HALF TIME Lunches to go with Applegate and #giveaway

Do your remember Lunchables?  Actually, I know they still exist and they are filled with the same garbage ingredients that they were when I was a child.  I remember always asking my mom to pack me Lunchables since I was envious of the kids around me who had them.

This year with Sara in kindergarten I am needing to pack lunches every day.  For the last few years we were so lucky that her preschool program provided breakfast and lunch from an organic and local food service.  I never worried about what she would be eating!  I’ve had to do lots of planning especially since there is NO NUT policy in her class.

Anyways, while it doesn’t take more then a few minutes to make her lunch I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I am just to tired.  I remember when the year started I said I would get it done the night before but I am so stinking tired that I am always doing it in the morning!

Well, Applegate has a brand new product that makes packing lunch a simple and painless process and Sara was ALL over it!

 HALF TIME Lunches to go with Applegate and #giveaway

Applegate has teamed up with their friends at Stonyfield and Annie’s to create the first pre-packed lunch kit with natural and organic ingredients. HALF TIME™ includes Applegate natural meats and cheeses (which have no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and are antibiotic- and hormone-free), Annie’s Homegrown crackers and snacks, and Stonyfield Organic YoKids Squeezers.

 HALF TIME Lunches to go with Applegate and #giveaway

A recent survey found that 88% of parents thought pre-packed lunch kits were convenient, but 79% of those parents were concerned about the nitrates, preservatives and artificial ingredients in those kits. Now you don’t have to compromise between convenience and quality. Your kids get the “cool” appeal and you can lose the guilt.  HALF TIME Lunches to go with Applegate and #giveaway

Applegate would love to send a HALF TIME™ kit to one lucky reader! The kit includes

–          All three varieties of HALF TIME: Turkey & Cheese, Ham & Cheese, and Bologna & Cheese

–          A draw-your-own lunch bag

–          A set of permanent markers

–          Coupons

–          Activity book

Sara was a huge fan of the turkey and cheese (her favorite) and I was huge fan of having some “days off” from packing lunches!  If it was up to me those horrible Lunchables would be banned!  I’m so excited about this new and very easy option!!!  YEAH!!

Enter below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer:  I was provided the HALF TIME kit by Applegate, all opinions are my own. 

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Fall at its Best!

We had fantastic and wonderful weekend!  It was non stop moving and action and as I write this on Sunday evening with Sunday night football on in the background, I am certain I will be asleep before the end of the half!

After two really cold and very rainy days on Thursday and Friday the sun was shinning Saturday morning.  It was cool and brisk and perfect for me to get out and get a run in!

I ran as long as I could in the first trimester but ultimately the exhaustion combined with the summer heat made it really hard for me.  My runs slowly turned into run/walks and then pretty much just long walks.

Now that it’s back to 5am workouts it’s too dark to even get outside so for the last few weeks I have been back to running here and there on the treadmill.  It feels great and while I have slowed down quite a bit I’m happy to be moving again!

Anyways, on Saturday I busted out the long sleeves (yeah for thumb holes) and went for a run outside!  It was cool, crisp, sunny and perfect!  My favorite running temperature is 50-65 degrees with beautiful sun!  What’s yours?

IMG 1332 Fall at its Best!I did not run in my pregnancy with Sara but worked out until the very end.  We also added a new piece of equipment to our home gym on Saturday…. (an elliptical!)  YEAH!!!  Looking forward to using it lots especially as my belly continues to grow!

Post run we headed out for early morning apple picking!  It was opening weekend at our favorite apple orchard and they had macintosh apples!  We had to stock up!

IMG 1343 1024x1024 Fall at its Best!

Aside from eating lots and lots of apples in the weeks to come I also plan to make this amazing Crock Pot Apple Pie Oatmeal which is so good and is always a family favorite!  Do you have a favorite apple recipe to share??

After apple picking it was a quick change for Sara’s soccer game!  There is nothing cuter then seeing a bunch  5 year olds running around on the field laughing and having fun!  Saturday night the hubs and I headed out with friends for amazing dinner and lots of food!  It was a much needed date night!  We are working to make a habit of many many date nights before #2 arrives!

Yesterday, I had a wonderful day with a friend of mine.  We attended a health and wellness expo in the city, enjoyed lunch together and some shopping!  It was the perfect day!

It was capped over with breaking out the crockpot for the first batch of chili!

IMG 1348 1024x768 Fall at its Best!

I love chili!  Lots of heartburn after the fact but honestly, even apples and crackers give me heartburn!  I’m working on finding ways to sneak meat back into my diet.  This chili had grass fed learn ground beef.  My doctor told me on Friday that I need to add more meat since my diet has pretty much been vegetarian based since week 7 when most of my food issues started!  I’m doing ok finding other sources of protein but meat has vitamin B12 which is essential for brain development of the baby… so I’ve got to work on it!

I’m hoping to get a better pregnancy update up for you in the coming week.  In case you are trying to keep track, I’m just over 18 weeks and growing by day… or so it seems!

That’s it… it’s almost lights out for me!  How was your weekend?  Did you enjoy fall weather?



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KREMA Peanut Butter Review and #giveaway

Happy Friday!

This is technically a day late.  I was hoping to get this out on Thursday but pregnancy exhaustion has gotten the best of me and I have been asleep by8pm.  On top of that my horrible heartburn has returned after a two week break which has made eating rather painful.  At 18 weeks I am still waiting for the “glorious” second trimester!

Many of my meals look like this!IMG 1182 KREMA Peanut Butter Review and #giveaway

The folks at Krema sent me their jars of natural peanut butter!

Established in 1898, Krema has been satisfying the discriminating tastes of peanut butter lovers for over 100 years. Our commitment to quality, value and old fashion values helps keep our customers coming back. The Krema Peanut Butter Company is one of the oldest peanut butter companies in the United States today. We still make our peanut butter the time honored way using only top quality peanuts, a special dry roasting process and unique fine grinding for the perfect natural peanut butter!

What I love.. it’s simple there is one ingredient!  Peanuts.  It’s my kind of peanut butter.

slide KREMA Peanut Butter Review and #giveaway


Don’t be fooled by the different names.   Krema sells under different labels. Krema is a Midwest brand and Crazy Richard’s is an East Coast brand. The same quality peanuts and processes are used in both products.  I’ve got a jar on my desk at work and keep the others at home.  Peanut butter has been a life saver to me in this pregnancy!  Packed with protein and healthy fat there are days when I can get down in a peanut butter sandwich!IMG 1302 KREMA Peanut Butter Review and #giveaway

Krema is tasty and simple and perfect for the peanut butter lover.

Since I know you are ALL nut butter fans the folks at Krema are going to send 2 US winners complete 4 set of jars that I received!  Yum right!!??!  Don’t want to wait you find from Krema/Crazy Richards products in select stores or simply purchase online!

Just enter below for your chance to win!  US only please.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer:  I was provided peanut butter by Krema.  All opinions are my own

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WIAW: Pregnancy Cravings and More!

I’m not sure when I last did a WIAW.  It’s been months.  For the most part it was because I wasn’t eating a lot exciting foods in the first trimester.  Really for me it was all about eating to survive!  Most foods made me sick to even think about… and really I am still struggling with a bunch.  Would you believe that for about 6 weeks I couldn’t really look at anything green!  Talk about major sadness!  Thankfully that got better!

I found out I was pregnant about a week after completing The 30 Clean.  I was still living my life under those rules.  No dairy, grains, gluten or sugar.  I did the best I could in early pregnancy to keep those rules but it all went to hell around week 6!  All I wanted was cheese and dairy and that hasn’t changed!!

wiawphotobutton WIAW: Pregnancy Cravings and More!

Let’s get to the eats from yesterday!

IMG 1296 1024x1024 WIAW: Pregnancy Cravings and More!

Breakfast was overnight oats topped peanut butter!  After my morning workout at home this was amazing.  My overnight oats are simple!  1/3 cup of homemade almond milk, 1/3 cup of rolled oats 1/3 cup of unsweetened greek yogurt and some chia seeds.  I throw everything in a mason jar and in the morning top it with peanut butter!  I haven’t enjoyed overnight oats like this in a very long time!

My snack was hemp seed protein balls that I had in the freezer that I ate quickly in between meetings.. nothing major but I needed it to get me through to lunch!

Lunch was AWESOME.  A friend of mine had Sara and I over for dinner Monday night and made an incredible chickpea, tomato and artichoke salad.  It was so good.. and also had avocado and cucumbers.  Thankfully, she  packed me leftovers for lunch.  I love tomatoes but it gives me major heartburn. Actually, I’ve had major heartburn issues from the beginning.  Some days are worse then others! It usually gets worse as the day goes on!

I also ate a hardboiled egg which is a HUGE pregnancy craving of mine.  I usually make a dozen every week for the Hubs and I to take to work.  Eggs are such an amazing source of protein and since I still have a huge aversion to fish, chicken and most meat I need all the protein I can get from other sources.

If the old tale is true that heartburn=hairy baby then I am fearful of what this baby is going to look like!

The Hubs had his back to school/curriculum night so Sara and I were on our own for dinner.  In the morning she requested we head out for a girls dinner and sushi!  Who am I to turn down that request!?

IMG 1300 1024x768 WIAW: Pregnancy Cravings and More!

Our favorite sushi restaurant, which also happens to be in walking distance from our house makes incredible veggie sushi and they also will make it all with their black rice at no additional charge.  They serve beautifully and we have never been disappointed.

I had a sweet potato roll and a cucumber and avocado roll!  Perfection from the company to the food!IMG 1301 1024x768 WIAW: Pregnancy Cravings and More!

The best ending to the day was having Sara in bed before 7:30 and having some quiet time on the couch to watch Food Fighters (Tuesday night guilty pleasure!!)  Anyone else? and getting into bed well before 9!  NO SHAME!

What have you been eating lately?

Stop back tomorrow for an awesome peanut butter giveaway!  You won’t want to miss this one!

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A weekend of food, fun, friends and weather!

We had the most marvelous weather here this weekend and did our best to take full advantage!  Prior to the beautiful weather we had some nasty weather and crazy storms blow through here on Friday that pretty much started within seconds of me picking up Sara from school on Friday!  Our suburb got hit pretty badly but we got lucky!

We had plans to go out on Friday night but everyone was exhausted and a night in with friends, some awesome sushi (veggie for me) and sweats made for the perfect Friday night!  Besides, I wanted energy for the rest of the weekend.  The Hubs and I were both asleep on Friday night by 8:30! #partytime

Saturday started with a glorious run outside to the YMCA to do more cardio and some weights.  Post workout was lunch and then it was time for Sara’s first soccer game

IMG 1270 1 A weekend of food, fun, friends and weather! There is nothing cuter then seeing a bunch of 5 year olds running around playing soccer!  The weather was amazing and she had a blast!  Looking forward to a full season of watching these girls play together!  Loads of fun!

We enjoyed an afternoon outside Saturday and spent the evening with friends on Saturday night!  Lots of good food and laughs but we kept Sara out a bit to late and suffered the consequences on Sunday!  Whoa, talk about a long day!

We did get brunch in before the Bears kicked off their season!

IMG 1275 0 768x1024 A weekend of food, fun, friends and weather!


Brunch is easily my favorite meal and right now I am loving veggie skillets and anything with eggs and vegetables!  So good!!  Topped to avocado and goat cheese and you seriously can’t go wrong! Who else loves going out for brunch?

Check out my two loves before the start of football!

IMG 1256 0 768x1024 A weekend of food, fun, friends and weather!


Unfortunately, neither of them looked that happy by the end of the game!  Sara was spent and the Bears lost in overtime.

I am finally getting back to being better at food prepping!

IMG 1283 0 1024x768 A weekend of food, fun, friends and weather!   IMG 1284 0 1024x768 A weekend of food, fun, friends and weather!

I’m still have some big food aversions!  I’ll tell you all about that at some point but I whipped together a spaghetti squash bake with heirloom tomatoes and broccoli for dinner and the rest is for a couple of lunches this week.  Thank goodness for my CSA!

I made bunch of hard boiled eggs for the Hubs and I (another pregnancy craving of mine.) and cut up some celery!

I also made a fresh batch of almond milk.  I haven’t done that in MONTHS and threw together a batch of overnight oats.  Breakfast and lunch for today were done and prepped before 7pm!

The weather is going to get cooler this week and I am getting excited thinking about making a big batch of chili!!

I’m also working on a great giveaway for you this week involving one of my biggest pregnancy cravings… hint hint.. think nut butter!

How was your weekend?



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