Happy Friday! It’s been MONTHS since I have done one of these and life is very different then the last time I did one!

Reading: I dug out my baby sleep “bible” that I  read when Sara was a baby.  I tell all my friends about it whenever they are looking to learn more about baby sleep.  It’s the best!!  I’m re-learning!  Sara is and was a great sleeper and while I know it will be harder to adhere to a schedule this time around I am hoping to use the tips and tricks again from this book!


Running: Nope.. not running.  Just walking.  As I have mentioned I had a set back from the C-section.  It’s called a hemotoma (collection of blood) and it’s right around my incision.  It’s actually getting a lot better some of my incision is still open.  I won’t lie that I am BEYOND antsy to get moving but in the meantime I get out and walk when I can to indoor places and enjoy lots and lots of cuddles!  There will be time for me to get back to running when the weather is better!  My doctor did just clear me this week to resume some treadmill walking!  So, I’m excited about that!!

Non-Running Workout: I guess you could say breastfeeding and pumping.  I’m building up a stash for the freezer.  I’ve read that breastfeeding burns about 500 calories a day!  It explains why I am so hungry all the time!

Excitement: I can’t believe this little man is coming up on being 1 month old!!  Where did the time go??


Garden Item: Oh… a girl can dream… This topic makes me think of all things SPRING.  Debating about doing a local CSA again or just doing our garden plus weekly trips to the farmers market.  Last summer I was so sick early on in pregnancy that the thought of anything green made my stomach turn!  This year it’s back ON!

TV: One would think that with sub zero temps and LOTS of time at home that my days would be filled with trashy TV mindless Netflix binge watching but to be honest the TV is rarely on!  However, I am SOOO excited for season 3 of House of Cards and The Following which starts next week!  The Hubs and I watched 1 and 2 together so we will watch this one when we have the time to do it together!  Can’t freaking wait!!!

Kitchen Gadget: Easily the crock pot!  It feels good to be back in the kitchen… cooking, prepping and experimenting when time allows but I love being able to throw dinner in the crock pot when B is sleeping in the morning and have it ready for when it’s time to eat!

Not-So-Healthy-Indulgence: I have a problem with nut butter.  I wouldn’t call it terribly un-healthy but it’s my addiction right now and it’s being fueled by the Peanut Butter & Co!


Healthy Indulgence: Loving veggies.  I do my best to make sure they are cooked and not raw because I don’t think B loves when I go overboard on raw veggies.  It just feels so wonderful to NOT have heartburn and to be able to eat without feeling sick!

Mood: Feeling beyond lucky with a small side of exhaustion!

YOUR TURN! Pick something in this post and tell me about you!

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Guest Post: Stellar Smoothies

Hi! My name is Beth and I blog at Running with the Sunrise about running, yoga, and healthy living. I’m a yoga teacher (RYT-200 through Yoga Alliance) and a running coach (certified through RRCA) and the main goal of my blog is to share my knowledge of fitness to help inspire and motivate my readers to get and stay active. I’d love it if you would follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest! I’m really honored to be guest posting for Laura as she takes care of handsome little Benjamin! Thanks for the opportunity, Laura!

stellar smoothies

Today I’m going to be sharing with you what I’m calling my Stellar Smoothies. I really love smoothies and have one just about every day. The main reason why I’m so passionate about smoothies is that they are an incredibly easy way to eat fruits and veggies without really trying. It can sometimes feel like a chore to make and eat a big salad (all that chewing!) or a nice bowl of fruit, and for me, smoothies take the hard work out of eating healthy.

Green smoothies are my favorites because they’re a really easy way to eat leafy green veggies, which I think most of us know are some of the top healthy veggies in terms of nutrients. You can easily sneak in a serving of leafy greens into a green smoothie without even know you’re eating them because you’re adding fruit. I usually keep a package of baby kale or spinach in the fridge just for smoothies. I recently wrote a post at my blog with my easy green smoothie formula if you’re interested!

I use frozen fruit in all of my smoothies because 1) I don’t have to add ice, and 2) frozen fruit is often cheaper than fresh. Frozen fruit can actually have more nutrients than fresh because it’s frozen shortly after it’s picked, preserving all of those awesome vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients that make fruits so good for us.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes:

Cherry Kale Smoothie (Link)

  • 1-2 kale leaves, rib removed or 1 c baby kale
  • 1 cup frozen cherries
  • 1 cup milk (dairy or non-dairy)
  • 1 scoop protein powder (I used berry flavor)
  • Sweetener, if desired
  • Extra ice, if desired

Vanilla Pumpkin Protein Smoothie (Link)

  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin or pumpkin puree
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 cup milk (dairy or non-dairy)
  • 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin spice
  • Sweetener, if desired
  • Ice, if desired

And here’s a new smoothie recipe just for you, Laura’s readers!

Tropical Oasis Green Smoothie

  • 1 cup leafy greens
  • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1 scoop protein powder (tropical flavor would be great!)
  • 1 cup orange juice

For all of these recipes, just blend the ingredients until smooth. It should take you less than 5 minutes to make a super healthy snack or meal!

Thanks for reading!


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Ben’s Birth Story Part 2

I’m linking up with Katie for another week of MIMM.  In case you missed  part 1 to Ben’s birthday story on Friday you can read it here before you read the conclusion!

1:00pm After calming down I was transferred to a room. At the hospital I was at, you labor, deliver and then stay in the same room. It was a huge room!!

The last belly picture.  37 weeks 5 days... and much more calm at this point!

The last belly picture. 37 weeks 5 days… and much more calm at this point!

I met the doctor who would be delivering you! Of course I had a friend look him up on the Internet to get his stats and story! He was wonderful and very calming. He warned me though that they would attempt a regular delivery but if things looked at all “fishy,” they would immediately go in and do a C-section.

2:00pm The nurses began to administer the Pitocin to induce labor. By this time I was much more calm and ready. The big picture was that I was in a perfectly great hospital, with doctors and nurses who were professionals. It wasn’t as though I was in a car in the middle of a snowstorm! The big picture was that you were coming today and we were ready for you!


3:00-7:00pm. Over the course of the afternoon your grandparents and uncle came to visit. I continued to labor and contractions increased but I wasn’t in too much pain. I moved around and didn’t want any drugs at this point as I felt as though I could handle everything. I drank lots of water, had a Popsicle and of course my Cocogo water.  I loved being surrounded by family. I was checked a couple of times throughout the afternoon and dilated a little bit but not too much.


7:15pm- There was a shift change with the nurses and the nurse came in and made a guess that you would be coming around the 2am hour. I told people they could go home and rest but no one wanted to leave.

8:00pm- The doctor walked in and began scanning all the papers with your heart rate. He looked at me and said, “this baby is talking to me and he wants OUT.”

Your dad and I took a deep breath as he began talking to be about a C-section. He explained the steps and what would take place. He said that at this point I was contacting every couple of minutes and there were too many “dips” occurring and you needed to come out. Your dad got dressed and I got prepped for surgery.

I knew C-sections weren’t the end of the world as most of my friends have had them and all did fine.

8:30pm I was in the operating room and meeting all the different people in there. Your dad was put in a “holding room” and they said they would get him when they were ready. The next 15 minutes were very fast. I was given a spinal block to prepare for the surgery and things were moving very fast.

8:50pm- Or sometime around that hour your dad came in. There was a large sheet put up just an inch from my nose. We couldn’t see anything. From that point on things happened fast.  Having a C-section feels WERID.  Just like my friends told me.  It’s not painful but it feels like someone it just pulling at your insides.  I kept telling your dad how weird things felt and kept asking the people in the room if everything was OK.  They assured me things were perfectly fine.


9:03pm- YOU were born! The doctor announced you were a boy and of course the water works started. I was sure you were a girl but your dad and your grandma were always insistent that you were a boy!  The cord was wrapped around your neck and torso.  So when you came out the doctor and nurses said… “oh, well now it makes sense!”  All of those heart rate dips were because of the cord wrapped around your body! You were totally fine though!!  Happy to be out and man did you have a set of lungs on you!!


9:45ish- I was in a recovery room and holding you in my arms. At just 5lbs15oz you were very long 21 inches!! Your length explains the reason I had so much pain in my ribs!!

11:00ish- I was back in our room and family was there to meet you and hold you! We had made it through the day. It didn’t quite go as planned but you were here and you were perfect and wonderful!

12:30am All of the family left and it was just your dad and I with you!

I didn’t sleep at all that night. Your dad crashed on the couch in our room but I was wide-awake. I thought about the day and what had transpired. I thought about the years it took to get to this point and how you, our true miracle was finally here!

For the next several hours while your dad slept, I held you…. Looked at you and thought in amazement how truly lucky our family was! I couldn’t wait for your sister to meet you!

Miracles really DO happen!




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Do the Cuties® Curl! #cutiecurl


We love Cuties® over in our house and right now Cuties® Clementines are doing a fun contest!!



Do the Cutie Curl today by simply peeling your Cuties® in one continuous curl. Snap a photo of you or your cutie holding the curl and upload for a chance to win a sweet Cuties California getaway. You only have til March 1 to get your entry in. So start a peeling!  

It’s so simple!  Enter here for your chance to win big!



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Ben’s Birth Story Part 1

Well, little B hit the 3 week mark on Wednesday (see pic below!!) and since time is REALLY flying by I thought I would finally sit down and write his birth story.  It was quite the day!!  I’m breaking it up into two parts as it’s pretty long!!  Enjoy!!


January 28th, 2015

Dear Little Man,

Here is how your birth date all went down! Let me break it down for you.

5:45am- Just a typical morning when I rolled out of bed. Obviously, I had been awake for a while and had gotten up to use the bathroom MANY times over the course of the evening. You weren’t your typical active kicking self, but I assumed it was just a night when you were sleeping.

Recycled pic but this was the first and last meal of the day!

Recycled pic but this was the first and last meal of the day!

6:30am. After showering and getting ready for work as I had a big day full of meetings, I went downstairs to eat. You were still really quiet in my belly and not moving around much. I figured that I would eat something and that would jump-start your movement. So I drank a big class of cold water and had some Ezekiel bread with almond butter!

7:15am Still not much movement from you and I just dropped your sister off at school. I made a decision that if I didn’t feel anything by the time I got to the office I would call the doctor. Certain that things were OK, I still just wanted to be sure. You were such an active baby in my belly and this morning you were unusually quiet.

7:45am—Still nothing even with me poking around. I called my doctor and left a voicemail with the doctor on call.

8:00am- I explained to the doctor on call that you were typically so active and this morning things felt “off.” I told him I thought that things were probably fine but at nearly 38 weeks he said we should get you checked out just to make sure.

…. Now here is where all my type A planning comes in that changes EVERYTHING

I explained to the doctor that I was at my office which was right next to one of their partner hospitals that also had a Labor and Delivery unit and could I just got to that one to get checked out instead of making the 30 minute drive to the hospital that I was set to deliver at. He said that was fine and would be no problem since he could get into the system and could monitor me from his office. My thought was that I would get hooked up and monitored for the standard 20 minutes and make it back to my office for my 9:30 meeting!!

8:15am- I arrived at the nearby hospital and explained the situation. They looked at me like I was an alien when I told them I just needed to checked out and have a non stress test because this was not my “home” hospital for delivery. Nevertheless, I got into a room and hooked up to a machine in minutes. Of course your heart was beating and things were fine. I also called your dad on the way over to ensure him that things were fine and that no one needed to come be with me. Your sister had a performance in her kindergarten class and everyone was watching her. I told your dad I had a 9:30am meeting and that I was planning to be at it.

9:00ish- The head nurse came in and said you looked great on the monitor and she was trying to get ahold of my doctor.

9:30am (Clearly at this point my plan had failed at making my 9:30 meeting) The nurse came back in and said the doctor wanted me monitored until noon and no eating but I could have water. I called your dad and said he could come and keep me company after your sisters performance was over.

10:00am- I was checked by a doctor to see if I was dilated. 1 ½ cm… with Braxton hicks contractions coming every 8-12 minutes. I was NOT in labor!

10:30am Your dad walked into the room with the bag that I had sort of packed over the weekend. I laughed at him when he walked in and said, “what are you doing?!? we are NOT having a baby today!”

12:00pm- The 12:00 hour rolled around and a nurse came in and said my doctor was on the phone and wanted to talk to me. I picked up the phone and said hello. He apologized that we couldn’t have the conversation in person and actually offered to FaceTime with me. I laughed and told him it was fine. Here is where I got the news… He explained that he had been watching me since I arrived at the hospital on the monitors and he had been consulting with other doctors in the practice about the possibility of getting me to my home hospital. However, he was concerned because every time I was contracting your heart rate was dropping. He explained them as “dips.” He said that sending me over via ambulance wouldn’t be covered by insurance because the hospital I was at had a labor and delivery unit and was perfectly capable of delivering you. He also said that he felt that taking me off the monitor could be too risky. He felt that at nearly 38 weeks you were better off coming out today. Then he went on to say that he thought there would be a high likelihood that I would need a C-section.

OK, so now I was going to have a baby TODAY at a hospital that I had NEVER been at and with a doctor that I had NEVER met… !! And I was going to probably need a C-section! Cue the hysterical waterworks!!

I put your dad on the phone who of course was incredibly calm during this time. He’s great at remaining calm when I am totally panic stricken! The doctor explained everything to him as well.

For the rest of the story come back on Monday…..  

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  Stay warm!!

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