Mizuno Wave Rider 18: Running with Comfort and Ease

Disclosure: The following post is sponsored by FitFlutential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.  All opinions are my own.

I have a confession to make.  I am a Mizuno Fan!  To be even more exact.  I am a Mizuno Wave Rider Fan.  It’s evident in the photo below.

I own the Wave Rider 16, 17 and now I am running in the Wave Rider 18!

IMG 1745 Mizuno Wave Rider 18: Running with Comfort and EaseSeriously, just look at these beautiful shoes!  I love love love the color and look of them!

IMG 1529 768x1024 Mizuno Wave Rider 18: Running with Comfort and Ease

Mizuno released thee new Wave Rider 18 earlier this month and I am loving them.  I’ve had the opportunity to run outside and run on my treadmill with them.  Like their previous “sisters,”  these shoes do NOT disappoint!

The show weighs 7.8oz with a 12mm drop and really provides a stable ride!

I broke in my new Wave Riders first on the treadmill and then I got them outside on a beautiful fall morning!

IMG 15311 1024x1024 Mizuno Wave Rider 18: Running with Comfort and Ease

My growing belly did not slow me down with these ultra light weight shoes. This neutral shoe provides plenty of support…. and these days I need it!

Some key features about the New Wave Rider 18

  • An ideal heel fit and secure midfoot embrace make this lightweight trainer feel like a part of your foot.
  • The parallel Wave in the heel, lightweight U4ic midsole and optimal amount of forefoot flexibility all work together to make every stride smooth and flowing.

IMG 15871 1024x1024 Mizuno Wave Rider 18: Running with Comfort and Ease

So, do you run in Mizuno?  Have you ever tried their Wave Rider shoe? When shopping for running shoes what do you look for?




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Don’t Mess with Texas: WIAW in Austin

As promised I am highlighting some of the AMAZING eats from my vacation in Austin for this weeks WIAW!

wiawphotobutton Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin

When I go on vacation rules go out the window!  I like to enjoy dinners out, lots of walking and movement and try new foods!  I had heard wonderful things about Austin but really didn’t know what to expect.

I should also add that my friend who went with me is a vegan and let me tell you how vegan/vegetarian friendly Austin really is.  Since I am not really doing a whole lot of meat these days we were blown away with the options and the amount of food trucks!!

In looking back at my pics from our trip I would say 80% of them were food related.  No shame… I enjoy eating!!

For starters there was the amazing little organic juice stand right outside of the place we were staying!  Props to me for finally getting over my aversion to green smoothies and juices!

IMG 1648 225x300 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin

When in Austin breakfast tacos are a MUST and holy cow were these tacos wonderful.  I miss walking over to the taco stand for cheap and amazing tacos!

IMG 16211 225x300 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin

Eggs and beans in one and veggies, egg whites and avocado on the other. All in some hut that was literally on the side of the road.  It’s not uncommon though!  Breakfast tacos are everywhere!  Plus, the best part was the fresh homemade corn tortillas.  Fresh tortillas really make a difference!

IMG 1606 225x300 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin

IMG 1599 225x300 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin

Since we usually ate late breakfasts we never had much lunch and would go for yummy dinners!!

Of course we had to do Mexican one night and multiple meals with guacamole!

IMG 1644 300x225 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in AustinIMG 1643 225x300 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin

This guacamole was by far our favorite!  It was actually warm and while you can’t see it, below all that avocado goodness is a roasted chopped mushrooms!  Seriously AMAZING!

IMG 1596 300x225 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin

We did a lot of sharing dinners while away because we wanted the same things on the menu!

We had fantastic pizza out one night with pasta and roasted brussels.  1/2 vegan cheese and 1/2 regular cheese because I LOVE cheese these days!

IMG 1616 225x300 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in AustinIMG 1617 300x225 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in AustinIMG 1615 225x300 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin Broccoli, brussels and red peppers all together in one dish…. AMAZING!

Another night was soba noodles in a light peanut sauce with veggies!

IMG 1597 225x300 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin

Of course I CAN’T forget dessert which was probably the highlight!

When you walking 10 plus miles a day you get to eat dessert… right?!!

IMG 1618 169x300 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin

My favorite dessert by far was from this doughnut food truck!  I haven’t had a doughnut in YEARS!  I don’t even remember the last time but it was so freaking good that I was talking about it for days!!  This doughnut stand had quite the list of options!

IMG 1610 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin

I went with a donut (warm and fresh…) topped with cream cheese icing and fresh strawberries!  It was AMAZING and worth every bite!!

Other dessert highlights included a famous ice cream stand where we stood in line for about 25 minutes!  I went with the mexican vanilla with chunks of cookie dough!

IMG 1641 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin


And one night after a great dinner and a long walk I had these small bite sized key lime canoli’s

IMG 1619 225x300 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin

I obviously didn’t photograph every single meal but these were some of the highlights!

Oh, and here is a non food related pic that we found amusing.  Austin also has all these party place and random stores that sell piñatas!  Like tons of them… one of after another.  I kept comparing it to nail salons when I lived in the city!  Strange right?

IMG 1590 1024x768 Dont Mess with Texas:  WIAW in Austin
When you go on vacation do you treat yourself and indulge?  Do you like to hit the “famous” spots?

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#TOTSPOT: Trade and Buy Toddler and Baby Clothes without leaving your house!

Sara will be 5 1/2 in December! Not entirely sure how that happened and in February #2 will be joining our family.  A couple of months ago my mom and I spent almost an entire day sorting through all of Sara’s clothes.  The amount of bags and bins were overwhelming but it HAD to get done.  We made piles of clothes to donate, pass on to friends and family and then a “keep” pile in case #2 is a girl.  What started at 1/2 dozen bins and probably 6-7 garbage bags was sorted down to just 3 bins.  We felt very accomplished… I also realized that my kids has and had a ton of clothes!

I love getting high quality hand me downs for Sara… she loves them too!  Now, there is a super easy and incredibly CONVENIENT way to shop without leaving your couch!

Introducing TOTSPOT!

images #TOTSPOT:  Trade and Buy Toddler and Baby Clothes without leaving your house!

Totspot is a mobile shopping app that moms (or dads!… or anyone really..!) Can you use to buy and sell gently used clothing, accessories and more for kids!  Simply download the free app, create a profile and get started!  The app is good on any iPhone, iPad or iTouch!  The Android and web versions are expected by the end of the year.

Should #2 be a boy… then I will be uploading loads of wonderful clothing that I have put aside and I am certain I will be shopping too… since everything we own over here is pink and purple.

IMG 1698 576x1024 #TOTSPOT:  Trade and Buy Toddler and Baby Clothes without leaving your house!

IMG 1740 576x1024 #TOTSPOT:  Trade and Buy Toddler and Baby Clothes without leaving your house!

In the meantime I have been shopping for Sara because I love finding a good deal!  Sara is into sweater dresses so much these days…. and who’s to blame her… her mama shares the same love and obsession!

Selling is so easy too!  Snap a picture with your smartphone, load it with a short description to the app and the Totspot platform transforms it into a snappy, Pinterest-like post. When your items sell, Totspot deposits 80 percent of the transaction into the seller

IMG 1741 576x1024 #TOTSPOT:  Trade and Buy Toddler and Baby Clothes without leaving your house!

You can follow Totspot on all of their social media channels to learn more!  News things are being posted daily!!  What do you do with your kids clothes that they have outgrown?





DISCLOSURE: I was compensated for this review.  All opinions about the coolness of this app are MY OWN! 



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Why Being Mindful is So Important… I Dare You to Try it!!!

Happy Monday

We had a truly marvelous weekend.  With temps so warm it felt like May!  It made for perfect outdoor activities and even more spectacular days and sunsets.  It’s the peak of the fall season and the colors are so amazing.  I had so many moments while I was driving this weekend just thinking about how beautiful things were.

Friday night after dinner the sky looked like this…

IMG 1697 1024x768 Why Being Mindful is So Important... I Dare You to Try it!!!

It made me realize that once again we need to take a moment to slow down and truly take in the beauty of what is around us.  All week we wait for Friday and for weeks and maybe even months I have been guilty of rushing things along.  Waiting for the next ultrasound, for the next trimester and for the next event and this weekend taught me how important is to just enjoy the moment.

IMG 1722 768x1024 Why Being Mindful is So Important... I Dare You to Try it!!!

Do you practice mindfulness?  It’s really easy.  I was “taught” all about it a few years ago. It’s simple all you need to really do is spend moments living in the moment!

7 Things Mindful People Do Why Being Mindful is So Important... I Dare You to Try it!!!


I challenge you to try it today.  You don’t have to do it all day.  I certainly don’t.  But spent a few moments practicing it.  Maybe it’s in your car on the way to work.  Maybe you take a walk and do it… wherever it happens is your choice but what’s important it just taking the time to practice it.  I remember being told that once you get into the practice it comes naturally.  I’d have to agree with that statement.

This amazing little lady truly practices mindfulness every day.  It was evident this weekend when she kept telling us that today was “the best day ever.”  Or, “that was the best dinner ever.”  I’m sure our kids could teach us more then a few things in life!

IMG 1714 768x1024 Why Being Mindful is So Important... I Dare You to Try it!!!

So, for today… just try it!  I’d love to hear what you think!



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24 week baby update!

Happy Friday!  Can’t believe we are at Friday already.  I guess when you work week starts on Wednesday it goes rather fast!!  After having awesome summer weather in Austin I am so excited for the upcoming amazing fall sunny weather we are going to have this weekend!  Hello sunshine and 70 degrees!!!  Time for another baby update!

How far along: 24 weeks!  It’s going fast now!!

IMG 1661 768x1024 24 week baby update!

Total weight gain: A couple weeks ago it was 12 pounds so let’s say somewhere between 13-15.  I’ll head back to the doctor at the end of next week to check on the growth and will step on the scale again!  At this point it’s coming on fast.  I forgot how that happens in the 2nd trimester!

Maternity clothes: Yep and right now I am LOVING sweater dresses from Target.  Last week they had an online sale.. buy one get one 50% off!  I bought this one and this one in a couple of different colors and I am soooo happy!  I love shopping online at Target because I can just drive down the street to make my returns!  Totally painless!  I also have a huge obsession with scarfs right now!!

Sleep:  Pretty good!  I’m up 1-2 time a night to go to the bathroom but fall back asleep pretty good.  I have the occasional night/morning when I I wake up around 4am and I am up for the day.

Exercise:  Still happy to say that I am running/jogging.  I can’t handle two days in a row.  Typically I run a day and then the next day so a fast walk with high incline intervals and weights.  Overall, I am working out most weeks about 5 days a week.

Miss anything: Tying my shoes and putting on boots with ease.  This I know will not get any easier!  Sara was born in June and so I did a whole lot of flip flop wearing but I have a feeling I am going to need assistance as the belly grows getting my boots on!

Movement: Yep!  I love watching the belly kicks which I can now see through my clothes!  It never gets old.  Sometimes the baby is positioned in a awkward position that makes sitting hard and I need to get up and move frequently.

Food cravings: Apples!!  Unfortunately, I have found that they give me heartburn but I still eat them!… oh and lots of cheese!  Holy cow I love cheese but it has to be really yummy and good cheese!  Cheese is so freaking good!

Anything making you queasy or sick: No fish still and chicken is there if it’s hidden or shredded.  Struggling a big with meat but really trying to get it in once a week!

Have you started to show yet: I feel huge right now!  When you are just over 5 feet there isn’t much room for this baby to go… and let’s remember I have 16 more weeks… give or take!

IMG 1669 576x1024 24 week baby update!

IMG 1676 768x1024 24 week baby update!

Gender: I’ve had a few dreams this week and in each of them it’s a girl.  When I am pregnant with Sara all of my baby dreams were non gender specific.  The other night I had a dream that I gave birth to a 3 month old girl who came out smiling and holding her head upright! Yikes!

What do you guys think??

IMG 1688 1024x1024 24 week baby update!

Wedding rings on or off: On

Looking forward to:  My ultrasound at the end of next week.  It’s been about 5 weeks since I’ve “seen” the baby so I am excited and anxious to see how the growth is doing.  At 20 weeks we were thrilled to learn that the baby measuring large.  If you read this post you would understand that Sara was always small so I’m having extra scans to watch the growth with this one!

What are you doing this weekend?

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