Recovery Done Right with ProCompression

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fit Approach on behalf of ProCompression. I received ProCompression Marathon Socks in exchange of my review. All opinions are my own. 

20140729 063821 23901922 Recovery Done Right with ProCompression

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of ProCompression.  If my run is any longer than 10 miles I have a pair of compression socks on.  I didn’t join the compression fan club world until about two years and while I ran marathons and other long distances without them I can’t imagine running long without them now!

20140729 063822 23902861 Recovery Done Right with ProCompression

In addition to using compression socks for running I also love throwing on a pair for recovery!

True graduated compression promotes circulation by pushing fluid up from your feet and ankles to toward your knees. This design also helps reduce swelling and inflamation while providing critical support to muscles and tendons.

Wearing compression socks helps increase the blood to the body which ultimately your legs recover a whole lot faster! No brainer right?

I’ve often found myself sleeping in compression socks after a long run to speed up my recovery!  It’s amazing the difference it makes!

ProCompression isn’t just for runners!  It’s for any kind of endurance athlete including golfers!

A lot of people ask me if they are hot during the summer months but they are 100% comfortable.

ProCompression’s world-class design is complimented with specialized materials. Without them, it would be impossible to create revolutionary performance footwear. Cotton and wool  simply aren’t going to cut it in a world where the best athletes rely on the highest-quality gear. PRO Compression uses a proprietary blend of nylon and poly materials, optimized for performance, benefiting both amateur and professional athletes.


20140729 063823 23903780 Recovery Done Right with ProCompression


Next time after your run, try slipping on a pair of ProCompression for the ultimately recovery!

If you’ve considered trying compression now is the time. Use the discount code “PINK” for 40% off your entire purchase at the PRO Compression online store.

How do you recover from long runs or workout sessions?

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I’m back!!!!!! Let’s play catch up!

Well hello friends!

Miss me?  I never intended to take such a long break from blogging but summer has been calling our name!  Two days turned into two weeks!

20140727 064805 24485340 Im back!!!!!! Lets play catch up!What can I say, we are simply guilty of having fun.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, this is the first time in YEARS that the Hubs and I are both enjoying the summer off.  It’s MARVELOUS

I can’t tell you how much we have been enjoying day dates, long walks, movies and lunches.

We’ve had weird weather this summer but not terrible.  Truly a roller coaster.  There have been hot, humid days and cool and sunny days.  I’m kind of loving the mix.  The cool days have been great for morning runs and the hot days have been nice for evening concerts and festivals.

One thing I’m not doing much of this summer is food prep and cooking!  I know, I need to get back into the routine but we have seem to falling into weekly traditions of going to various summer concerts at nights and while we recently expanded our patio and backyard, listening to live music, dancing and eating food off of food trucks is a whole lot more fun!

20140728 061125 22285681 Im back!!!!!! Lets play catch up!

Yesterday, we had a picnic in our backyard after washing cars and bike riding! 20140728 061310 22390533 Im back!!!!!! Lets play catch up!

It was the perfect Sunday, capped off with an evening concert and picnic with friends!

These two fantastic people are making this summer so much fun!

20140728 060656 22016640 Im back!!!!!! Lets play catch up!How are you enjoying summer?



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Hello Friends!

It’s been awhile!  You see, I’ve been busy enjoying summer with these two wonderful people!20140710 064001 24001681 Confessions...

I have a confession to make… actually several of them! For the first time since the summer I actually had Sara and was on maternity leave I am not working.  It’s slightly more enjoyable when you get full nights sleep and your days and nights are filled with fun times!

Sara is loving camp, the Hubs and I are enjoying long walks, day dates and the gift of time!

So when all is said and done at the end of the day we are spent and blogging has taken a back seat.  I know that you all can understand the need to be outside and enjoy the day and not sit behind the computer.

I’ve been sleeping in till nearly 7am!  WHAT!!!?!  It’s amazing… and Sara well she is sleeping until around 8am!  The weather has been great this week.  No crazy heat.   I’ve had days at the beach surrounded by this!

20140628 160153 57713025 Confessions...

I’ve been slacking on some product reviews which I hope you will all forgive me on.  I’ll make it up to you soon!  Promise!

In the meantime I’ve received some amazing new goodies this week that came we have been loving!20140710 063959 23999022 Confessions...

Food Should Taste Good sent me a few boxes of their new gluten free brown rice crackers.  In a couple of days we have polished off the Roasted Red Pepper and Sea Salt.  I picked up fresh hummus and cheese from the farmers market this week and we have been enjoying these amazing crackers!  So good!!

And just when summer couldn’t get any better, I received a massive package of love from SoDelicious!

20140710 063959 23999902 Confessions...SoDelicious make THE ONLY gluten free, dairy free chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and it’s AMAZING!

20140710 064000 24000778 Confessions...Total chunks of cookies dough in there!!  I’m hiding this one for myself!  SHHHH

It’s ok though because I don’t think Sara is feeling short sided on ice cream!

20140710 063958 23998052 Confessions...

Confession…. we are truly enjoying summer to the very last drop!

What are you doing to make memories?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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My Fitness Favorites Blog Hop: SNACKMASTER Dehydrator #giveaway

Happy Monday!  Crazy to think that I am linking up again for another blog hop!!  I know it just seems like the last one just ended.  But I’ve got one awesome prize that I am giving away today!! My Fitness Favorites Blog Hop Image 1 My Fitness Favorites Blog Hop: SNACKMASTER Dehydrator #giveaway It took me awhile to finally get things going this awesome dehydrator from NESCO!  The spring was so busy for me but as soon as summer started I busted this bad boy out and finally got my feet wet with dehydrating! fd80 fruit 500x500 My Fitness Favorites Blog Hop: SNACKMASTER Dehydrator #giveaway The Snackmaster Square Dehydrator is light weight, easy to store and very easy to use! First up, I made kale chips!  It took just a couple of hours and they were so crunchy!  I made them using some olive oil and spices! 20140706 155042 57042696 My Fitness Favorites Blog Hop: SNACKMASTER Dehydrator #giveawayLater in the week I made buckwheat granola which was perfect for a snack and for breakfast! 20140706 155045 57045288 My Fitness Favorites Blog Hop: SNACKMASTER Dehydrator #giveaway You can use as many of the trays you like and I loved how light weight it is!  NESCO wants to give ONE winner the chance to win their own SNACKMASTER!!! Please note this giveaway is open to US residents only.  Enter below for your chance to win!   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now be sure to hop over to the other blogs and check out their great giveaways!

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I’m Back with another Round of the Ultimate Coffee Date

Well hello blog world!  I took some time off to be with family and friends and it was simply wonderful!  I figured today was a perfect day to re-surface seeing as it’s one again time for the Ultimate Coffee Date Link Up Party!  

SliderImage WEB1 Im Back with another Round of the Ultimate Coffee Date If we were having coffee I would tell you that summer is going by WAY to FAST.  How on earth is it July 5th?  Did you enjoy your 4th?  We had a blast!!!20140704 163757 59877772 Im Back with another Round of the Ultimate Coffee Date

It amazes me that we are heading into week two of July.  I swear that it was just Memorial Day.  SLOW DOWN SUMMER!

If we were having coffee I would tell you all about our amazing week away with friends in Wisconsin.  Lots of laughs, good times and great memories!!20140704 163755 59875837 Im Back with another Round of the Ultimate Coffee Date

If were having coffee I’d bring you some strawberries.  I have plenty to share after we went picking a few days ago!

20140704 163756 59876612 Im Back with another Round of the Ultimate Coffee Date If we were having coffee, I would tell you that right now I’m more focused on enjoying summer than blogging because I need to spend less time behind my computer and more time outside!  I’ve got some great giveaways coming up and some awesome things to share with you but summer is all about enjoying!!!

If we were having coffee,  I would tell you that I FINISHED the #100HappyDays challenged this past week!  It was fun and I never missed a day.  It taught me to enjoy the little things in life.  I will do it again soon!!  Is anyone else doing it?

If we were having coffee ,I would tell you that the Hubs and I are FINALLY going to get Netflix so that we can become obsessed with all the awesome shows out there!!!  Hello, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black!  What else do we need to watch?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that Sara has mastered the job of “sleeping in.”  Staying up a bit later used to just mean getting up earlier in the morning and made for a longer day.  Now, she can stay up later and sleep in!  LOVE IT!!

That’s about all of this morning, I’m off for a run while my family is still sleeping.  By the way, I have managed to shift my body clock from waking up at 5:15 and can now sleep in till about 6:15-6:30.  It’s awesome.  Does a 6:30 wake up feel like sleeping in anyone else?

Have a great weekend!




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