Chicago Marathon 2016 Race Recap!

It’s been a couple of day since I ran my 3rd and fastest Chicago Marathon on Sunday.  I took 25 minutes off my race in 2006 and 15 minutes off my race in 2010.  Proving 1… age is JUST a number and 2… I seem to get faster with each pregnancy.  That or I just kept thinking that I needed to get out and run so that I could get home and resume “mom” responsibilities.  Nevertheless, the weather was picture perfect Sunday morning and I ran fastest and best that could.

I did not run with my phone. While I always train with my music I like to soak up the entire atmosphere on race day so no early morning pre race pics!  Except this one which Sara and I took in the hotel before the madness began!


After spending nearing 30 minutes trying to get a Lyft and freaking out that I would be late because I left the hotel sans cash!  (BIG MISTAKE)…I hopped in a cab with two great girls who were sisters and running their first marathon.  They weren’t starting until 8am and I was starting at 7:30.  I had already missed the team picture by this point and just wanted to drop my gear and get to the start line.  I felt SOOO rushed after the hectic morning.

Would you believe that I woke up with plenty of time but it was the transportation that threw me for a loop!!

I didn’t really get to appreciate the feeling and atmosphere of race morning.  Kind of a bummer.

I got in line at the Port o’ Potties and then made my way to the starting gate and group D.  Of course once I lined up I had more then enough time!

I wasn’t confident that I could hold even 8:12 splits for the entire race but had planned to start with the 3:35 pacers.  I stayed with a few of them for the first couple of miles but was feeling good so I picked up the speed for about 10 miles.  I think I knew deep down that I had to “bank” some time as I knew I would be a little slower in the second half.

I was flying by in that first 1/2!  I felt great.  I saw family, friends and once again Chicago proved to be the best city ever to run in.


I finished the first 1/2 at 1:46:42 about 45 seconds ahead of the 3:35 pace that I needed.

I’m not exactly sure where the tiredness and wall hit me… probably around mile 18.  I kept looking at my pace tattoo on arm for the 3:35 and in my mind I told myself I didn’t NEED 3:35 and finishing with a 3:37 would be totally fine too.

Eventually, I saw my 3:35 pace group around mile 18 or 19 and then I pushed through with them for maybe a mile.  I kept running and kept moving but it was taking me over 8:30 to run each mile.

I got a burst of energy at mile 21 when I entered Chinatown but it didn’t last very long. I had to keep telling myself that I was almost there and that I could do this.  I knew I had a PR coming, it just a question of whether or not I would get my BQ!!

When I hit mile 25 I knew that 3:37 wasn’t going to be possible but I just kept going.  In the final 1.2 miles I just pushed as hard as I could and eventually crossed the finish line at 3:38:43.  Just 1:17 faster then my required 3:40 needed to even apply for Boston in 2018.



But is it enough to get into Boston 2018?  I’m not entirely confident.  Here is why… While I ran fast and beat the 3:40 qualifying time to run the coveted Boston Marathon, further research lead to me articles about runners needing MORE then just their qualifying time due to the popularity of the race.  This past year runners needed to be 2:09 faster then qualifying time to get into the 2017 race.  And this is what the last several years looks like.


So, I’ll have to wait for another year to find out of this is enough.

It’s OK though because I got my BQ and my shiny new PR and I know that there will be MORE marathons and perhaps even a date with Chicago next year in 2017.  I just learned that my time this year guarantees me an entry to next year and registration opens up later this month!!!

For now though, I will enjoy my shiny new hardware!



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The Day after my new PR and the Chicago Marathon

Happy Monday Friends

I’m still running on high after yesterdays race… well this morning it’s more like “moving slow” and not quite running.


My 3rd Chicago Marathon is in the books and 10 years after my first I took 15 minutes off my 2010 time and 25 minutes off my 2006 time.  Proving once again that age is just a number!!


I’ll work on getting a rundown of the weekend this week but for today I’m just showing you some pics from the incredibly memorable weekend.

img_9503                        img_9554

Sharing it with Sara was AMAZING!!

She was my partner in crime Saturday morning at the expo and we had a blast!



I’m thankful for a day off today which involves breakfast out!  (yeah for more food) and a date with my chiropractor!!

I’ll be honest and say that I am a bit sad it’s over!  Yesterday flew by so fast and once again Chicago put on one heck of a great race!!  Thankful my team was there to cheer me on!! Oh and check out these amazing cute shirts I got to surprise my family thanks to the wonderful folks at CustomInk!!



Have a fantastic and wonderful Monday friends!!  I’m So happy this week is a short one!!

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Marathon Weekend is Here so I am Kicking it off with a Peanut Butter & Co. Giveaway!!!

It’s here folks… race weekend is here.  The weekend I have been training for since June!!  Sunday morning I will run 26.2 all over the city of Chicago and I am so excited!!!

To celebrate the weekend I am giving away something that consistently fueled me through my training.

As you all know I am truly a nut butter addict and lover!  I can give up most things but nut butter… no way!  Well, Peanut Butter and Co. has some new products out and I think I just found my favorite one!!


I love all nut butters but almond and cashew are my favorites so what could be better then the new  Bestie Almond and Cashew butter.  Nothing added..Just almonds, cashew and sea salt! Seriously friends this is AMAZING!!

While I could and DID eat this stuff with a spoon straight out of a jar I also loved with my overnight oatmeal that I make a massive big batch of every week!


And since it’s October and all things PUMPKIN are back I made….

 Pumpkin Chia Pudding!! 

1/2 cup almond milk or non dairy milk

1/2 cup pumpkin

2 T of chia seeds

Teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon.  

Shake shake shake in your jar and store overnight and in the morning top with BESTIE and even some granola for a perfect post workout breakfast that keeps you feeling full and fueled ALL DAY long. 


OK so the picture isn’t that pretty but I’ve always maintained that I am not a food photographer.. so just trust me when I tell you that it’s BEYOND delicious!

So to kick of marathon weekend I am giving away one jar of this amazing stuff!!  Enter below for you change to get your hands on some which if you are like me you will have to hide from other members of your family and stash in a secret place!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Special thanks to the folks at Peanut Butter and Co. for sending me this jar of goodness It’s always fun being a member of their YUM SQUAD!!

I’ll be back Monday… maybe or Tuesday to give you a re-cap of my 3rd Chicago Marathon!  Happy Friday!

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Happy Monday and well Happy Birthday to ME 🙂  With today being Rosh Hashanah I get the day off from work with my family and an extra day to relax and prepare for my first challenge at at 36… that is 26.2 miles.

I ran my first marathon 10 years ago when I was 26 years old.  It sleeted at the start and it was quite cold.  It was later in the month but I finished with a time of 4:03.

Chicago Marathon 2006

Chicago Marathon 2006

I ran marathon number two in 2010 on 10/10/10.  It was exactly 1 week after I turned 30.  At the time I needed a Boston Qualifying time of 3:40 but high heat and ultra warm temps prevented that from happening.  I finished in 3:53 minutes.

Chicago Marathon 2010

As we are just 6 days away from marathon number THREE, you better believe that it’s pretty much on my mind ALL THE TIME.  I’ve been watching the weather reports for a week (even though I know it could change 5 times before Sunday…)  Reports for the last 6 days have consistently shown NO RAIN, low humidity and sunny skies in the low 60’s for a high!  I’ll HAPPILY TAKE THAT!!

Chicago, I have some BIG PLANS for you this weekend and I can’t wait!  The end of this journey has me feeling so many emotions.  These last 4 months have flown by in the blink of eye and I am already thinking of future races.  Running is my drug and obviously I am thinking about my next “fix.”

So, while I close the book on 35 which was an amazing year filled with so many great memories, trips and good times I can’t wait to see what 36 brings and my first big challenge on Sunday morning!

But first let’s celebrate and that means there will be cake… or in the case of last night Key Lime Pie!!! Here is to a sweet New Year and even an even sweeter week!!

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Where I’ve Been?!?… Chicago Marathon Taper, Race Day Thoughts and MORE…

So apparently training for a marathon, adjusting to being back at work full time and managing the kids and family stuff allows for ZERO blogging time.  I’m not surprised though.  I’ve honestly thought about writing a post about a 1/2 dozen times but it just never happened.

I’m linking up with Katie for an edition of MIMM!  It’s been awhile… !

Nevertheless, here we are about a month after my last post and less then 2 weeks to go until marathon day!  When I started back at work last month I was in the thick of training.  Weekly mileage was between 45-52 miles and I am proud to say that I made it through and am enjoying the taper… well kind of enjoying the taper.

I forgot how much the taper really messes with your mind.  There were mornings earlier this month that I was flying through 8-10 miles of pounding the pavement before I even got to work.  This week my longest weekday run will be a measly 5 miles.  I should be enjoying the extra rest time but not so much.

I’ve got big goals for this race now that we are 16 weeks into the training. (Dreaming about a BQ)  But we all know that these goals boil down to race day weather.  It’s probably the one thing I hate about training for a race.  You work so hard all season and race day results are often dependent on the weather. Anything goes in Chicago.  In 2006 when I ran my first race it snowed at the start and in 2010 is was blazing hot.  Obviously I prefer the cold!

Regardless, I have no control over the weather (but I wish I did) and I will just have to go out there and run my best race.  I’m totally ready for it though.  Can’t wait!!!

Highlights from Saturday’s run (my last double digit run.. and boy was it speedy!!)


The Hubs, kids and I have been enjoying warm fall fun too on the weekends.  Hard to believe that October is going to be here so soon!


In other random news, I ordered this cookbook Friday night and it was delivered on Sunday morning!


Such amazing recipes and yumminess in here!  I want to make all of it… which also means that I want someone to come over and prep and cook all of it for me.  Can’t wait to read this book!  Lots of great pointers about fueling!!  Has anyone else bought this yet?

Aside from running I’m in my final week of being 35 and I have to say that 35 has been awesome.  I’m pretty certain that 36 will be even better since I’ve got these two to keep me busy and smiling!


Ok so B looks a little serious but it’s hard to get all three of us in a selfie!  He’s going to be 20 months this week is a talking machine!  He keeps us on our toes and laughing every day and his big sister is probably his favorite person!

Tell me what’s been going on with you!!!





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