called Hot Lava!  Delivered right to my front door and they are stunning!

What makes the Bouqs so amazing?

Their flowers are farm fresh!  They cut on the day you order and delivered straight from the farm! This means just 2-4 days cut vs. the typical 10-14 days elsewhere and in stores.  You can order up these amazing flowers just in time for the holidays. Plenty of deals to had this time of year during their 12 days of Bouqs Sale!

3) rawspicebarad600600 300x300 Friday 5... and a Half

I’ve got a great new company to tell you about for the spice lover in your life!

Introducing Raw Spice Bar!

rawspicebarheader23 1024x520 Friday 5... and a Half

RawSpiceBar, the Spice of the Month Club, delivers 3 premium spice blends from around the world direct to your door. They work with top chefs to create a unique and interesting spice blend for you to try out. Each spice box averages ~2 ounces of spice blends and yields a complete 3 dish meal for 8-12 people.  All the spices use ingredients of the highest quality (and they opt for fair trade and organic spices where possible), sourced from global spice producers.  Each box costs $6, RawSpiceBar covers your shipping costs (in US), and you can purchase for a 3, 6 or 12 month period. You can cancel or pause this subscription at any time.  
RawSpiceBar includes an “origins, instructions and recipes” card for each spice blend that includes the blend’s history, cooking as well as suggested recipes.  RawSpiceBar also includes another 5-10 recipe ideas on their site, and they are sure to provide a great variety of options for vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, gluten free and healthy eaters alike.  Each blend label includes a description, the ingredients, and RawSpiceBar’s storing instructions.
Plus, order this month and use the code “ilovespices” to get a bonus free spice in every box with subscriptions 6 months or longer!  This is the perfect gift for the chef or spice lover in your life icon smile Friday 5... and a Half
 4) I’m not quite sure how it happened but with December flying by I am excited to announce that next Friday Fit Running Mama officially turns 2 years old!!  I’ve got some fun giveaways lined up next week to celebrate the occasion.  It’s been quite a unexpected and crazy two years and I am so thankful for who read this blog daily, weekly, monthly or just pop over once in awhile!!
2YrBlogiversary Friday 5... and a Half
5) Hanukkah totally crept up on me!  Last year it was during Thanksgiving, which was crazy enough and this year it’s at a normal time.  Still, while my shopping is pretty much done I need to wrap wrap wrap.  That’s my plans for tonight after Sara goes to bed!  #wildandcrazyfridaynight
1/2)  Since so many of you asked to see other pictures from our family photo shoot over the weekend I am leaving you with this one… we still haven’t received all of them but this is my favorite!!!
10404330 746879148720976 2553435122577432449 n Friday 5... and a Half


Have a great weekend everyone!  It’s supposed to get warmer and sunny (talking the upper 40’s and low 50’s!)  Now that’s something to be excited about!

What do you have going on this weekend?


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