Coffee talk: August

Sadly July has come and gone and we are now in the month of August.  The first Saturday of the month can only mean one thing!  It’s time for another coffee date.


I’m excited to be linking up for our monthly coffee date.   I‘m linking up with Coco @ Got 2 Run 4 MeLynda @ Fitness Mom Wine Country, & Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother

Man, this post is bittersweet to write because August means so many things.  It means back to work, back to school, starting first grade for Sara, B starting in day care.  Ugh… the list goes on!!  I’m soaking up my time and moments with these two which is really why I haven’t been blogging as much this summer.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am trying to make these next  2 1/2 weeks go by SLOWLY but I know it’s not going to happen.  Who am I kidding?!!?  Next month when we meet again for coffee I will have a first grader and I am sure I will be running around like a crazy lady!

If we were having coffee I would tell you that we had an awesome little family getaway last week in Wisconsin!!  Lots and lots of family time, boating, swimming, beaching and some amazing ice cream too!


If were having coffee, I would tell you that lately the Hubs and I joke about the farm to table dinners that we are having.  Fresh garden tomatoes grilled, with fresh pesto and lots of green beans.  All of the early summer rain has made for some amazing and tasty garden delights!




If we were having coffee I would tell you that I ran over 100 miles this month with a sub 8 minute mile.  I never planned for running that much but last week I realized it would be close and would just need to push myself a little harder this week!


If we were having coffee I would tell you that this happened this week…



We are busy cutting two teeth, rolling all over the place and attempting to move and crawl.  Busy busy boy I have!!  I’m working on an official 6 month post to share with all of you.

If we were having coffee I would you tell you and ask you for your best food prep secrets and tips.  I’ve been back on Pinterest looking for some new recipes and idea for the school year.  I know my weeks will involve lots of crock pot and simple meals and I need to get back to food prep Sundays!  Right now, though I am just having so much fun playing and hanging with my kids!  Ugh why does summer have to end?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I LOVE NAP TIME!

IMG_4259.JPGNeed I say more!?!?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that the Hubs and I are celebrating 7 years of marriage on Monday and we are headed out to Seasons 52 on Sunday!!  Can’t wait to try out this new restaurant and I am even more excited for a date night!

Picture 10

Tell me, what’s going on with you??!?!



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Easy Home Cooking with Madison and Rayne

I love cooking! More then cooking, I love eating!  I don’t love the dishes and the cleanup that comes with cooking and I am not really a fan of the chopping and the prep that comes with making a meal.  I need simple!  Just this week the Hubs and I were starting to talk about the new routine that is going to take effect once we both go back to work in a few weeks and B is in daycare and Sara is in school.  I’m a bit nervous how the new “normal” is going to work out for us!


I was given the chance to try out Madison and Rayne, a gourmet and SIMPLE cook your meal at home experience!!  It made getting a wonderful dinner on the table SOOO simple! For starters, the Hubs doesn’t do any cooking and even he was a fan and participated in the cooking experience.  Madison and Rayne services Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

With step by step directions and even a number to call during the dinner hour if you need help, Madison and Rayne is taking care of everything!


At Madison and Rayne, you customize your order (so you get exactly what you want)

  • Order meals from their menu for the following week  and they will send you prepared ingredients ready for cooking
  • 10 meals to choose from with vegetarian options available
  • Select the number of servings you want for each meal (one adult serving generally feeds 2 kids under the age of 10)
  • Food preferences and allergies can be accommodated –  can exclude or replace ingredients
  • New seasonal dishes added every 2 weeks
  • Local and organic ingredients!

The Hubs and I enjoyed the bourbon glazed chicken tacos.  He had his with the corn tortilla shells and I enjoyed mine over a bed of spinach with some added tomatoes and avocado.


IMG_4077.JPGIt took me under 15 minutes to get dinner prepared and on the table for us!  Truly a win in my book!

Want to just try out Madison and Rayne for yourself or your family.  Use the promo code LAURA30 to get $30 off your first order.  Pretty much, that’s just $30 free to use towards any meal!!

You can check out their menu that is always changing and order today!!  Madison and Rayne is wonderful for all diets!  They will customize and make their meals work of you so that everyone at the dinner table is happy.  Oh and did I mention how FAST and easy the clean up is!!  That’s a WIN for everyone in my house!


Disclaimer:  I was provided meals from Madison and Rayne but all opinions are my own.


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Beating the Heat and a very #MIMM

Happy Monday

I have to be honest, every time the weekend draws to a close I get a little more sad.  The truth is, for the most part every day feels like the weekend but every time Monday rolls around I know that another week has past.  Summer is going by way to fast.  I was OK a couple of weeks ago when it was the 4th of July but now we are headed into the final 11 days of July and August is even shorter  month!  End of July means that the stores are filled with back to school deals and fall clothes.  Heck, at Costco this weekend they even had their Halloween costumes on display.  Seriously Costco, I love you but COME ON!!!


This summer has really been marvelous!

After a pretty cool first 1/2 of the summer, Chicago has turned up the heat and I really don’t mind!  It’s harder for B with his cranial helmet and we have to be much more careful with him but I’m OK with some heat.  So while Sara and I spent time at the pool this weekend keeping cool, B spent most of his time kicking it with Elmo inside!


Outside time for him was before the 8am hour.


Of course we did get out Sunday for a very special family event to head to a party with the Stanley Cup!  This picture is a keeper!!


We are still waiting to get our hands on the family picture.  The one on my phone didn’t come out but thankfully their was a photographer who also took pics!!  It was truly an amazing experience.  Sara, thinks the Stanley Cup is the biggest and coolest trophy she’s ever seen….it’s quite amazing to see in person!

The Hubs and I got out Friday for a little day lunch date and then picked out kitchen appliances!  I’m getting my double oven and new dishwasher along with a new kitchen floor next month!  So freaking excited!!!

Does anyone else get excited by new kitchen appliances?

Sars is off this week for camp and we are headed away for a few days to Wisconsin.  I’ll pop in when I can!!

What did you do this weekend?




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Day in the Life with a 5 month old #WIAW

It’s been awhile since I have done a Day in the Life post.  While it often feels like every day is the same here, the truth is every day is often different!

Our mornings are definitely the most busy!! It’s a good thing that the Hubs and I are morning people!!  I’m linking up with Jenn for WIAW which is really MONDAY since it took me 2 days to put this post together.


2:00am– Ben gets up to eat.  He is still nursing two times over about 12- 13 hours at night.  Every now and then I get a few days of one nursing session and I think he is getting ready to drop one of his night feeds but then we go back to two.  He’s ALWAYS been great with eating and going right back to bed!  So we spend about 25 minutes together and then it’s back to bed!

5:30am Alarm goes up and I quickly get ready for my Monday morning Dailey Method express class.  While I am changing I hear B talking.  This seems to be his new “thing”  We hear him around 5:45 talking but he always falls back asleep.  Since I am headed out I pump JUST in case he wakes up while I leave.

5:50am Dash out the house to head class!

6:00 ME time!  45 minute Dailey Method express which feels fantastic after 3 straight days of running!


6:50am Head home in the pouring rain and find Sara eating breakfast and Ben still asleep.  Sara is on a kick of eating our favorite overnight oatmeal so I prepped it the night before.  She eats two bowls every morning!

6:55am I make a quick fresh batch of almond milk so I can enjoy coffee.  YUM!!


7:00 B is up!  The Hubs gets him and he joins us in the kitchen for a few minutes so I can enjoy my coffee before I feed him.

7:30 After feeding B and playing with him, it’s time for him and I to enjoy breakfast together.  Oatmeal for both of us




7:45am Pack Sara’s lunch and while she plays with B, I whip up a quick batch of baby food (avocados)



8:15am– Sara and the Hubs leave!  Sara is off to camp and the Hubs is taking her and then will hit the gym.  B and I play until nap time.

9:00am– Nap time for B and shower time for me.  It’s only 9am and I feel like I have put in a full days of activities.  Thankfully, I know the day will slow down a bit!

9:45am B is up. I feed him and change him and we are out by 10. Nursing is so much faster now.

10:00am head out to my local poultry store. I’m really picky and only buy chicken from our local chicken store.  It’s the best and I haven’t found anything else that comes close in quality.

10:30am Back home and the Hubs is back from the gym. I quickly prep chicken and veggies for dinner and unload the dishwasher and then we take B out for a walk.

11:30am B goes down for a nap and the hubs and I decide to order lunch.


I love the chopped salad from this one mexican restaurant.  I ordered mine without tortilla strips and cheese and had them pile on the tomatoes and green beans.  I also added toasted hemp seeds and some cashew ricotta cheese that I made.  This dairy and clean substitute is quickly becoming a favorite of mine!
12:15pm B wakes up and I feed him and scarf down lunch. After losing my 2nd toenail I decide I need a mani/pedi stat and managed to get a 12:45 appointment. #runnersproblems

12:45 Enjoy an hour of quiet time while my feet get fixed!

2:15 Get home and do a few things before B gets up from his 3rd nap of the day.  It’s super hot out now and it’s too hot for B to be outside with his helmet so once he gets up we play and hang out… sans clothes!

4:00pm Sara gets home and decides she wants to play with all the kids on the block which is a normal summer occurrence.  Before I know it we have 6 kids running through the sprinkler in the back yard all laughing and having fun.  This is really what summer is all about.

5:00pm B is up from his last nap and all the kids start go home as we get ready for dinner.

5:30pm We all eat dinner together and then the Hubs and I divide and conquer when we are done. Grilled chicken and veggies for all of us with roasted sweet potatoes. I get B bathed and down for the night around 6:45 and he helps Sara shower and hangs out with her.

6:45pm Once B is down I make lunch for Sara and do a few things.  I open up my computer work on this post, prep for my summer school class and a work meeting this week.

7:45pm Sara heads to bed and I am powering down for the night!!

9:00pm In bed but I know that I’ll be up soon to feed B

10:00pm B is up and I feed him quickly and head back to bed.  I was sound asleep when he woke up.  Thankfully getting back to sleep is easy for me these days.

And that my friends is just a little insight to one of our days over here!!

What do your days look like?  Are you mornings crazy like mine?

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Currently… July

I’m having a hard time grasping the idea that it’s the middle of July.  In a little over one month, I’ll be starting the little man in day care and the Hubs and I will be transitioning back to work!  I’m trying not to let it haunt me too much but I know it’s going to be here before I know it.

I’m trying to soak up all the wonderful moments that summer is bringing and even though many of the days feel like groundhog day, I am still loving it!

I missed doing “Currently” in June so let’s get to July!

ReadingAs I mentioned last month, I am taking this topic out until further notice, or until there are more hours in the day.  Reading consists of emails, blogs and not much else.

Running: Oh my gosh I am in such an AMAZING place with running!  I’ve transitioned to the new Mizuno Wave Enigma and I am running sub 8 miles again!!  It feels amazing.  This past weekend I got in 15 miles over 3 days with an average of 7:48 mile!  To say I am happy is an understatement!!  I’ve  been a huge fan of Mizuno shoes since I made the change over 2 years ago and these neutral shoes are amazing!!!  


Non-Running Workout: Happy to be back at the Dailey Method 1-2 days a week.  I am also using the Dailey Method video I purchased when I was pregnant on mornings that I can’t get to class.  I tried the Dailey spin class and loved the challenge.

Excitement: I’ve been teaching a summer school class at a local community class and while I love teaching it ends next week and I really have nothing work wise on the calendar for about a month!!  Love my job but excited to have no real commitments for several weeks.

In other news, we are going to finish up our kitchen at the end of the summer by getting a new floor and some new appliances!  I think I am finally going to be getting my double oven if it all works out! It’s the little things that make me happy!

Garden Item:  I’ve been picking fresh beans every day and have a ton of green tomatoes.  I don’t think we had to water our garden at all this summer.  All the rain we got has done wonders!


TV: The Hubs and I haven’t really watched much this summer.  After the kids get to bed and I pack camp lunches for Sara and pump one last time I don’t have the energy to start a show.  I’ve seen about 1/3 of Orange is the New Black and most nights we end just watching American Ninja Warrior or Americas got Talent.

Kitchen Gadget:  Love my grill basket that is I throw on the grill to make the best veggies!!  Love summertime grilling.  I know that it doesn’t look “pretty”  but I love it and actually own two of them.. you can never have too many grilled veggies!


Not-So-Healthy-Indulgence: Full disclosure I am still working  hard on staying clean since the 30 ended about 2 weeks ago, but I’ve had a couple of tastes of sweets.  It often ends with me having a headache so I try to be very careful!

Healthy Indulgence:  I spent the month of June loving my zoodles and my zoodle creations but July is all about the kale!!  Love my kale salads, sautéed kale and kale in my smoothies.  I probably go through 2-3 bunches of kale a week.  Massaged kale salads are my favorite lunches right now!

This pic was breakfast of kale, veggie tomato sauce and cashew ricotta cheese.  Kind of a random breakfast but I loved every bite of it.


Mood: I’m feeling great- no complaints…. well, I’d love to have B sleeping a little bit better at night but that’s a story for another time.

YOUR TURN! Pick something in this post and tell me about you!


Disclosure:  I was provided a pair of Wave Enigma 5 shoes through a FitFlutential Campaign but all opinions are my own. 

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